tawganator, Human, 5 years ago

I hate Star Wars "fans". All the loud ones bitch and complain and attack people for liking something they don't. Anyway, I just saw Solo and I liked it.

DeathWraith, Human, 5 years ago

Did you know that THIS is a forum where people used to attack people who liked something they didn't? It's true. We used to have people who like Aliens fighting people who like Predators and stuff like that haha.

Anyway The Last Jedi is an awful movie and if you like it you're tastes are shit.

Deathdrop, Human, 5 years ago

But muh giant space bewbs.

DeathWraith, Human, 5 years ago

Alright well I can't keep the topics up but it is very interesting literature that this Mmoak2018 bot has posted, so I'm going to paste it here without the links.

Here it goes:


Thanos has arrived in Fortnite: Battle Royale, marking both the games' first foray into branded content and, appropriately enough, one of the greatest forays into branded articles this side of Goldeneye 64. The mode drops the Infinity Gauntlet onto the normal Fortnite map also lets one lucky player take on the mantle of the massive supervillain -- until they die. Here's how you can play as the Mad Titan in Fortnite: Battle Royale's Infinity Gauntlet style.

To begin with, you will have to select the exceptional mode from the menu in the reduced right-hand corner of the screen. In case you could not suss it out, Infinity Gauntlet is what you're searching for. It's a solo manner, since Thanos is not really the squadding type.

With the Fortnite Items game selected, things will begin basically like any other match, so just pick a spot, drop down, and loot up. Whether or not you'll become Thanos in the start of the game mostly comes down to fortune: that the Infinity Gauntlet will drop down somewhere on the map, and whomever is nearby will likely go catch it. It shows up on both the radar and map, so anticipate a fight if you are near it. Whoever picks up the Gauntlet transforms into the Mad Titan: huge, tough, and strong.

If you are not Thanos at there, guess what you've got to do? Kill Thanos. Easier said than done, obviously. Like the Gauntlet before him, Thanos appears on both the radar and map, so that he won't be all that hard to find. He is also larger than a standard player, so it's a little bit simpler for your aiming-impaired to take a shot at him. Still, do not expect to live. He has a typical punch, a ray that fires from his gauntlet, along with the capability to jump in the air and slam down using a crackling blue effect. He also can hover up there and fire his laser -- he's surprisingly nimble for a such a large monster.


The matter is player mentality and continuity. Nothing they add can really survive long when the ground it's built on is shaky. New bosses, new characters, new block busters are all legitimate content updates, but as you have said, they grow old quite quickly Maplestory2 Mesos. The battle system has no personal growth for this, You utilize a skill once and you know that it'll be the exact same thing from there on there is not much backing it outside of player stores. Boss fights are mainly only taking a couple of steps from the attack range every now and then, subsequently holding down / mashing one or two attacks. After awhile, it is not exciting anymore since there's nothing more too it. There is no diversity in what the player does which means anything linked to battling will only fall flat fast.

There's a major issue with currency. Maple has yddrasil coins, laboratory coins and a billions different event coins, simply to list a few, all which are useless outside of the highly specific area. Mesos have very, very little value and because there is not much backing it outside of player stores, it is very shaky. Who was in control of the currency in reboot world messed this up much more that shows they may not even recognize this is a major issue. Reboot had an opportunity to raise the worth of MS2 Mesos, which it partially failed, but it kept the highly inflated amounts. There is not a reason why mobs had to fall like 100x the amount of ms mesos when the costs could have only been cut by that much. It might mean 100k maplestory 2 mesos would get you instead of inflated numbers like 100mil.

If new locations, such as the laboratory or creature park with coin stores and/or coins, came out but the coins were more usable in other shops it could be a major difference. Sure many people would just do whatever has the best coin gain, but at least it makes a wider use of articles and gives people options. Tired of running the one location for 10k coins? You can run this other spot for the very same coins. If more, better, items and eqs were able to be bought with a set amount of coins or perhaps maplestory mesos, it might give people a better idea of how much their endeavor is actually worth. Since it is, some people just give up or do not try when it comes to specific material since it's just a mess of rng. If better things were in shops for sure then costs could be reasonable also. Imagine having the ability to by a foundation ra weapon for such as 100 coins. I don't actually remember how many you can get so that might be somewhat low or low but the point would be that it is a definite. Maple makes our effort look potentially meaningless and it's quite frustrating to a lot of men and women.

If the best thing gamers have to look forward to is fresh eqs or more harm on their eqs to resist the things they struggled a few times while trying to receive those eqs or stats then it is no wonder why they bore so fast. There's also hardly any social elements or need to work together in this particular game. Social elements often draw in a little variety while playing. I find myself doing everyday boss runs with people no matter if I could solo the boss because of it feeling a bit less tedious with other individuals. Most people I see train alone, boss alone, do events independently, do story related things alone. PQs were a good supply of interaction but they're a remnant of what they was. There's also the problem of things that force people together such as root abyss. Sure, it is often nice to finish things quickly, but many times people will get that after person who only rushes in, kills the boss at 3 seconds, then leaves. There are times where one comes in who's rather weak and it brings the party which can push the soloist character even more. It is an irritant for some other people and often comes across as rude or neutral. This type of interaction is detrimental rather than productive.

Lastly, in addition, it seems like a lot of people are terrified of prices dropping in the marketplace. This type of mentality halts any sort of advancement the game can create. It is just like horse salesman hoping to stop the invention of automobiles since they'd lose their business. Sure, Maplestory items makes sense as to why they're against it and it is a fair concern, but previous attempts are merely that. They've done it for the time in which it was feasible and today we actually should proceed.


In fact, we liked the changes , we rolled them to the PC version as well! Will there be some impact on upgrades / new content for the PC edition of TERA with the accession of PS4 and Xbox One? What's the next pair of content that console Cheap Tera Gold gamers can anticipate?

The console versions of the game are manufactured by another group, so their advancement generally won't impact the PC version. For now, the PC version has the latest material, whereas the console version plays a bit of catch-up. In the end, our goal is to bring the 2 variations closer together, though adapting new systems from PC into the consoles in a means which makes sense and can be intuitive to players sometimes makes that challenging.

For us, the decision is always quality over quantity, and even though we'd love to have all variations of the game entirely in sync, each stage has its own distinct attributes, audience, and challenges, and we will need to approach each one separately.

From the console version especially, we've got a summer filled with fresh content and events planned, therefore there should be no lack of things for console players to participate with. Denomme: Look to the heavens! There's far more going on overhead than you think.

En Masse Entertainment is hoping you are prepared for a few pirate actions like Corsairs' Stronghold, a new PvP Battleground for Level 65 gamers, arrives today for Tera gamers on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. As the attacking team, use airships, tanks, or struggle on foot to fight your way to the core of the keep and destroy the crystal interior.

On defense, do everything in your power to prevent the oncoming siege! To celebrate the release of this exciting new battleground, all Tera games gamers will receive a free Pirate Eyepatch for their in-game parcel post whenever they log in before May 15. Therefore, if you've been out of the sport for a little, now might be a fantastic moment to return.Corsairs' Stronghold is only the beginning of a month packaged with free events and content for Tera players on console that May. More player occasions and enormous content upgrades are coming fast and hard and -- like the game itself, the updates are completely free.

In case you haven't tried Tera on console yet, you may want to take a look at our overview of this game at launch, when we awarded it a 7.5 out of 10 since"Tera sadly shows its age in 2018. Notably the first content when beginning the buy xbox tera gold game out. That's a problem with the majority of MMORPGs when you pick them up years after launching, but Tera almost feels World of Warcraft degrees of out-of-date between the cartoonish character designs, UI, and obsolete graphics. Which is something of a shame. Since Tera remains a fun game to play."


Whenever I faced bittersweet and purchase NBA 2K MT azure teams I absent they consistently end up with 17+ 3s manufactured contested or not and they consistently receive a nuclear 15 chargeless yells while I'm advantageous to reach 3 3s and get atomic 5 chargeless throws.

Another affair why does my aggregation beneath accomplish each daring afterwards I get a triumph they alpha not amphitheatre aegis or authoritative shots or accepting fouls while the additional accepting gets 5-10 bang steals on you after you attaining annihilation or them spamming x accepting steals every time but you columnist it and its consistently a foul.

Also their centers consistently about-face god strategy if they are injury they'd be about the 3pt affirmation and you would be at the acrylic they clank a try next affair you apperceive your own dude all-overs but doesn't place his peacefully up to get a backlash acceptance the extra centermost to fly out of the 3pt ring and bolt it annoys my buttocks.

Who anticipation it was a acceptable abstraction to place this equalizer? Aswell you can acquaint if your going to drop by simply seeing the jump brawl activity if you or the adversary jump for it and one your men jump with that glicthy action just apperceive the bold is not in your favor at the point.

I recognized had a bold width that the guy won could cause he'd spam X and go for those brainless steals breadth you miss out how to distill could lead to inclusion apostle is in your region. The affliction is anybody does it in the oil could could could cause 2K thinks big men can't authority a chunk.

Legit had a bold breadth Wes Unseld maintained outrebounding Diamond Shaq lmfao.

Had addition one who'd abandon up 3s with Curry, Kemba, and Harden from such as 5 stress abaft the three point band and would be adored for NBA 2K18 MT smfh.

Edit: Around forgot had a daring breadth Bittersweet Ben Simmons hit a bend 3 with Diamond Pippen in actuality in his face. Diamond Grant Hill aqueous a 3 with Diamond Lebron in his face. But let my accessible T-Mac absence a advanced accessible 3 Smh.

Deathdrop, Human, 5 years ago

Hi guys. I have made a milkshake for you. It is 100% finished, it is in its package, the straw is in, and it's ready to eat. I have it right here, with me, and am watching as it is being enjoyed overseas. You have just offered me money for it.

No. You may not eat this milkshake yet. Even though the product is finished, ready to be consumed, and is, in fact, BEING consumed literally everywhere else, you must arbitrarily wait for two weeks before consuming it because...

... No actual reason; we just say so.

In completely unrelated news, people are pirating movies, which is weird, since there are no completely asinine barriers to legally obtaining - Oh, right.

tawganator, Human, 5 years ago

Deathdrop, as an Australian I 100% completely understand.

So allegedly there's a thing called Flat Earthers and it is a fact that Australians don't believe such creatures exist.

tawganator, Human, 5 years ago

Happy belated-Birthday DarkLioness


DeathWraith, Human, 5 years ago

However if I COULD edit my profile, the word "rules" would now link to this:


DeathWraith, Human, 5 years ago

Not sure it's illegal for bots to do anything. I actually feel bad for them. They have no idea that the only person seeing most of their ads is completely broke.

DeathWraith, Human, 5 years ago

I mean... I GUESS

But that looks like a bot and you should have probably banned it. Now I don't know if it was a bot or not because I didn't get to see what it posted so I don't know if I should ban it or not. DD still the worst mod ever, turns out.

Deathdrop, Human, 5 years ago

Well you're a big fat poopy face.

DeathWraith, Human, 5 years ago

I know I am but what is... wait

Deathdrop, Human, 5 years ago

In all seriousness (as if), I'm sorry about that; I have no idea why it didn't occur to me to just ban the bot instead of editing the post to spite an entity that is not alive, and therefore incapable of being insulted. I've been feeling vindictive since Trump won, I guess. Mea Culpa.

DeathWraith, Human, 5 years ago

It's fine, I deleted 3 or 4 new threads the other day made by a single bot, all very wordy and about different things like NFL and Runscape gold (I think we've had these before) and I felt really bad about it because he/she/it/they/we seemed like a really hardworking bot.

OFF-TOPIC: I rewatched Predators and most of it is fun. I bought the 2010 AvP game and it's complete shit jesus christ fuck that game.

DarkLioness, Human, 5 years ago

Well at least we have some relevant ads now.

gamefreak33797, Human, 5 years ago

Sometimes it just be like that.

DarkLioness, Human, 5 years ago

True, very true. Although it was kinda funny BBQ ads here that one time.

Random update, I found an affordable house. Turns out the reason it is so affordable is due to the fact that it was a drug house for several years. It also has plumbing issues, water damage, a scary amount of Black Widows and mold. Given that this house is in a nice neighborhood I'm surprised that it was allowed to fall into such a state, granted it was the outside that looked nice and presentable. The inside......was an entirely different story there.

TL;DR I'm better off just setting my money on fire than buying this shitheap.

DeathWraith, Human, 5 years ago

Alright but why did you need to mention the colour of the widows...

EDIT: Yes, I know this was an excruciatingly awful joke, BUT DO I HATE MYSELF ENOUGH TO MAKE IT?


edit: i also did not actually edit this post, i wrote it all in one go

Deathdrop, Human, 5 years ago

I have never, ever done that.

EDIT: Ever.

DarkLioness, Human, 5 years ago

Not windows, WIDOWS. As in the spider. Place had an infestation. I'm looking at another house now though, has a garage that can probably be converted into another bedroom+bathroom.