Kane's Helmet

predator428, Yautja, 14 years ago

In the original Alien, the facehugger had to break through Kane's helmet to get at him. When we see the edges of the glass, they appear to be melted by acid. I have heard that facehuggers can spray acid when they need to latch onto something. But if this is so, then how do the facehuggers know what is artificial and what is part of the host? I don't think it would risk killing its target like that.

There is another suggestion that is simply broke through the glass, but the same instance applies for the acid attack. For the facehugger to strike hard enough to shatter the glass, it would have to hit that hard on the first try. How would it know weither or not to hit with that much force? If it did that every time, then the host's face would surely suffur bone fractures to their face.

My question is, how do facehuggers break through obstructions such as Kane's helmet without injuring or killing the host?

shadowatching, Yautja, 14 years ago

Its probably the same as the alien. The heat of the face and the non-heat of the visor. I think it can tell the difference. I seen one choke one till the mouth opened of the host. Anyways, If one can tell the heat then there is ways to go around it. Look at the riddick movies, he can see but, differently.

lilwrek, Yautja, 14 years ago

facehuggers have eyes in the front of them.i even asked the people who made becouse thay know abowt facehuggers.

shadowatching, Yautja, 14 years ago

The bone structure can withstand the helmet and the like.

Man I must of been uber- drugged when i wrote that.

DeathWraith, Yautja, 14 years ago

Well i guess facehuggers know how to do their job since that's wat they are made for, that's like asking how birds know which twigs are big enaugh when they're building a nest. You might also wonder why the facehugger in Alien 3 didn't go for the dog's ass in stead of it's head.

predator428, Yautja, 14 years ago

I was talking about the bones in the host's face. If the facehugger had hit Kane hard enough to crack his helmet then it would have severely injured the face of an unobstructed target. I guess it is just more evidence that the aliens were created by a species rather then evolving over time. There is no way that a an infant animal can determing the difference between an obstruction and a part of the host, without some sort of pre-programed intelligence provided by their makers.