What is the proper Omnibus reading order?

Cleosis, Undefined, 5 years ago

I recently got all the Omnibus' associated with Aliens / Predators / AVP. Which Omnibus series would I read first, second and third? Thanks

-Bloo-, Undefined, 5 years ago

I honestly just started on Aliens Volume 2 because I'm an idiot that doesn't care about reading shit it in order, but DD can probably give you a better answer.

Hey is there an actual order to these things? I mean, should I read all the other ones instead of just going through the TV Tropes pages and pretending I read them?

Deathdrop, Undefined, 5 years ago

Your best bet is to just read whichever series' omnibus you have in the order they were released. The Aliens stories are pretty much in order, and the AVP stories are reasonably easy to follow. The Predator stories tend to spread out through history, so you don't need to worry about read them in any particular order past the first three storyline (Concrete Jungle, Cold War, and Dark River) which are in order anyway.

The early AVP stories (centering around Ryushi and Machiko) make up a neat little micro-continuity that fits together, but again, they're pretty much in order anyway.

There's one weird bit where characters from an Aliens story (Berserker) show up in the second AVP story (Prey, I think?), but you don't need to read one to understand the other, and frankly, Prey sucked anyway. So the short answer is no, you don't have to read the volumes in any particular order.

Cleosis, Undefined, 5 years ago

Thanks, I think I am gonna do Aliens + Predators followed by the AVP series, just so I can perhaps get a better understanding of their worlds before they combine. I will honestly say these are really good read(s), no wimpy stuff from the other comic labels, Dark Horse Rocks ;).