The "Rank the movies from best to worst" thread

TDN, Human, 12 years ago

I know we've probably had these kinds of topics before, but since there hasn't been much activities lately I thought this would give us some stuff to post while we all wait for AVP3(game). Plus, it gives us a chance to look back at the movies that brought us here in the first place. Here's my ranking (and reasons):

1.Aliens: The perfect sci-fi action movie, a true classic. Memorable characters, scenes, quotes (that people still use today). Plus, it introduces us to the Colonial Marines which my clan is a part of.

2.Predator: While I hold Aliens higher, this is still one of the best actions movies I've seen, with some campiness for further enjoyment. It also gave us the Predator, a creature that not since the T-1000 can so convincingly lay a beatdown on Arnold like that.

3.Alien: While I prefer the action style of the above movies, this one still takes the spot for having the introduction to the Alien, effects that still hold up well today, and the best performance from the actors in all these movies.

4.Alien 3: While this movie may be a bit too different for most people's liking, I personally found that I've appreciated it more after a couple of viewings. A decent movie.

5.Predator 2: While this movie has a stupid plot and action that doesn't stand up to the first, it manages to increase the camp factor (almost intentionally) making it a pretty enjoyable movie.

6.Alien vs Predator: And here's a movie that could've benefited from Pred 2's self aware camp. Instead it takes itself too seriously with a movie that has a stupid plot about Pyramids, cheesy action scenes that resembles WWE brawls and forgettable actors.

7.AVP Requiem: This movie tried to fix what AVP did but manages to be slightly worse by having a plot that focuses even less about the titular Aliens and Predators and instead resembling some TV drama series (complete with a social awkward teen, his romantic interest and her jerk boyfriend).

8.Alien Res: It's hard to pinpoint one thing that's particularly bad about this movie, because everything in it is so forgettable. The only thing it created was the abominations known as the Newborn and Ripley clone (with acid blood no less) and some obnoxious supporting characters.

mr_loco, Human, 12 years ago

My favorites are
1. Predator
2. Aliens (Directors Cut)
3. Predator 2
4. Alien VS Predator (Unrated version)
5. Alien 3 (Directors Cut)
6. Aliens VS Predator Requiem (Unrated Version)
7. Alien Ressurection (Theatrical Cut)
8. Alien

The reason why Alien is on the last of my list is because it's too slow. I used to love the movie when I was younger, but it's just boring to me now. The cast and director did a great job on all their work and the plot was great, but it's very very slow and that's where it gets boring to me.

TDN, Human, 12 years ago

mr_loco: I know Alien might not exactly be your cup of tea, but putting it below Alien Resurrection? I wish to know your reasons.

Deathdrop, Human, 12 years ago


You got some 'splainin' to do.

mr_loco, Human, 12 years ago

Well u see it in my name, I'm loco so that's why my taste in movies is crazy lol... No but for real, Alien Ressurection is way weaker in the plot I know that, but the action is there and I like the characters in the movie as well. I watch a movie to be entertained and Alien doesn't entertain me that much anymore, maybe because I've seen it so many times or something, who knows....

But anyway, Alien is not a bad movie in anyway, I would never say that, even though I don't like it like I use to, it's still a classic....

DeathWraith, Human, 12 years ago

Different tastes for different people. I, for example, can't understand why you put AvP above Alien Res.

mr_loco, Human, 12 years ago

Exactly, different taste for different people...
And I'm a bigger Predator fan than Alien fan, so that's why I got AVP in the top

TDN, Human, 12 years ago

I guess it just surprised me a bit since most list tend to put Alien, Aliens and Predator at the top with varying orders. But like you said, different tastes I suppose.

Darthwraith: I like AVP more than Resurrection simply because at least AVP had some fun moments (like Scar instant-chopping an Alien, the Queen running through the pyramid and of course the flashback with 3 Preds vs hundreds of Aliens on the Pyramid). Alien Res gave me none of those moments, and manages to create some truly terrible ideas like what I had mentioned above.

DeathWraith, Human, 12 years ago

Well i don't know, i liked Alien Resurrection as a whole, but if we're talking about moments, there's the Alien understanding the guy with the button, there's the Alien pressing the button to get revenge, the Aliens swimming after the mercenaries, the crazy guy talking about the pretty butterfly, the fact that Ripley was in it, the idea of an AI that mimics humans perfectly. But i generally liked it, as a whole, while when it comes to AvP, i generally disliked it and it only had a few good moments. So something good with a few down sides is better than something bad with a few up sides in my book.

KalinaXenoWolf, Human, 12 years ago


2.Transformers:Revenge of The Fallen



5.Alien 3

6.Alien: Resurrection


8.Predator 2

9.Alien Vs Predator

AVPR wasn't that good in my opinion. sorry

DeathWraith, Human, 12 years ago

I am badazzled.

Mebber, Human, 12 years ago

1. Aliens

2. Alien

3. Alien³

4. Predator

5. Predator 2

6. AvP Requiem

7. AvP

8. Alien Resurrection


Imho AvPR isn't that bad. Sure, the human chars are daffy & stereotype, but i like the Alien-Pred action. Btw., humans only exist to be crushed between the Alien/Pred-Battle, so who cares about their character... ;-)
I also like the optics compared to AvP1. AvP2 looked more dirty (for example the Predship).

BloodHarpy, Human, 12 years ago

I hated AVPR need I say more. The only good part was when Wolf was killing stuff anf when Jess got impailed on the wall. Me and my friend's were over my apartment along with my cousin and I'm all like:"Oh thank god she finally got killed it's about fucking time!"

Mebber, Human, 12 years ago

Yeah that was a fine kill. Indeed i think your reaction was intended. That cool, accidental hit- just like "Oops, i hit some stupid human girl.... hmm, who cares."

I bet the director just planned her char to be a anoying, stupid cheerleader-like human girl who *finlally* becomes panic and, as a consequence, get killed.

TDN, Human, 12 years ago

It also helps the fact that most of us were thinking "she totally deserved that". I mean, running screaming into an abandoned hospital especially when there wasn't anything to run from?

And I thought AVPR was worse than AVP mainly because they had to try to fit some relatable human characters in (which is fine if done right). Too bad they mistook soap-opera cliches for character development.

Auto_Pred, Human, 12 years ago

Alien³ (Assembly Cut)
Alien: Resurrection
Predator 2