Controversial Chapter Discussion- Predator Fanfiction

Iseijin, Xenomorph, 17 years ago

NOTE: As a disclaimer I would like to point out that this chapter in question does contain content that other readers have deemed "racist" and "elitist" and may offend some viewers. Please read at your own risk. This is the latest chapter of a five chapter fan-fiction I'm writing on titled "Artistic License" under the author-name "Ninkira". It's not necessary to read the previous chapters to understand the story, but it's recommended to not feel totally lost while reading it.

Fanfiction chapter located here:

I need you guy’s help, advice, pat on the back, or slap across the face; whichever you feel like it. I recently updated Artistic License with a rather controversial chapter. I knew I was going to get a sort of reaction to it, and that was my point entirely. My World Literature teacher enjoys my cynical essays on modern culture and society, which are really nothing more than constant disparaging of the people I share this planet with, but at the same time “candidly observant†– as he put it. He’s going to publish a novel about the Metro of Madrid so I trust his judgment and critiques; both the good and the bad. Well, I decided to experiment this odd observant talent by placing a snippet of one of my recent essays (modified to fit the fictional style of the story) into the chapter, which can be located on the first paragraph.

I don’t get these people. They enjoyed my Terri when she was a bouncy artist with smiles and some wit. But when I exposed a more human side of her, a darker side, people are instantly turned off by it. I can understand that this may offend the more sensitive readers, as I was rather hesitant on whether or not to actually go with it, but I said “What the hell, for the good of literature,†and placed it in anyways. I gave this character what I want to believe to be a third dimension, but it seems the majority of the populace – especially the ones in the Predator fandom – simply don’t want to read about how people really don’t have a duty to love every sack of organs that comes their way. Terri is not waving Nazi flags, wearing white capes with the KKK symbol on them, physically hurtinone, or even verbally insulting them. She keeps her bigoted and xenophobic tendencies bottled up and they manifest themselves in thoughts that are 1) blown out of proportion, and 2) mostly stereotypes – like any human being. Have I done something wrong? I would hate for my readers to get the wrong impression because of one chapter; it makes me feel guilty because I can’t go up to them and say, “No, no, you don’t understand yet…Please be patient.†I may now understand how Anthony Burgess felt when he first published “A Clockwork Orange,†and yet because of this thought I can’t help but feel I may have stumbled unto a tiny golden nugget… I’m feeling all these solemn emotions, but at the same time I’m excited. “Holy *explicit*!†my mind says, “Something I wrote actually made people angry? I actually stirred such a powerful emotion?†What I’m disappointed in is many readers will probably not read beyond the first paragraph and focus too much on the scornful content of the story, not why was it chosen.

Could you please read the chapter and point out for this overly-right brained woman when people started take control over what's literature and what's garbage?

Maybe I should just start writing Predator fanfiction with gratuitous gore and romance; THAT’S what the people want to read about apparently.

siliconsara, Xenomorph, 17 years ago

I made my reply there in your reviews.

What a bunch of sissies. I've said my dues there.

I guess they don't enjoy books from authors like Stephen King, Nelle Harper Lee, Lorraine Hansberry ...

I guess they probably have never watched "All In The Family" neither. Archie Bunker is the epitome of a bigot, and this character you portrayed is nowhere near as bad as he was. God, I love that show.

Deathdrop, Xenomorph, 17 years ago

I don't see what the big deal is. We've already seen a Father mercilessly gutted open in front of his young son, yet people were offended by the racism of a fictional person? I find that a bit odd.

I'll admit her comments made me like her a lot less, but I don't see why that makes the whole story bad. It simply adds a real-life element to a fictional story. Realsim is good, given the subject matter.