AvP: Banned Timeline

Mebber, Human, 14 years ago

I've perceived that it is very hard to find a "complete" timeline for the AvP-universe cause there are so many inconsistencies and contradictions given by the different sources (Movies, Games, Comics & Novels).

Here is a very good and very detailed timeline:

Standard practice seems to be to orientate completely to the movies, which is surely a good thing cause they are the most important source. But it's a pity some of the other stories are non-included. So i've decided to create a timeline on my own, involving more of the stories we've seen in the games (the comics are a hard thing, cause their storyline is a real mess sometimes, so i concentrate on the movies & games). Would like to hear your ideas on some of the inconstancies both from the movies and the games. The goal is to connect the movie/game storylines.

I'll focus on the AvP1 campaigns cause i currently play this good ol' game.

Mebber, Human, 14 years ago


The Alien campaign begins in a Temple dedicated to the Xenomorphs. The USCM are on the scene, establishing a provisional research & extraction camp. The Temple's lower Levels are USCM-secured, the upper ones still xenomorph-controlled.

A single xenomorph managed to breach through the first USCM perimeter, killing many soldiers & scientists. It finally activates some kind of security system within the temple in order to cut off the USCM's access to the upper levels and the main hive. (Mission 1)
After that, the Xenomorph raid the human camp to recover stolen eggs and wipe out the human presence. As the USCM's position and their collected specimens are compromised, they order to evacuate immediately.
One Xenomorph infiltrates the cargo-shuttle thats picking up a last load of eggs before the area is completely overrun.(Mission 2)
The shuttle heads for the 'Ferarco', a heavy military cargoship. The Xenomorph uses the airvents to kill everyone on board. The captain tries to escape in a Lockmart-Starcub shuttle, but he is too slow. He gets killed as the shuttle is ready for takeoff. The Xenomorph causes critical damage to the ship's MOTHER-system, provoking a critical system malfunction which is going to destroy the whole vessel. (Or maybe the captain activated the self-destruction sequence before, would be more reasonable). Before everything blows up, the Xenomorph enters the shuttle. The shuttle launch by autopilot just before the ship detonates. According to standard emergency protocol, the ship targets for earth. (Mission 3)
The Shuttle reaches Earth sector, autopiloted for the Gateway-Station, R&D security tower. Once landed, the landing bay's surveillance detects the xenomorph immediately. For immediate containment, the landing bay airlock is opened. But the Xenomorph was faster, escaping through the vents once more... The Xeno slays its way through the whole R&D tower, breaching through all quarantine systems. It gets out of the R&D tower into the main gateways station tower C ("Tower C" is devised), panic occurs among the civil inhabitants (Mission 4).
As the situation is out of control, evacuation orders are given in order to dissever Tower C (that's preconceived, but i guess the gateway towers can be cut-off from each other just like the POD's in AvP2). Two Predators has also arrived- making a lil' hunt, but then get killed by the Xenomorph.
One of the last outbounding shuttles is a WY corporate transporter, which has orders to collect and rescue at least a few xenomorph-eggs before Tower C is entirely lost (that adumbrates Tower C is a WY-reloading point, which makes sense due to its connection to the R&D-quarantaine tower). The Xenomorph, what else, get onboard, kills everyone on the way to earth. A Xeno and a few eggs are going to make holidays on earth, just great... :-)

OK that's the main story (or my opinion of it). No timeline at all. Questions:

1) This temple, how do the humans found it?
2) What happened to the temple after the USCM's first camp was destroyed?
3)In which span of time these events taking place, and in which year at all?
4) How do the preds are fit in this?
5) What happened after the alien arrived on earth?
6) 'rarity': IMO Aliens have to be rare in the end to keep their mystery. That means any specimens/eggs/etc. should be disappeared before the story is complete- otherwise, the story wouldn't fit with any other sources like movies and games. I mean, why should WY try to get their hands on some xenos all the time if they still posses em'?

That's some of the questions. You are free to post your suggestions. Btw., this is just for fun, i hope to arse around about such stuff makes you guys and gals as much fun as it does to me :-)

DeathWraith, Human, 14 years ago

It's a game made after a movie made after a comic book made after a movie. I, as one of the biggest fans of the original AvP to which this new AvP (if this is the one you're reffering to) is a sequel, do not give on damn about timelines as long as the gameplay is awesome.

EDIT: Also, i've noticed you double-post a lot. And i want to say that because of that, i don't like you very much. Also, no need to mash up games timelines with comics timelines and movies timelines. Though as long as you keep the Alien franchise out of it, you can mash it up with Freddy and Jason timelines if you want.

Mebber, Human, 14 years ago

I haven't asked you about your personal opinion about me or the sense of this topic; both doesen't matter for me. If you have nothing to say, just stop spamming. As i wrote: it's just fun. If there are people who like to discuss about such things, good. If there are people who don't like it, okay. But if you are not interested... just don't post :-)

And i mash up what i want. Just don't think you're some sort of 'exalted' franchise fan who has the holy assignment to rebuke 'all the damn noobs'. I'm a fan for 15 years, i really don't need your wannabe-important comments.

About double-posts: i make no more doubleposts than the other guys here. I do them for a purpose. In this thread, its simply for the overview.

Besides, i don't like you either, but that's no problem. I just don't care and you shouldn't too. Just ignore me... and i'll do the same to you. But i have a feeling you LIKE to dispute.

PS: Oh, and i'm a bit surprised. A 'real old school super-AvP-fan' (sounds like you need to highlight that all the time) who played the original and the new game can't distinguish one from each other? I'll help you out. I'm speaking of the AvP game from 1999. Or did you speak about the 1994's AvP? Well who cares anyway.

Hunter_Predator, Human, 14 years ago

to be honest, I think the storyline is very clear. Predators think of Aliens as a major threat and hunt them not only for a challenging sport but also to eliminate them from become more dangerous, and they hunt humans for mere sport. Aliens are bugs, they nest, they spread, and they eat and grow, done. Humans are in the middle and have to defend themselves from both, but they never let the news out, a predator comes and they cover it up in the press and tell no one so that nobody is scared of an alien being, the xenomorphs are just pests that they clear out, this explains why every time the humans meet one of these species they "dont know what it is" because the other encounters are all covered up.

All of the movies and games pretty much have their own unique storyline, the only connection I see is the Pred movies come first, then the AvP films, then Alien series, and in AvP-R they try to make it seem all connected, like Weyland and Yutani corp. have been investigated Preds for some time, now they have their tech (AvP-R ending) and Weyland and Yutani join into WY and start all the technology advancements in the Alien series, now since the humans are spread through space, we rarely see the instances of Predators on Earth anymore because we are focusing elsewhere in the universe, thats all I have for you.

sorry for the lengthy post.