Alien gf

predatoress, Undefined, 13 years ago

As you've wondered if aliens have genders beside the queen here's your answer:


DeathWraith, Undefined, 13 years ago

That's what would come out of predess if she got facehugged. Notice how the "no no no no no, no pink!" trait is not transmitted, but the "yea, black, goodie!!!" trait is. Also the half black, half red(ish) hair is a strong trait of predess' so the satualien has it too. Just like the host, this alien is bound to ask me to marry her eventually.

Kidd, Undefined, 13 years ago

-tries not to laugh from what Deathwraith just said-

Sorry Predess, but he's right. XP
ROFLMFAO! You can hunt me later.

predatoress, Undefined, 13 years ago

You're gonna die, both of you <.<

Please kill me if my alien form have any kind of enthusiasm towards pink... PLEASE?!!

Plus Wraith, don't use my name in here... I don't want every perv trying to find me later...

Kidd, Undefined, 13 years ago

Will do Predess. I will shoot that Alien that love pink with my trusty M41A1 Pulse Rifle, that is, IF it does not give me that seductive smile first.
-looks at the picture- Dang, how did that Alien put that lipstick on? XP

predatoress, Undefined, 13 years ago

Skills... But I wonder how lasting it have to be 'cos of all that drooling lol

And how an alien smokes? Hmm...

Kidd, Undefined, 13 years ago

Truthfully I don't know if this Alien is a male or female...
If a Male, dang, he is one... freaky dragqueen. Having a gold tooth and how it is dressed, dang, yet again, some or most dragqueens where wigs, right?

If Female, keep me the hell away from it! I don't want it chasing me all around the city, only to give me a kiss with its big ol' pink lips. >.<

DeathWraith, Undefined, 13 years ago

You know, honey, if you don't TELL people that that's your name i used, they won't THINK that it's your name, they'll just think i'm crazy. Plus, all the pervs who wanna find you are already as close to you as they can be. I have no idea what i mean by that, bt whatever!

Jed-Chrizt, Undefined, 13 years ago

Hahaha that's gold.

The-Wolf, Undefined, 13 years ago

I see Predess likes to steal pictures of my bitches.

predator428, Undefined, 13 years ago

Disturbing on so many levels...

EDIT: I guess you are one poor pimp Wolf.

OTANG, Undefined, 13 years ago

Satu is mad because now her Alien attracts male aliens too. And some female aliens too? heehee

Karo, Undefined, 13 years ago

lol gotta love images that both disturb and amuse

black_warrior, Undefined, 13 years ago

Lmao, thats an awesome picture...but ive got one question, what freaky thing did you search that popped that picture up?

The-Wolf, Undefined, 13 years ago

Actually, I was poor when I hired the newborn. Thats one ugly bitch!

skullhunter220, Undefined, 13 years ago

he he he i can stop laughing about what death wraith said before

cystic_warrior, Undefined, 13 years ago

that pciture is very disturbing. THnx predess. lol.:)
now i can never look a queen the same way.

predatoress, Undefined, 13 years ago

I was just googleing pic of "alien" and found it... I just wanted to find a good pic of a drone but this pink think jumped on my face <.<

And be quiet, Otang... *shakes fist and sticks her tongue out*

And sorry Cory, but the world must know what you're doing... *Sees the FBI dashing in* lol

cystic_warrior, Undefined, 13 years ago

dude this chick is nutz and i love it!!!

TITANOSAUR, Undefined, 13 years ago

damn. reminds me of my Ex. god, hope nobody wants to have some Tongue action in mind. ouch.

-Bloo-, Undefined, 13 years ago

Cory, what the hell kind of business are you running?
Even the Boondocks had some better pimps.