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Hello my name is Katy and I'm an AVP fan I love Xeno's but I also love Predators. I'm 19 and temperamental so if I snap and cuss someone out just a little heads up but I'm really nice. Sort of. ;)

Name: Eris(Misfortune)
Age: Unknown some guess maybe 18 years old or younger.
Gender: Female
Race: Night Cougar Xenomorph
Height: On all fours 4 feet up right 6 feet.
Weight:130 lbs
Personality: Loyal to her Queen, protective and very aggressive towards intruders unless her Queen orders her to back off
Appearance: Jet black quadruped like the dog alien only more feline, sharp tail, sharp claws.
History: Was developed in a Weyland/Yutani lab to be the perfect weapon, with great speed and strength killing on sight and by stalking her prey. She was born from a genetically enhanced cougar and injected with a human DNA compound so she would have the ability of slight human speech. All other experiments like her were kept in cells, once Eris saw that those who weren’t like her were killed she went into a blind rage shortly after a failed queen concept designed after her was killed. She freed her other captives hive members and they killed everyone at the lab and escaped. Eris isn't a queen but a female drone. She lives in the now closed and abandoned biolab tending to her Queen and her eggs. Eris’s Queen is no like her but a normal Xenomorph and incredibly strong, Eris is extremely protective of her Queen and is willing to die for her and her offspring. Eris is aggressive towards anyone who enters the hive.


"If you harm the hive you will deal with me."