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Name- Alouran

Age- 19

Gender- Female

Eye color- Green cat eyes.

Hair color- Brown with white blond strands

Skin color- Dirty tan

Blood type- AB+

Rank- Private






Medical (just 1st aid)


M41A Pulse rifle, pump action under slung 30mm grenade launcher.

Combat knife

VP-70 Automatic pistol

Bombs (grenades, charges, satchels, flash, percussion, ect)


M10 Pattern Ballistic Armour is the standard issue armor for USCMC marines and includes a defensive blast helmet and armored vest. M10 Pattern Ballistic Armour consists of an outer layer of ultra-light titanium aluminide alloy, a middle layer of boron carbide resin and an inner layer of woven Kevlar fiber. M10 Pattern Armour is effective against low caliber and non-armor piercing rounds but is vulnerable to high caliber and armor piercing ammunition. M10 Pattern helmets include a video camera, infrared sensors, biomonitors and a short distance radio transmitter and receiver.

Other info-
Born on a space station and put up for adoption by the incapable parents she was taken in by her fathers grandmother. Raised from a young age by the woman she calls her mother. The woman taught Alouran many things but Alouran learned them on her own as time went by, living with a problematic younger brother. About the age of 8 she sunk into a deep depression and has never been the same since she came out of it at the age of 13.She was moved to Earth at the age of 10. Naturally perceptive and curios Alouran learned about the Marines, Predators and Aliens from older marines who had served and retired. Spending much of her time after the age of 13 hanging around the old war dogs she is wise beyond her age from the years spent with them.
Once at the right age she joined the Marines and hasn't looked back though she does send letters to her mother and old war dog friends when she gets the chance.

Taking part of Operation Lost Soul Alouran's first mission she learned her MP3 player no matter how low of a volume could and would be heard over the mic of her helmet. Malus took it away. Due to internal strife amongst the leaders Malus Jay Darkblade was booted from Alpha Draconis and Alouran got her MP3 player back on request of him. She later fell down a maintanence hatch breaking some of her ribs, spraining her knee and ankle, burning her hands and getting a concussion. She woke to team back up with the rest of the marines. An attack from the predators sent a bomb to create a 4-5 story deep crater that she and Delta fell in. That fall resulted in splintering her already busted ribs and hurting her leg worse. After a lapse in awareness the girl found herself in a hall, with Malus' gloves, patched up but alone. Wondering the halls brought her to meet Xeuss who upon hearing her MP3 player going snatched it and busted it with a splintery crack of plastic and metal bits. They wondered the vents of the ship toward the Xeno mother where two or three Predators where already in battle with the behemoth. Shadow watching then spread a gas threw the vents that affected Alouran. She did not have her gas mask on and hallucinated. She stripped her jacket, vest and backpack off in an attempt to rid herself of the 'bugs' that crawled over her flesh. Before passing out she saw skeletons dancing in a clacking manner of taunting with slack jawed delight. She later woke to find Xeuss who was badly hurt and hardly clothed standing over her. The ship was taken over by predator forces. Grabbing her things she was greeted by Delta who had been looking for her. Predator428 also found the two of them. first attacking Delta he brushed Alouran off until she attacked him and was soon pinned to a wall by a metal net. She watched as Delta was killed by Predator428. Being cut free of the netting she found herself the next target of the hulking Predator. Soon after she too was killed by the Predator after having her nose busted, femur and knee joint of her left leg snapped, kicked in the chest and soon later stabbed just under her breast bone then decapitated.
With the left over tissue of her body she was cloned by the WY corporation and is now being trained by their military leader Malus Jay Darkblade on a cold desolate planet with a few others. Being cloned left her with darker hair, skin and body makeup. She is taller but still built like a tank with green eyes and a even sharper tongue towards those who anger her but she has a new MP3 player that she hopes won't end up like her last one.... broken or confiscated.