Im back

Maverick98, Yautja, 15 years ago

yes tis I my old profile was deleeted me thinks or i forgot my pasword buy hey. lol

Kidd, Yautja, 15 years ago

Hullo and welcome back Maverick. Yes, alot of accounts have been deleted, due to some requirement that they did not have, which they did anyway.

Well, welcome anyway. ^_^

black_warrior, Yautja, 15 years ago

I was hoping you hadnt gone away for good. The clan leaders arent able to add membs now(site problem) but if you want in Balatu ask and then wait till it gets solved.

Welcome back Mav

DeathWraith, Yautja, 15 years ago

Hahaha.... i was hoping you`d come back... hahahaha... i need food, you know... and a clanleader tastes best!

-Bloo-, Yautja, 15 years ago

Welcome back! I thought you left for good. And what DW said...

Stalker, Yautja, 15 years ago

Welcome back Mav, it's good to see you changed your mind on leaving the place, great to have you here again.

As Black mentioned though, due to a technical fault with the site, neither myself or the doctor are able to add you back into Balatu at the moment, although once it is fixed, rest assured that we will.

Maverick98, Yautja, 15 years ago

cool thanks for the heds up i look forwards to beeing in the clan again