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The Drone, Stalker or Worker is a form of the Xenomorph. It is a loyal servant for the Queen.
It makes hives and collects bodies for comatose (Alien birth).
The Drone is shown to possess incredible strength.
Drones are stealthy, and will lie in wait for their prey to come within striking distance staying as motionless as possible until its too late.
Drones are usually solitary, even in a hive.


Claws are used to quickly slash at your enemy. It also is used to interrupt opponents who are about to perform a Heavy Attack on you. Blocking can also be used to block another player's Light Attack from hurting you.
Tail Attack
Use your tail to strike your enemy. It's slower than Claws but it does a lot more damage. It also stuns your opponent so you could finish them off with a few fas attacks. Your tail can reach surprisingly far so a good way to use it from the ceiling. You can also break through an opponent's block with your Tail whereas you can't with your Claws.
Wall Walking
Have the ability to crawl on ceilings and walls to reach places where Humans and Yautja can't go. It's a great ability to use if you want to sneak up on your prey.
Sprint increases your speed for a short duration. It's best used to gain terrain on an enemies, or as an escape method.
Spit Acid
Stronger Exoskeleton
Extended Jump
Fire-Retardant Secretions
Enhanced Pheromone Detectors