skull_ripper, Yautja, 4 years ago

@P13: I got my tickets off of for really cheap(they were also pit tickets so that lowered the price considerably), if you catch it early enough you could probably afford one. I've been out of work for awhile, so I don't have much scratch lying around either, so I highly recommend that site for you too.

How've you been lately? Been quite awhile since last time we've seen you.

Just FYI for everyone.

If you guys ever get a Neca Alien action figure, DO NOT GET ONE FROM THE GENOCIDE SERIES. I got both the red and black versions of the Genocide Xenomorphs, and both have broken from the same defect. Air bubbles in the plastic of the hip peg caused the red Xeno's hip to break, and I got the black Xeno to replace it, but an air bubble in the ankel peg caused its right foot to snap off today. They're both just the generic Xenomorph Warrior, so you can get them from pretty much any other series released without the risk of air bubbles causing unexpected breaking from intended use.

ThePredator13, Yautja, 4 years ago

@Skull Ripper:

I might just check into that when they're back in town or another band I like comes through town. As for how I've been it's been rough recently. Mostly due to some inter family conflicts and school that have really caused me to bunker down a bit. I had checked back in on the site every now and again while not logged in but otherwise didn't have the time to chat. Gotta figure some things out still but otherwise I have somewhat smooth sailing for now though so hopefully I can be a bit more active. However on the good side of things my writing has at least improved so hey that's a plus.

DeathWraith, Yautja, 4 years ago

Finally playing KOTOR for the first time and I'm getting dat "who the fuck do I talk to first and do I buy this or do I not and what do I need to keep and what do I want to sell" anxiety that is so common in BioWare games.

Peterson, Yautja, 4 years ago

KOTOR was good I still enjoy swtor but my pc is out of commission so can't play that anymore

DeathWraith, Yautja, 4 years ago

SWTOR is probably a game I'll never play. I haven't really heard any good things about it and I don't have the attention span for an MMO anymore. KOTOR is a game I've been intending to play for a long time, but not enough to go through the hassle of pirating it. Luckily there's a humble bundle right now that allowed me to buy it.

tawganator, Yautja, 4 years ago

I still play SWTOR because the stories are just so good. I love being a big bad ass Republic Trooper that has occasional homicide tendencies or a Sith Inquisitor with a heart of gold. There are a few technical issues but nothing that should halt gameplay.

Peterson, Yautja, 4 years ago

yeah stories were really good, unfortunitly my pc crapepd out the day the new chapter released

DeathWraith, Yautja, 4 years ago

Just saving this for later:

"Admire 180 here's in with you yes you around there here that's already the celebrity coaching he's here kid thoughtlessly damage here I they're not they're not prepared see interact with each other is there any way you see too delayed ends Floridians doing their best harm 48 be is spooky to 13 beginning and saloon after the strange after me I query three you know sure stable you know split after quiet and see his members of the family Derma Promedics"

Peterson, Yautja, 4 years ago

The spam boy messages are always strange

tawganator, Yautja, 4 years ago

Might just be me but they all seem to have some sort of sexual undertone.

DeathWraith, Yautja, 4 years ago

For all the others I think it's just you, but this one definitely does.

Peterson, Yautja, 4 years ago

Yeah in with DW apart from that one I think it's just you, it's almost like a Chinese New Year sort of thing last year we were blessed by the year of the chair

Dronehive, Yautja, 4 years ago

Man, the fucking kitchens were the best.

-Bloo-, Yautja, 4 years ago

I'm downloading a bunch of comics because Killing Joke and Vagabond are amazing and I'm really entertained by the live-action DC shows airing right now. If there are any comic readers here, you should absolutely give me a rec list. I'm already downloading 25gb of Flash comics, lots of Batman comics (Arkham Asylum looks incredible), a whole bunch of manga and other comics (Erased, Watchmen, Sandman, Y - The Last Man, The Walking Dead, etc), and all the A/P/AVP omnibuses (omnibi???) out right now.

Anyway, this is semi-unrelated, but I think I genuinely wanna fuck one of my professors.

EDIT: OK, I actually wanna bang like 3 of them - and I am serious about this - but I feel like the risk vs reward ratio is way too unbalanced.

Edit: There's also the fact that this is probably morally wrong, and one or all of them is probably married... and, um... I think one of them is a lesbian, and...

EDIT: How would you even approach them about this? "HEY, are you gay? Are you married? Are you married AND gay?" If they're single, are you allowed to bring up your romantic life with them if you're friendly enough? Is that some type of boundary you don't cross with people 9 years older than you? "Yeah, I haven't had a thing with a girl in years. Oh, you're single? Ha ha! Wow. Hey wouldn't it be funny if

concretehunter, Yautja, 4 years ago

Uhh are you ok there pal?

DeathWraith, Yautja, 4 years ago

I know the struggle of having ultrahot professors.

Also I've heard that there's an animated movie in the making based on The Killing Joke.

tawganator, Yautja, 4 years ago

Yeah I just heard about that too. Good old Mark Hamill will be back as The Joker.

Peterson, Yautja, 4 years ago

Well as hot headed as your professors are they're not as hot as a live power line, one of my coworkers came into contact with a live so now he's pretty messed up, sucks man tired of these fucking storms that o keep getting hit with.

-Bloo-, Yautja, 4 years ago

@Tawg: That's such good news. I thought Hamill retired, though?

@Peterson: Sorry to hear that, man. Is he gonna be alright?

@CH: I want to bang my professors. I am not fine.

@DW: They're not even that hot though. Definitely not hot enough to be that one guy who risked his credibility to maybe stick his dick in places it should not be going (...which I shouldn't be doing even if they were that hot). Really, most of the attraction just comes from how genuinely likable they are and how close I am (and can get) with them, which is pretty rare among all the new people I've met in the past 4-6 years. Outsiders say Alaskans are friendly but most of us are assholes.

tawganator, Yautja, 4 years ago

Both Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy are reprising their rolls as the joker and batman. Mark Hamill had previously announced his retirement from portraying the Joker after completing work on the "Arkham" video game series. He had stated that the only way he would come out of retirement was if "The Killing Joke" was adapted to film. Hamill also says that this will be his last time being the Joker.

Also the word is that this will be the first Batman movie to be given an R rating. Hope this is true.