DeathWraith, Human, 3 years ago

Alright, "bro", but the DBO's description is poorly written and some stuff is even spelled wrong and I can't edit it because I'm not the leader anymore, so how is that fair?

concretehunter, Human, 3 years ago

Could be worse, your name could remain without a capital letter for almost 11 years!

DeathWraith, Human, 3 years ago

Well mine used to even have a space in it before P changed the thing so you can't use spaces in the username anymore.

I'm not even sure if this is my original account or if I had to make a new one. I hate everyone.

-Bloo-, Human, 3 years ago


concretehunter, Human, 3 years ago

Our yearly "Site goes down" panic is over!

DarkLioness, Human, 3 years ago

The site went down?

DeathWraith, Human, 3 years ago

How low did it go?

Deathdrop, Human, 3 years ago

Do any of you know what that ballsack-lookin' thing on Mooses' necks are called? Asking for a friend.

tawganator, Human, 3 years ago

Never gave it much thought but I guess "the bell" is a good a name as any for it.

DarkLioness, Human, 3 years ago


It's called a Dewlap. Dogs have them too.

DeathWraith, Human, 3 years ago

Wait a minute how am I deleting posts from bots that are already banned...


DeathWraith, Human, 3 years ago

I knew it.

Yesterday I left the bot posts alone and today most of them were gone. There is only one reasonable explanation:

Someone else is moderating this forum. Someone who completely ignores the Off-Topic Thread. I suspect Pv2, but the bots log in every 5 to 35 minutes, so there's no way to prove it other than catching him in the act.

This is not something I care about enough to do more than write a journal style post where I pretend to be steadily going insane from the solitude.

I have to go now. The bots are logging in. I dare not speculate on what will happen if I am here when they post.

Peterson, Human, 3 years ago

Oh yeah pv2. He's the one.

Which btw who the shit keeps digging up old topics?

Also to stay off topic fallout 76 has my soul.

Dronehive, Human, 3 years ago

Hey DW and anyone else. Sometimes I look here and it makes me feel very strange

DeathWraith, Human, 3 years ago

I hope by "here" you mean your crotch.

EDIT: I know in my heart that Bloo will come here again and he will LOOK AT BLAKE'S ASS.

gamefreak33797, Human, 2 years ago

Nothing wrong with a little crotch look

DeathWraith, Human, 2 years ago

Just a peek.

Peterson, Human, 2 years ago

Its almost as if Peterson was still with us, sometimes I still think I can hear him bitching about something or another.

DeathWraith, Human, 2 years ago

Bit of a relief that I don't have to deal with the bots on my own, they can pile up. Sometimes they'll post 3 whole pages of the same thing in this thread. Now they're even trying to scam with some country music artist that I've never heard of. I don't even know if he's real, but the bots assure me that he's famous and having a tour. Nothing says country music fans like an AvP forum, I guess.

Peterson, Human, 2 years ago

DW, to be honest It wasnt me deleting the posts though I have come back and started doing so, looking into it, would appear that P has actually been deleting bot posts