Aliens: Colonial Marines

Vampyrik, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

Anyone talked about this yet ? If not what's your thoughts on the games development so far ?

concretehunter, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

im not shure.. i mean it maybe good to like the marine side of things and no stupid stealth and stuff.

TDN, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

I've heard it was cancelled at least 2 times already. It looks like they're back to continuing it (and let's hope it stays that way). Shame there won't be any Predators though (so it's not exactly AVP3).

Sam-Jack-Dunn, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

Personally, I can't wait. The USCM is pretty interesting as a military unit. I mean, unlike the MI from Starship Troopers these guys have actual military organisation. Fireteams, Sections, support and command. They're based on the real Marines so they have a fair bit of autonomy.

I'd say they're the most interesting fictional military force there is. It'll be a pleasure to kick some serious buggy arse using ém.

-Bloo-, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

Actually, it's going to be released before July this year. It looks impressive so far, it WAS cancelled before but it's back on. The version that was cancelled was the PS2 one, which looked a little craptastic.

I'm just worried that many ignorant people will be attacking it because other games these days all borrow many elements from Aliens and won't know why it looks similar to them all.

nikkie_murray, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

I hope it goes to Ps2 or even PS3. But, I still hope to play it just to see what has been redone, or new up to this point.

-Bloo-, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

It's going to be for PS3 and Xbox 360. Maybe PC as well.

Gaunt, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

Hopefully it will be for PC.
That would be a good selling point.

Stalker, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

I don't think Gearbox Software is up to the task of making an Alien game that will live up to our wildest expectations. I played their most recent title- Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway, & it was average to say the least. The story was reasonable, with some good characters, but it felt like a last-gen game.

The graphics & animations were very cheap, not to mention character movement & combat was also very sluggish & unresponsive. Let's hope they put more effort into making Colonial Marines the stunning Alien experience we are hoping for.

Sam-Jack-Dunn, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

Mate, I feel the same thing is happening to games that's happening to movies. It's all becoming all special effects and no storyline. Yeah, so the graphics might be great, and the explosions really fiery, and the rending of limbs gory, but if it doesn't have a good storyline, if it doesn't have good characters, if you can't sympathise with it all, then it's shit.

Let's look at AvP2. By now the graphics are so ancient it's not funny, and same for the effects. But it is still a damned good game, even when facing next-gen stuff. I still play Avp2 more than I play Gears of War (which is still a pretty good game).

It doesn't need to be the prettiest thing ever. AvpR had special effects galore. IT WAS STILL SHIT! Aliens had no special effects, really. IT WAS FUCKIN AMAZING! Same goes for games. If it doesn't have amazing graphics or awesome animation, I won't decry it. Because there's more to a game than that. Much, much more.

If they can make the story believable, make the characters seem real, make you care about what happens...Well, that's enough for me.

DeathWraith, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

They should leave great games to Ubisoft... I really wonder what THEY would make of an AvP game. Because when i see the great heat vision in the old Splinter Cell and then i look at how crappy it is in AvP2, it hurts my brain. Also Valve would probably handle it marvelously, but i want them to stay busy with Half-Life stuff.

outcast, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

As long as it comes out I'll get it.

alien-drone, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

i cant wait for it

DeathWraith, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

Meh... never bought a game - nay - a computer program in my life so i shouldn't be complaining. Anything's good as ong as it's entertaining.

-Bloo-, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

There WAS one ten-second preview of a marine walking around somewhere on the internet, but I have yet to find it again. From that, it actually looked alright. Graphics weren't crap and the movement was great. I haven't seen combat, yet.

shadowatching, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

I found alien trilogy...for 5 dollars.

Auto_Pred, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

I'm defentley going to buy it on 360, and yes as others have said Aliens: Colonial Marines originally was intended for the PS2 back in 2002, but was canceled due to the PS2 not being powerful enough to handle the game. Anyway those who want a sneak-peek at the gameplay for the upcoming Aliens game copy & paste the link bellow..

Gameplay Preview:

-Bloo-, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

I haven't checked out the link, but if there was a preview that I've seen, I'm pretty sure that was it since I'm not seeing anything elsewhere.

I personelly can't wait for the game now. For now I'm going to be playing Afro Samurai, though, which actually looks good. Not just for a hack n' slash game, but a good game in general.

DarkClaw, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

cool gameplay but is it coming in 2010 or is it never coming.