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First Name: Jack

Last Name Name: Harris

Age: 27

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 65kg

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: White

Complexion: Pale

RANK: Sergeant

TYPE: Sniper


PRIMARY: M42 Scoped Rifle

DESCRIPTION: Standard Marksman issue, Jack's rifle is extremely powerful and accurate, although of little use up close.

SECONDERY: .357 Desert Eagle

DESCRIPTION: Making up for the lack of use his M42 is at long range, Jack uses his Desert Eagle when compromised. The loud sound it makes is both warning and call for help. It's powerful enough to penetrate most armour types.


DESCRIPTION: For when Jack needs to take out sentries and the type without compromising his position, or alerting enemies.

-USCM 'Night Camo' Fatigues

-USCM 'Ghillie' Sniper Suit (type of camo modified for each mission)

-USCM M2 light armour (worn as a part of Ghillie suit)

-Belt order combat webbing

-Hip holsters for both pistols

-Carrying case for sniper rifle

-Tinted shooter's ballistic glasses.

-Jet-Black shooting gloves

-Patrol order boots (black)

-Headset radio comm

Jack Harris is british by birth, although irish on his father's side. Raised to shoot ever since he was little (hunting game) he has always been a good shot, and served in the British Army Reserve as a sniper for 2 years, which gave him his sharpshooter expertise. He has yet to see combat, but he is an amazingly good shot, and brilliant at stealth.

However, he is useless at first aid, and is unusually quiet. He has only recently joined the Colonial Marines, although quickly rose to the rank of sergeant. What he's done in the years between now and his reserve career is unknown, although it is rumoured he was an assassin. He is unnerving and described as cold by his other marines, and hasn't made any friends.

During basic training he was known as 'Ice' because he was so cold, and is known as something of a loner. He cops a lot of flak because of it, but it suits his career choice as a sniper very well. He is extremely slow to anger, and quick to take orders. It's rumoured that he was offered a spot in the ODST, but declined.