Warning issues/Activity of the site

predatoress, Undefined, 14 years ago

1 Warning issues

I’m sorry if I have to bring this up and cause more problems, but I just want to know what’s the deal with warnings. So far one member of the site have been warned without him spamming, flaming or cussing on the site, just on the basis of what he have done on other sites.

Is it really fair that eg I would have nude pics on net and some other member of the site would link it to here, I would be the one who would get the warning. Everyone can read the issue in the old, locked topic http://www.alienvspredator2.com/forum/5011-24.html .

So far I’ve heard all the mods saying this site is dead and it’s not a big deal to warn people out of blue but I think that’s just wrong and questions the mods capability to do their job. Which only considers this site and does not reach on other sites. If a member have behaved on avp2 it doesn’t matter what he/she would do on other sites. Warnings shouldn’t be handed by personal issues or dislike, especially when the other party who haven’t even been aware of getting a warning. If someone feels insulted it should rather be discussed like adults and not fought over and powered off like kids.

So far, what I want, is clear quidelines that mods would remember that the power brings the responsibility, but it does not reach all over the net.

So far, what fits in my judgemental head, Mr. Xeno’s warning should be lifted off by the simple reason he’ve done nothing wrong on this site but participated to the discussions.

Even I know part of the mod team holds grudge to him. But personal feelings shouldn’t be enough to blind the view of what is right and what is wrong.

2. Activity

I would want to ask from members, mods and clan leaders, how we could improve sites activity? All I’ve heard is bitching of how good the old days were and how bad they are now, everything is deserted blabla when in fact no one is doing a squat to even open their minds to new members of the site. Where are the active RPG’s and debates? Everyone’s not meant to agree with each other.

So far as I see the mod team needs changes and support, and as I’ve announced myself I would consider Kidd as the very first candidates of being reliable mod.

But now I let the members to speak. I open the discussion even in the threat I’ll get either warned or banned from the site for what I believe is right.

And sorry for the grammar errors, I'm having a headache at the moment...

TITANOSAUR, Undefined, 14 years ago

wait, you for posted a pic on a diffrent site and a member here posted the pic on this site so your the one who gets the warning? thats messed up beyond beleafe.

Stalker, Undefined, 14 years ago

Here we go again...

I already said to drop the issue on Xeno's warning, my mind is made up. I already extensively explained that it was not due to personal issues...in fact, the entire reason you keep defending him & carrying on this bullshit is personal. So just leave it alone.

As far as the site is concerned, the only cure for the problem would be some more decent members. There are few people that even visit this place anymore, & with the bigger sites like AVP Galaxy & Alien Experience dominating the web, I doubt our numbers will be skyrocketing any time soon.

Hunter_Predator, Undefined, 14 years ago

I know this is off topic but I could put links to this site in my sig at other sites.

And TITANOSAUR I think she meant that she'd get in trouble for putting the pic up on another site.

DeathWraith, Undefined, 14 years ago

Wow, you should have a headache more often, your grammar is way better than usual! Anyway, i don't really care, i'm happy with my warning and i know that this whole thing is ultimately about having the power, you already know that you have the power, now don't abuse it, making justice on this site won't make justice anywhere else, it's unimportant. My clan is almost dead. As long as it stays that way, i don't give a damn if anyone gets banned for anyone's personal reasons, since i would have no more personal reasons to stay here anyway. That warning doesn't hurt Xeno one bit, and seriously, i'm starting to feel sorry for these poor people, so just leave them alone. Survival of the fittest. Humans don't disurve to be educated forcefully.

Deathdrop, Undefined, 14 years ago

Well, at least it isn't my fault this time!

I'm actually with you guys on the issue of Mrxeno getting a warning. I didn't agree with that. What happens off-site really isn't our buisness.

I have to agree with Death's, as he's the who actually posted it.

MrXeno, Undefined, 14 years ago

Stalker? It sounded damn personal when you kept saying things to me like "You get a bonner of this kind of stuff?" or «you prolly eat popcorn when watching this» on msn when me and Predess tried gently to get an explanation why the hell you give warnings to a innocent person who havent done anything bad on this site to get it. But hey, who the hell needs rules on a site when mods cannot follow them self, eh? I thought you only got warnings or bans if you break the rules on the damn site. But now its all about personal issues, eh? As well personal feelings.
Sure, that video was brutal for the faint of hearts, but it wasnt made for those and nor to those at this site. It was made for those who like brutal stuff, as well for those hardcore horror movie fans, since they love all that kind of stuff and requested me to create a video after i got this link to brutal pics.
But that was like a year ago? Yeah, but anyway. Now that someone posted it on this site, i get a warning too, actually two... even tho it wasnt me who posted it. Nor made it for the people here. But i do get warnings, even when being unaware of it because you and some others got offended. But still, i havent broken any rules on this site at all, so its all about personal matters. And normally, like every other kind of sites, i would get a warning or two if it was me who posted it without telling others what the video contain. And you would be the one getting a warning from other mods or higher staff members when giving warnings to a unaware innocent member.

Anyway, we cant let this continue that people get warnings just suddenly if one of the mods or members feels offended when the person have done nothing towards them on the site. Thats just completely stupid, and thats not how a site is run.
If people get warnings or banned for doing something bad outside the site, like this one. Then no wonder why we wont get many new members. But if thats the way this site is gonna start being, then thats ok. But we wont get many new members if (for example) suddenly a guy or a girl gets a warning or banned if he or she didnt want to date a member or a mod on this site. Or that the person post sexual drawings on another site but offends a person here.
People's personal issues should stay out from a site. This aint a damn kindergarten.

But i really dont care if some of the staff dislike me, or people find me disgusting. I still havent broken any rules, and there aint any rules to like anyone here as long as everyone respect each other. That respect seems to be gone when i get a warning suddenly, like thunder from clear sky. Thats just childish.
But you may hate this site and dislike most people here like you said on msn yesterday, but you should still show respect. And theres no need to be here at all when you hate this site so much, Stalker.

But i fear that since this is a big deal for the staff, the personal issues will now make someone either lock this thread or delete it before the discussion gets bigger. It usually happens when a member wants to speak up about a problem. Except about the sig problem... At least the mod DD let me and others speak, and he took it all and listen like a mod should be.

But maybe i should do like Wraith told me, be happy about the warning. Hell yeah, maybe i should. Its damn amazing to get a warning or warnings for doing absolutely nothing on the site. I could just jump around the other site, all proudly and shout out «Guess what, everyone? Im the king! Im the man! I got a warning by doing nothing at all on the site... Well maybe broke someone's feelings» and all the other members there, as well the mods will probably find it all tragic that the warning came from personal issues.

And, Deathdrop. If thats true, then i wonder why Stalker kept saying you wanted me banned. Hell, im ready print screening that convo.

PS: Sorry for the spelling and grammar.

Deathdrop, Undefined, 14 years ago

I'd like to see where he said that. If that's the case, then he misunderstood me. I never said I wanted you to be banned. I may have said I didn't care for you did, or that I wouldn't miss you if you were banned, but I never actually suggested you SHOULD be.

I'm not dissing you; just being honest.

If I did want you banned, I wouldn't be defending you right now.

predatoress, Undefined, 14 years ago

The reason why I keep defending him as long as it's needed is read in his very post. I would personally do it to every other member of the site who would tell me they've been judged without breaking a single rule on the site.

Like I said in Balatu I'll say it in here - this site is worse than Soviet union in it's paranoia and judgemental style to rule the members. You can't fart on the main forum without having a label "warned" banged on your forehead. Now I see the very reason why Killswitch have been an outlaw in here just when telling the truth with his own... style lol No wonder all the old members are gone. If you look in the past the topics were full of fun conversation, and not necessary even about avp2 but the members talking to each other.

Anyway my laptop is breathing it's last breath at the moment, so I have to quit telling my mind out. But I hope this thing will be settled once and for all.


As far as the activity thing would anyone like to create banners or something like that to advertise the site on other sites?


I'll be back... When my comp is fixed. If I'm not banned before that for harrassing the mods lol

DeathWraith, Undefined, 14 years ago

OH EM GEE!!! Stalker, you hate this site and dislike everyone here (except for me, disliking me is natural)???? Wow, you have so much hatred dude, it ain't groovey! Your aura is all blackish and stuff. I gotta say now, if you're such a mean person and hate so many people, really, you disgust me, you should give yourself a warning for that if you gave Xeno a warning for disgusting someone aswell.

But i love everyone else. Peace!

predatoress, Undefined, 14 years ago

Just give him a break too, people have bad days as well as good, and having horrible things flashed in front of your eyes can make you do irrational decisions.

Garh damn laptop...

Like I said I want things just to be straightened up. And discussed once and for all. If people just give warnings and leave them in the air 'cos no one cares about the site then they're wrong. 'Cos I do care about this site, this is the very first places I've been in cyber world. And I'm sure other members cares about it too. And I don't want people to become ignorant, especially the mods.

I have to raise hat to DD that power hadn't raised in his head and he let us to discuss things through. 'Cos it cannot be stopped, it cannot be traced... Ermm.... nvm of that.

But now all the living or dead members chop chop, come here to give new fresh ideas how to improve the site. I don't know if members quality is measured in spelling and grammar (in which I still suck) or their activity but everyone should be given a shot to try.

Deathdrop, Undefined, 14 years ago

I'm with you guys on this, but please don't get nasty. Stalk did what he did for a reason, and while we may not agree, please avoid personal attacks.

I'm not pointing fingers, just trying to avoid a flamewar.

Stalker, Undefined, 14 years ago

Well, I stepped in it didn't I?

The warning was never meant to be about any sort of personal attack, but after watching that video, I felt something needed to be done. It really offended not only myself, but several other members who watched it as well. It wasn't specifically the fact that it was you who created it Xeno, as at the time, I would've handed out a warning no matter who it was, because I honestly felt the video was completely sick & demented. I have no personal issues with you, despite what you & several others may think.

Either way, it's been several weeks since the incident, & to be honest I'm over the whole issue. Some valid points have been raised, & I admit that I may have jumped the gun...I may have even been a complete asshole the other night, but I suppose everyone has their bad days, & they haven't been my best lately as far as modding goes.

I'll let the warning go this time.

Also, as to clear up some of the other shit. I completely mis-read one of your posts DD, sorry about that mate, big fuck up on my part. Also, referring to the post about me "hating" the site & its members, here's the real story...

I don't hate anyone, but I am fed up with what the forum has become. Everyone's heard this speech before, "the calibre of members has fallen, the topics are thoughtless, the site is inactive" blah, blah, blah. It doesn't do any good to just repeat the same complaints over & over, although alot of people do feel the same way.

Hunter_Predator, Undefined, 14 years ago

Okay, its settled. ^

Graf, Undefined, 14 years ago

Here is what I will say... Not in accordance to MrXeno's warning, which I hate to get into for fear of the flaming war that might start up again. But this is about the Activity...(Back to serious face)

A long time ago, I joined this site as my first ever forum... I had some account problems and I became good friends with Daveberg as he tried to get me onto the site. When it worked I was extremely happy, because the site was still partially new and everything was really cool. I ended up leaving for Europe, where I am currently, and I didn't have a computer. After a while I didn't have time for this, but now I have found the site again, re-sparking my intrest in AVP. (Mostly I looked for it after seeing AVPR)

After registering again (Cause I had NO clue what my old name was lol) I was hoping to get back into the RPGs and the community that I had experienced before, but it had died. I wanted to try and help get this working again, but I am still a new memeber. I wanted to get an RPG going, but I can't do it cause' I am not a MOD. I would apply, but I am only 16.(Plus my storyline might not be that great...)

I am a little dissapointed that the site has died so much, but I believe that even though it isnt as active as it was, with members wanting to advertise, we might be able to get this site up and running with a bigger population. (Oh and if I can apply as a Mod, please let me know, I have some ideas that might interest you all...) I hope that you dont see this post as a flame, but my honest opinion.

I believe that the mods could be doing a bit more (Although sometimes RL gets in the way) to get the site back up. I would GLADLY offer any of my services to the site, even though I may not know as much as the rest of you, I would like to see this site get bigger, more RPGs, more intelligent posts, ect. Everyone talks about "It was so much better back in the old days..." then why dont we TRY and make it like it was? Go out and RECRUIT if you have to, just dont let it die... IMHO, as long as I am here, and there are others whose love for the site is strong, then this siter wont die. Me? I wont, I will try just about anything to get this site back to the way it was.

Oh and dont take this the wrong way... But LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE... Not everyone of course... But lets try and talk about our issues calmly before we start throwing great big balls of fire at one another (OUCH!) I too need to lighten up sometimes (for reasons that we needn't go into here) but I just take some time and talk to the person instead of cussing and crap like that... Alright, I have spoken my feelings, I hope you all take them to heart... If not... Then, F*** YOU.... JK JK JK JK... lol


Deathdrop, Undefined, 14 years ago

RPG's are actually something that will change soon.

predatoress, Undefined, 14 years ago

Graf summaried (if that's a word...) the problems pretty well. Maybe it could be allowed for a member to start an RPG if discussed with mods beforehand - so that the site wont be full of RPG starts where no one is going to participate.

Kidd, Undefined, 14 years ago

Predatoress, the word you were looking for is summarized.

I really don't know about the subject about MrXeno, nor do I really care for that is in the past. This is the now, and now this site has sunk lower than it really was. We are down to like what, two MODs, and most of all, the members are down to six to eight. I really don't know the numbers of all who come here, but we have ran out of decent questions to ask, because they already have been answered or waiting for one. Another thing is, we really don't have that many activities because some of us grouchy, angry people thought threads like Free Chat and My Skull was a nuisance and banned them. That really pissed off alot of people, myself included. Yes, I could have left this place and forget about it because I was so upset for the MODs doing that major offence to us members who enjoyed those threads, but I have a responsibility, and that is to try and keep Alpha Draconis alive. Yes, it is in a piss-poor shape, but it is still going and it has some members who are still active in it.

Predatoress, I am glad you see me as a reliable person to be a moderator. I don't know what you see in me, but I think you see what TDN saw when he suggested me to be the leader of Alpha Draconis. Yes, I do post reasonable posts and I do express my oppinions, but I don't think another MOD would help improve the activity. It may improve order, but really? How much more order do we need in here?

Deathdrop, Undefined, 14 years ago

Who locked the My Skull topic?

Kidd, Undefined, 14 years ago

I did not say, "locked" the My Skull topic, just merely banned it, because it was just like the Free Chat thread, it was a nuisance, and because it was, it was banned. You can blame us people who thought it was a nuisance for that. -nods-

Graf, Undefined, 14 years ago

I agree with Predatoress, Kidd would make a good candidate for a Mod. I am still new to the community and I would rather have a good and responsible mod to make some decisions that would get the site up and running. Kidd is a good choice, hell I'd vote for him