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@XQ: My wife is from a game. she's the best of both worlds and her stupid costume makes my peepee smile.

@DD: I know it means absolutely nothing to just tell you "hang in there, buddy," but..... hang in there, buddy.

@DW: That's exactly what I want to be seeing all day every day. Edit: I meant the ass gif, but i like BLR too. Their Yoda On The Beach song is great.

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Goddammit. If you don't keep up with the off topic thread, it is a bad idea to start from a Bloo post. You need fucking context to understand anything here especially when it comes from Bloo.

Bloo, never change.

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Wonder Girls just disbanded, so here's a commemorative album.

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This isn't random, we are talking about a very specific topic: not AvP.

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We talk about AvP like 3 to 4 times every time a new related movie or game comes out. Now please stop talking about it here, it is forbidden. There is a different thread specifically for talking about things we can't talk about in this one.

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@XQ: Being off-topic is being on-topic here in the off-topic thread. Talking about AVP in this thread is like saying a bad word. Even just writing "AVP" and any associated words will get you banned forever. In fact, I'm going to ban myself right after I post this.

@Tawg: That made me laugh out loud, thank you.


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So basically in this thread we are the equivalent of The Knights of Ni and AVP is our "it". Bonus points if you understand that and know what you can do with that shrubbery.

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So I have good news and bad news.

EDIT: Bloo, looks like NC.A has two personalities...

Nicest Girl You've Ever Seen



Unfortunately she's at a shit company that gives her exclusively shitty little girl songs.

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Deathdrop, Human, 7 years ago


Sorry for rule break (not really because I'm an edgelord), but I have something very, very important to share with Bloo now that he's returned from Dimension X. Bloo, your expertise at shaking dat ass being what it is, I determined to seek your input as soon as I discovered this glorious, glorious thing. You'd better have a look:


Bloo. This chart explains everything, Bloo. Bloo? This is a very important chart, Bloo. I have seen the full evolutionary history of the kaiju, Bloo, and it has shown me the way, Bloo.


I know what the last common ancestor of Godzilla and Gorosaurus looks like, Bloo. I know the secret things what shoot the laser beams. Yes.

Apparently that little orange fucker (NO, THE ONE NOT IN THE WHITE HOUSE HUH HUH HUH) is meant to be an ancestor of Baragon, but, like, a trunk? I saw that and I was like "Goddamn, there needs to be a kaiju with a trunk."

Also, the pincher thingies on Biollante's mouth are actually a genetic atavism? The FUCK? This means that Baragon could conceivably mutate a trunk, Bloo, and I think you'll agree that the possibility for such an adaptation are endless. Like my dick.

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@DD Cool.

On a sadder note, actor John Hurt, who played Kane in Alien has passed away at the age of 77. John Hurt was an amazing actor and I don't think that anyone has not seen him in at least one of his many great roles. This is a lose that truly hurts.

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That's a one word post, DD, I can't allow that even from another moderator. Thankfully, in Trump's America we no longer give out warnings as a countdown to banning. Instead, every time you make a mistake, we deport a Mexican.

Deathdrop, Human, 7 years ago

My one word posts are the best. I have the best words. Lots of people say that I have the best words. I've never heard of Deathwraith HOLY SHIT I can actually feel my brain rotting as I type like him.

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The forum as a whole is an AVP forum, with the exception of this specific topic. This is the only one where we don't talk about AVP, because it is the OFF-topic thread, ie: discussions not related to the topic of alien and/or predator. All the other topics are AVP-themed.

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PRE-EMPTIVE EDIT: I got really mad and typed all this in response to DW's link, sorry everyone.




Eh, no big deal, some college kids will protest on the news and everything will be fine this totally isn't the beginning of a far-right coup LA LA LA

The people of this country are so so SO goddamn proudly, deliberately, willfully Capital-S fuckin' STUPID that they'll just do the opposite of whatever makes the slightest bit of sense cuz' it make them libruls all mad n' shit HAW HAW. I mean, I fucking give up. They wanted this. They begged for this. They demanded this. They fought and fought and fought and CRIED and PISSED and MOANED and threw tantrums until they finally got it: a fascist President. A dictator. A king. A big scary daddy who'll beat us when we're bad and make all the scary minorities go away.

So fuck it. We get the government we deserve, and evidently a large percentage (I mean, technically it's 3 million votes LESS THAN HALF, but hey, VOTING!) of the country deserves a malignant narcissistic con-man with an actual nazi's hand up his ass. It was never about small government or healthcare reform or any of that shit; they got mad because the black guy won and this was their pathetic little shit-fit form of "revenge." Fuck em'. They have shown us their soul, and it looks exactly like a lobotomized baboon raping a garbage disposal.

I swear to Christ, if this impotent little pig gets re-elected (or, y'know, thrown the fuck out of office, as he would've been in any other "first world" country), I'm just gonna start transitioning and damn the consequences. Can't get hormones because no insurance? Tough shit, I'll walk around with facial hair sticking out of my sloppily-applied makeup. I'll make myself horrifying to these fuckers, so that every goddamn day they have to look at my hideous, always-incomplete transgender ass walking down the street.

Just because it bugs them. Just so they get that little bit annoyed. Just so their day is that little bit worse. Hey, don't get triggered, snowflakes, I'm just trollllllllin'.

DeathWraith, Human, 7 years ago

Come on, it's not that bad. It's actually much worse.

I mean, the alternative was Hillary Clinton. A woman who, in a country that thinks itself at the forefront of western progressiveness and libertarianism, made being a woman one of her main political statements. Somehow, to a lot of Americans, she was going to be "the first woman president". This, while South Korea's first female president was being impeached for being subservient to a woman who ran the country in her place based on advice taken from shamans. These days she's being investigated for a list of over ten thousand artists and public figures whom she was secretly boycotting for being against her regime. So let me fucking tell you, being a woman is not a quality, it's just an attribute. Sure, you can argue that South Korea is not the greatest of democracies, however, obviously, neither is the USA.

While the electoral college system is controversial, I understand the idea behind it. You know how I always say that the more people there are in one place, the more stupid people there are in that place. The electoral college system was supposed to prevent stupid people from taking control of the country. Who could have predicted that the electors could possibly become the stupid people. Anyone. Anyone could have predicted this.

So anyway, the point is that you had stupid people on both sides and that is how we got to this point. The fact of the matter is, for democracy to work, a very good system of public education is needed. And that is something the USA is famous for not having.

But this is not something you need to worry about right now, because both China and Russia are very close to declaring war. I seriously hope it will be Cold War 2 and not World War 3, but, as Coolio once said, the way things is going I don't know.

Lucifer, Human, 7 years ago

Civil war 2.0. Also Education in America is pretty poor. Trump is not as bad as the media says, Hillary is not as good as the media says. The media is trash and only gives the opinions of the highest bidder, that is pretty common knowledge. The government is bad overall. Smaller government is better government and big government breeds this type of issue. If anything there should be anti big government riots, not anti trump riots. Trump and Hillary are the creatures big corrupt governments breed.

DeathWraith, Human, 7 years ago

I'm sure Trump is worse than the media says.

EDIT: Nice, the Romanian government passed a law that pardons about 25000 criminals and makes it impossible to imprison most politicians and people are protesting.

At the time of writing, this is a live feed of one of the protests https://www.facebook.com/TaNaNaNa.ro/videos/1814942848771344/