DeathWraith, Undefined, 13 years ago

yeah, Kidd would probably do good as a mod. I don't like the idea of another My Skull or Free Chat, cos there i can talk alot, and the more i talk, the more likely i'll offend someone. And i hate offending people as much as i like it... Well at least recently i feel a bit bad about it, which is pretty uncomfortable... It must be the puberty or something.

But anyway, think about it. DD looks like he agrees with My Skull, and YOU agree with My Skull, if you were a mod, then you could bring My Skull back, right? And of course i suggested some rules for the My Skull somewhere, pretty strict, RPG-like rules, just to try to make it less of a nuisance if ever brought back. Many people here will agree that you should be a mod, so you should go on and try it.