Nature of the Predator

predator428, Yautja, 14 years ago

In recent weeks, I have begun to question the nature and motives of the predator that we have been seeing. I am wondering if the predator is or was ever ment to be the honor obsessed tribal hunter we now are shown. If you look at the first predator closely, you will see a whole different concept.

In the original Predator, he has a very plain styled suit of armor. It is steel colored, offers mobility, and has few designs on it. The armor looks very futuristic and practical. His weapons are also very no nonsense. Just a gun and cerrated blades. In the movie he isn't shown to be a ritual or tribal hunter, just a furturistic being on a hunt for trophies and thrills. Although he did have hunting rules, they were nothing compared to the strict laws followed by other predators. Now the desgin has changed.

City Hunter had tribal and ritualistic armor, overly flourishing and impractical. His weapons are also very different. He carries the equivilant of a spear, throwing knifes and blow darts. And his motives and practices now show a more tribal personality. The AvP preds also took on this new view. More impractical weapons, overly intricate armor and practicers of rituals.

What I am asking is what is the true nature of the predator? The furturistic hunter that came first, or the tribal warrior that is shown today?

DeathWraith, Yautja, 14 years ago

I don't know what the original idea about the predator was when the scipt was written, but surely enaugh it was developed into this one, based on what the fans chose to think about the predators. And of course, because this tribal hunter shows more personality and an easier to relate to psychology, we humans like it more than something we don't understand. So in the end, the predator is actually what you like him to be, cos noone's gonna persecute you for your beliefs about something that was made up for your own entertainment.

predatoress, Yautja, 14 years ago

They hunt for sport. That's the main idea. Ritualistic or not they enjoy of slaying preys who shows resistance.

Deathdrop, Yautja, 14 years ago

Maybe the first Pred was poor or something (assuming they have a class system). His armor looked very dirty and slapped together without regard to looks.

tawganator, Yautja, 14 years ago

The Predator from the first movie could of went to
Earth for something of a holliday. He has only few weapons and little armour. He seamed like a loner and came to earth for himself, proberbly to unwind and get picked up latter by his mates.

The Predator from Predator 2 was on Earth strictly for sport and to show himself of in the differnt styles of weaponry to his peers that came along in some interplanetery sporting party.

The 3 Preds in AVP were young and part of the bloodning ritual of all predators. There armour was more complete then the preveasly seen Predators due to the fact that they were to do battle with aliens wather then a stealthy hunt on humans.

ScarredShadow, Yautja, 14 years ago

No matter which movie all of the predator were on a hunt. But maybe for different reasons For all we know the Predator in the first movie was just out for the
thrill of the hunt, or trying to prove himelf.

In AVP Celtic, Chopper, and Scar were Unblooded on the hunt to become Blooded warriors of their clan. So we can't exactly say they were on a hunt for sport.

In the second movie in the end we can tell City Hunter was experienced due to the trophy rack in the clan ship. The ritual armor could show a difference in ocial rank or maybe just belonged to a different clan. As far as the tribal designs go, they could have been added in the movie for a better appearance. But like I said before the tribal designs could tell about the clan or social status.

In my opinion the first movie is a classic its like a step towards new designs. The first movie showed us the classic armor and original weapons and mask design. The next predator/ AVP movies would use the same base design plus add new designs to the original which could explain more then just the new design like saying the Predator was in a different clan or a different rank in Yautja society.
Just my opinion.