killswitch, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

Sure thing,

listen i never want to cause to much fuss these days mostly because i respect all the staff here and consider myself on good terms with pretty much all of them.... though i cant for the life of me ever understand the motivation behind some of the calls made by them. This topic indirectly ends now... just pointless, impractical and unproductive moderating of two individuals who have moderated themselves..... and i have no doubt after my request to DeathWraith to tone down the topics heated content that he would have cooperated completely.

Certain instances dont require moderation, granted i will tone down the swearing, its not acceptable and becomes rather embarrassing to re-read, its not the way i act in the real world. But discussion is based on rated R material (18 in UK) which certainly dosent justify silly insults, but i assume were all grown up enough to take forum transactions with a pinch of salt.

And i too do feel that about 80% of the discussion was related to the topic
Its completely acceptable that the rules become more slack for smaller more intimate communities.

Lol yes, Northern Ireland and its messed up.... everything.

Leandros88, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

What?!?!? i was just going to join in on this fight? seriously mods, when was the last time we had a flame war? this site is dying and angry midgets fighting over pointless shit can help! oh well, anyways i don't care much about canon, if it's interesting then i accept it.