Deathdrop, Human, 7 years ago

@Lucifer: I'm sick of this argument. They're not two sides of the same coin. Yes, Hillary is shit, but Trump is genuinely insane. Trump threatened to invade Illinois the other day. The Associated Press said he threatened to invade Mexico TO THE MEXICAN PRESIDENT. He is worse - and I mean substantially, significantly, SHOCKINGLY worse - than Hillary would have been in every conceivable way. There is absolutely to comparison to be made.

And YES, Hillary Clinton IS a piece of shit; she is still better than Donald Trump. Saying someone would make a better President than Donald Trump should not be the line. Saying someone would make a better President than Trump is like saying they'd make a better President than a lobotomized chimpanzee; it communicates absolutely nothing. It SHOULD NOT be the line, but thanks to the absolutely Lovecraftian depths we've sunk to intellectually, it is.

There is no contest. I know it's been in vogue to say that all politicians are exactly the same in this country, but I'm sorry, it's bullshit in this case. It is SUCH bullshit. It is dangerous. The fucker is going to start a fucking war. This is a thing that can really happen in the real world. It is not a game. It is not a joke. He controls the world's most powerful military and he's a fucking lunatic.

There are nazis in the White House. Not metaphorical or symbolic or hyperbolic nazis; actual, literal, racial-purity-kool-aid-drinking NAZIS. I mean, Christ, I don't know when people are going to wake up about this shit. What would he have to do? Pull the head off a newborn baby on live television?


DeathWraith, Human, 7 years ago

In case you're wondering, people are still protesting in Romania. I still don't care why.

Deathdrop, Human, 7 years ago

Sorry, sorry - very USA-centric in here at the moment. I'm sure everyone is sick of me bitching at this point, so I'll drop it here for now.

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@Lucifer see, you're still edgy, too. :^)

@Bloo do you know any of these girls? Apparently they're regular amine voice actors.

EDIT: Hahaaaaaa


DarkLioness, Human, 7 years ago

Next time I visit my sister I might just make some sanguinaccio dolce or tangy squid. And I need to set up an appointment for Chloe to have surgery and I need to see if there's any worthwhile horse trails in Hemet especially if I decide to live out there. I'll need a proper area to train and I'd rather not have to drive for hours just to find a good trail to ride on for an additional three hours.

In other news Atlanta choked Sunday.

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Deathdrop, Human, 7 years ago

"Shit-Gibbon" is a pretty good one, all things considered.

DeathWraith, Human, 7 years ago

You realize, yes, that we are living Idiocracy? The president is known for being involved with pro wrestling, politics are done by yelling gibberish at each other, poisoning the water supply is now a state sanctioned thing...

Deathdrop, Human, 7 years ago

Uh, yeah, no shit. We've been there for some time.

Yes, obviously I'm ashamed to be an American (hell, this circus has made me ashamed to be Carbon-based), and obviously we're now at the point where politicians just talk smack to each other over Twitter. Of course that's tragic, but if I reacted to each fresh stupidity with the appropriate horror, I'd have died of a stroke by now.

A "reality" TV star is President of the United States. What else needs to be said? That's basically Idiocracy by itself.

In other words: I know this guy's little outburst represents the final victory of empty spectacle over reasoned debate, and I'm well aware that it's nothing more than a transparent attempt at getting votes by bashing an unpopular President, but please... Please, DW... just let me enjoy "shit-gibbon."

I know it's stupid. I know it amounts to making a fart noise by sticking a straw into your armpit and blowing. I know it represents what is probably the nail in the coffin of civility...

But it made me laugh, and that two seconds of laughter made me almost forget that a naked mole-rat with a hairball on its head has his finger on the button. Almost.


10/10 would bang

DeathWraith, Human, 7 years ago

I'm not saying it like it's a bad thing. Of course, I know it's a bad thing. But it's also exciting. It's like the stories from before I was born, when bad shit happened to everyone. We are witnessing an important period in history. It's almost making me wanna join the army. My only fear is that, since Romania and the US are on the same side, I'm gonna be fighting for the wrong dictator when Putin's tanks come.

skull_ripper, Human, 7 years ago

Bitches be trippin', which is probably why I have gravel embedded in my face. While my life went down the shitter, much like the cockroach(or cicada in DD's case) you tried to flush; I hath returned to the land of dick jokes.

Deathdrop, Human, 7 years ago

@DW: Isn't it nuts that we're having to consider shit like this, though? Like, the thought has genuinely crossed my mind that I might have to move across the country to get away from this horrible hick shithole if this "religious freedom" shit goes through. Then again, California's not as chill as it used to be; they're literally waiting at the schools to round up undocumented immigrant parents when they come to pick up their kids.

Interesting times...

tawganator, Human, 7 years ago

Long time SR, welcome back to the party. You are just in time for my big announcement.

Good news, everyone! I am starting a new tax free religion that comes with a huge piece of fertile land that is perfect for farming and has it's very own water source. A huge lake just teaming with fresh water fish just ready to be caught. Free your self from trappings of the modern world and be trapped here instead after handing over all of your worldly possessions so you have nothing to go back to.

Learn to live as part of a very close knit community where getting along with everyone means your very survival.

@DD I would probably need to be alone with that for about a week before I'd try to bang that.

supersonicman96, Human, 7 years ago

Fun years so far.

skull_ripper, Human, 7 years ago

Thanks Tawg, glad to be back.

I'd probably honestly be fairly good at that, my grandfather was a farmer(multi-generational) and I was raised as a woodsman by my own father. So hunting,farming, building, and several kinds of crafting are all a go for me. Plus my worldly possessions sum up to the clothes on my back and a bunch of tools that get passed down through my family.

Peterson, Human, 7 years ago

so apart from the pollitcal bullshit thats been around the fuck have you all been up to?

Been drinking myself hopefully to a coma but eh havent succeeded yet.

supersonicman96, Human, 7 years ago

Been playing Morrowind and XenoVerse

DeathWraith, Human, 7 years ago

I started playing Hearts of Iron 4 but apparently it's pretty impossible to play as Korea so I'm not sure I'll keep doing it.

tawganator, Human, 7 years ago

For some fucking reason I can't stop playing Star Wars the Old Republic. It's so damn repetitive but I just love the fucking story so much.