Alien and Predator

CuteFaceHugger, Undefined, 16 years ago

What do you think Aliens and Preadtors would eat

I know in Predator 2 it says they eat beef and aliens of course aliens eat meat but what would predators eat at there home world do they hunter everything or buy it

And aliens do you think they can only eat what the kill them self or do they eat what the queendoesnt or mabey they eat there host after the cheastburster comes out

navyspaz, Undefined, 16 years ago

well I do know that Xeno's are carnivours. because the alien in alien 3 was eating that one person in the corridor, when they were walking up behind him.

solo_pred, Undefined, 16 years ago

I remember that navyspaz but what about their home planet? on alien and aliens i dont remember seeing any plants, mabey there are other creacures on the planet like big bugs that they eat or fish.

Predators probably hunt for their food when they are on there home planet. and if they are like humans (they are a little bit) they cant live without water so they probably fish and drink water. With hunting there could be something like wild Boar or deer they could also raise livestock.

These are just my idea's so correct me if im wrong please.

-Bloo-, Undefined, 16 years ago

Predators diet on mainly fruits and vegetables. Rarely (what I've heard, at least) they eat meat. It's like their candy.

Aliens are carnivorous but again it's not known if they eat on a daily basis, or even in the same year.

icedragon, Undefined, 16 years ago

i agree with bloo, aliens are expetionaly carnivorous.

DeathWraith, Undefined, 16 years ago

what does expetionaly mean?

Anyway, crow, our local allknower, said once that xenomorphs don`t really need to eat, because they were originally designed as a weapon or so... he might have said it very differently and he may have been right, but just in case i`m wrong, i`ll blame it on him.

Dreaddeath, Undefined, 16 years ago

Weeell, anything that's living has to eat, or else they die. Predator's, being the big bulking mofo's they are, I'd presume eat meat. (any meat really, usually animals I presume) And I presume Alien's eat similar things. Not too sure about Alien's on second thought.

killswitch, Undefined, 16 years ago

lol actually this is one of the age old arguments on this site.... il take you through it

........ Ok
Firstly were all quit adamant that predators eat, the movies clearly state this and as a result nobody had questioned that, you see on here we refer to something directly from the movies as "canon" in other words 100% correct and true to the franchise, i think most people agree its quit fair to assume that.

unfortunately there are other elaborations and forms of both franchises, for example comics, fan fics, books and toys...... trouble is.... were do we draw the line with that? how do we decide whats real and whats simple a childish elaboration or method of stretching out our beloved franchise and sucking every last penny out of the fans pockets XD, for example flying aliens and king aliens.... we all know the possibility of an alien flying is quit likely provide its been bread from an animal that flies, but king aliens lol lets just say most of us prefer to stick within the boundaries of our movies

Bottom line is since the predator movies state quit clearly that predators eat, there no argument...... But the alien movies on the other hand dont state anything atol meaning were all left to derive our own opinions from other forms of the franchise including the movies as well and we never really came up with an answer anyone would class as cannon

These are just some of the opinions that have been throw around by members over the years

The aliens have no nutritional needs what so ever, I claim the alien species is completely self sufficient and preserves itself naturally. This also includes the function to respire..... there is an animal alive today which has no nutritional or respiratory needs ... so please don’t claim this is impossible, its not. You may remember the alien queen respiring in aliens which brings us to the only reason that aliens require oxygen and that is to communicate with each other as of course sound can not be produced without oxygen. In alien 3 the alien was merely toying with its victim and perhaps ensuring it was dead.

Aliens do indeed need to eat and breathe, the alien in alien3 is clearly seen eating one of its victims, in aliens before the alien emerges from the cooling tank to take newt, there are air bubbles rising to the surface with the alien. A compact whale could hold a lung full of air in space for an hour and survive; the scene at the end of alien means nothing. The is indeed an animal that requires no nutritional needs, BUT this animal is one of the most mobile creatures on the planet, in order to achieve the amount of movement and strength that the aliens posses and energy source of some kind must exist.

Let us know which side of the fence you stand on, it would be great to fuel this debate once more, it really did wonders for the site

Oh and if you have any points that back either opinion that i left out, feel free to bring those up XD

-Bloo-, Undefined, 16 years ago

I think one of the Alien experts on here said that the tubes on the back were used for some kind of energy-resource cycle but I'm not sure how that worked exactly.

killswitch, Undefined, 16 years ago

Yeah, using the dorsal fins on their back to filter oxygen and use it as an energy source...... a completely unlogical opinion considering were talking about oxygen, but this is the alien world so whos argueing lol

-Bloo-, Undefined, 16 years ago

I think it has to do with filtering pressure when swimming/in space but I only heard that on a spanish Xeno site. And I've only studied spanish for two years (a long time ago in Jr. High, 6th/8th) so I don't know if I got the whole explanation right, or if it was in spanish at all.