Alien 3000

Blade_Hunter, Undefined, 16 years ago

I apologize if someone has posted about this in the past but the other day in a video store I saw a movie called "Alien 3000." The cover is a head shot of a blue alien remarkably similair the the xenos in Aliens aka Warriors (But you guys knew that). Anyway I wasn't able to check it out and the box gave a vague description of it. If anyone has info on it please share, if not any ideas on whether it's just a coincidence or an unofficial sequal?


-Bloo-, Undefined, 16 years ago

Yes. I believe I was the one who commented on that lame rip-off. Alone as a movie it's great, but with its surroundings? It makes the two CareBear films look like Terminator 3 and Alien 3.


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AVPFREAK, Undefined, 16 years ago

The Rotten Tomatoes website says it is a sequel to the movie "Unseen Evil", w/e that is. It seems to me like a cheesy aliens ripoff. The creature effects and acting pale in comparison to the '86 classic, according to most reviewers, and the plot revolves around a woman locked up in an insane asylum being the only one who knows the mystery of the alien menace in the forest.


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shorty, Undefined, 16 years ago

I seen it. Its not an actual alien movie. Its kinda like the movie alien lockdown.

cystic_warrior, Undefined, 16 years ago

That movie ir retarded just like alien lockdown.

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Blade_Hunter, Undefined, 16 years ago

Okay thamks guys. :)