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Yeah well I didn't sign the petition and I told Mrs. Grant that I think surveillance is a good idea, but fucking Maxine keeps telling her that surveillance is a bad idea without my consent.

EDIT: Krio are you gonna talk about something anyone cares about, or just fish for compliments?

EDIT EDIT: So I finished episode 4 and I hope episode 5 is the last one.

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Dronehive, Yautja, 4 years ago

@DW That's because you aren't max. That's... good writing. You can influence her decisions but you can just break who she is.

DeathWraith, Yautja, 4 years ago

If making the main character schizophrenic is what they were going for then yeah, it's good writing. If they were going for a video game where the player influences events in the direction they choose, then it's an overlooked mistake. I know it's very hard to take every marginal piece of dialogue fit decisions the character has made before - because these are decisions the character makes, at no point does she think "hmm, maybe the weird force that makes the choices for me should right click to rewind time and pick the other one", she always thinks of them as her choices - but it's pretty obvious that they just forgot to take this into account because it doesn't fucking affect anything other than some pictures of documents.

Given the quality of the rest of the game, I am going to assume that this struggle to remember her own fucking personality is either a mistake, or it's bad writing. I mean the game is not shit, but it's not something I'd recommend to anyone unless they have a fetish for extremely boring, predictable story, with characters who are constantly talking in the wrong tones because the voice actors apparently recorded the lines out of context and without direction or something, and with as many as TWO emotional points in FOUR episodes, other than which you will not care about a single character. Life Is Strange more like Life Is Boring But I Already Knew That And I Play Games To Get A Break From It Also Photography Is Not Art.

-Bloo-, Yautja, 4 years ago

I know the tone of my voice can't be heard and confirmed through writing (only ever assumed - AM I ANGRY OR JUST STUPIDLY OVER ENTHUSIASTIC WHEN I TYPE IN ALL CAPS? MAYBE I RUN A TOTALLY RANDOM TUMBLR ACCOUNT, OR MAYBE I JUST CAN'T TURN OFF MY CAPS LOCK KEY, OR I'M HOLDING MY SHIFT KEY DOWN AND MY HAND IS CRAMPED FROM KEEPING THIS WEIRD POSITION WITH MY FINGERS FOR A LONG GODDAMN TIME AND I'M TOO STUPID TO REALIZE THERE EVEN IS A CAPS LOCK KEY), but I was joking Krio. Please don't ever take anything we say too seriously unless we're explicitly mentioning that we're trying to hurt your feelings.

It's probably hard to tell since you had KIND of a rocky start on this forum (remember your old RP partner Krio? lol remember krio), but we don't hate you. By now I think you're pretty ok and that you've been getting better. And anyway, if I seriously didn't like you or accept you at the very least, I could have kicked you the hell out of the clan faster than Pv2 would have kicked DW out of anything ever.

Speaking of DW, I finally have nothing urgent to get to so I'm gonna dig my ass into that music post now. Except now this is the urgent thing I have to get to.

Edit: I'm done with the first half of that post and I enjoyed a lot of that. I especially liked Kim Yerim, Sonamoo, EXID, Girl's Day, and the second Mamamoo link. The Ark and 7-1 were nice too. I already like 9Muses and SNSD so I'll probably like those links.

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I watched Tarzan(animated Disney one of course) for the first time in years, and I cried. It played a crucial part in my development as a person, and the last time I listened to the soundtrack was a few months back, the day that one of our(me and my family) cats died. Which I still haven't accepted, or gotten over the fact I was literally looking him in the eyes when he died.

I've never seen the life leave something's eyes before, and something that I loved and had lived with for seventeen years was probably the worst place to start.

In other news, I found a headless Cicada, still moving around and such. I assumed it was actually dead dead, just having its last wiggles for shiggles. That was yesterday. It is still alive today, and reacts to its environment, and has 0% of its head. I guess its brain is pretty deep in there? Like in the wing block or some shit.

I'm still tripping balls over it.

DeathWraith, Yautja, 4 years ago

^ Nah, the brain is usually between the eyes, but their circulatory system probably works in such a way that it can't bleed out from a clean wound, so it won't die because a part of its body is missing, but it will starve eventually. Insects also have a nervous system that consists of many bundles of neurons along the abdomen that are responsible for coordinating separate parts of the body.

Being generated by the brain, I guess it's pretty easy to forget that the you are not your body, your body just does what you tell it. Your body is a fascist regime in which you are the leader, but even if your brain dies, the rest of your body will still be alive as long as it doesn't run out of nutrients. Every living cell in your body is alive separately and the only reason there are so many of them is that, at some point, single-celled organisms banded together in order to more efficiently survive and breed as a group, then groups within the group became more and more specialized and over a very long time they came to be the huge nation that you look at and think "oh my gawd i'm so fat". So the body does not exist for the benefit of the brain, the brain exists for the benefit of the body and in very complex organisms, the communication that the brain provides is pretty much vital, but for primitive ones, nah.

@Bloo: Oh man, can't wait until you get to the newest stuff. EDIT: Actually I added one that I'd forgotten about, right at the end.

@Krio: also this is the off-topic thread, not the leaving/returning thread where you would most likely get the "OH, KRIO, MY FRIEND, I'VE ONLY EVER HAD HALF A CONVERSATION WITH YOU, BUT I MISSED YOU SO MUCH, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S BEEN SO LONG, IT'S LIKE YOU WERE NEVER GONE BECAUSE WE NEVER TALKED EVEN WHEN YOU WERE HERE ANYWAY, WELCOME BACK MY GOOD FRIEND!" that you are looking for.

Speaking of which, I just noticed that DD hasn't posted here since like 5 pages ago. What's up with that?

EDIT: New Hyuna song. She is one of the Kpop people I despise the most for her stupid voice and complete lack of skill in anything other than getting more fake boobs every so often, but I really like this song. The second one I like from her.

Deathdrop, Yautja, 4 years ago

I have a deep-seated phobia of cicadas. I'm serious. I once left the house to get some milk, and when I came back, there were two cicadas on the door frame. Not the door, the door frame. Naturally, I couldn't get in the house because I couldn't go anywhere near the goddamn cicadas, and I couldn't go around back because it was night and there would probably be more cicadas back there EXCEPT IT'S DARK SO YOU CAN"T SEE THEM OH CHRIST.

So I'm standing there, a fucking adult, unable to get into my own house because there are some bugs on the door frame, damn-near having an episode over it at about 9:00 at night. Then I thought "No, actually FUCK this," dropped the milk, got the ice scraper out of my Dad's car, and, overcome with righteous fury, beat both of them to death.

I mean, you should have seen me. It was like a goddamn Friday the 13th movie. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! I probably looked completely insane to anyone who happened to be watching, but when it was all over, I felt a special sense of victory; it was like I had defended my castle from dragons or some shit.

It was about 10:00 the next morning when I realized I'd forgotten the milk outside.

DeathWraith, Yautja, 4 years ago

Well, at least you managed to kill a couple of small bugs who have no defensive or offensive capabilities and who feed on tree sap.

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Gaunt, Yautja, 4 years ago

Jesus. That sounds delicious!

I don't recall how long it's been since I last appeared, I was just a kid back then (not to say I've grown up, at heart).

But anywho, semantics!

I hope all of y'all have been getting on well and having fun, I've yet to fully scope through the site to see EVERY change and development, but I'm sure everything I find will be entertaining none the less :'3

As it is a ol', long-winded "tradition", avast ye land lubbers!!



@DD: It's never too late to buy yourself a lighter. The "I left the EVERY APPLIANCE IN MY KITCHEN!" line is actually the NO.1 excuse used by people who accidentally burn their homes down, when dealing with insects.

-Bloo-, Yautja, 4 years ago

Hi Gaunt. We missed you and your cakes. Mostly your cakes, but

@DD: Hey, wait a minute...


Deathdrop, Yautja, 4 years ago

You know, that would explain a hell of a lot.

DarkLioness, Yautja, 4 years ago

Cicadas only come out every 13-years right? Or is that just their mating season? Either way they provide a nice protein alternative and can be added to shakes, cookies, or fried up like pickles. Think you can use these guys with the paleodiet and such. Here they taste like almonds to some degree.

For some Elder Scrolls news the next game might be set in Hammerfell or Black Marsh. And they're doing votes online to determine which Civil War faction truly wins the war in Skyrim, Stormcloaks or the Imperial Legion? Personally I'd like to see Hammerfell but I'm more curious about the Khajiit homeland.

badapple24, Yautja, 4 years ago

Went to Alice Cooper and Motley Crue's concert in Ottawa tonight, and it was absolutely insane. Tommy Lee ended up drumming upside down on a track and Alice cooper's always a good show, but nonetheless I mean I got yelled at by a drunk French guy because I went up to the counter, xD it was amazing tho

skull_ripper, Yautja, 4 years ago

If I can figure out how 3D print game models, my Garden will become a battleground where Garden gnomes are being slaughtered by several cat-sized Gronn.

@DD: You killed those wide eyed sumabitches like a BOSS! Did you mount their tiny heads on chopsticks outside as a warning to the others? That's what I do every time I kill a venomous snake... >_>

Also, little known fact, milk is a renewable resource, it grows on cows like they're money trees.

@DL: I don't you'll ever catch me willingly eating insects, I will wait until I am put in a Cast Away type position first, but I'll have to consult my volleyball first to be certain. Reptiles and Rodents would be my bridging food creatures before I even entertain the possibility of eating insects. For now.

My pick is Hammerfell also, my reasoning is purely because ORCS!!! I love those fearsome bastards, and would love to see them more since Skyrim still felt low on Orcs even with the four Strongholds. God, how I'd love to become and Orc Chieftain in a questline. Also, could you link that Civil War Outcome Poll? Wanna cast myself in with my favored side.

@Gaunt: I could be better... I have a summer flu, broke my toe this morning, then bruised both my shins via dropped bowl and oddly placed chess board. Hopefully your cake has healing properties, or is made of evil and will renew my powers.

DeathWraith, Yautja, 4 years ago

The only places I've liked so far in the Elder Scrolls games have been all of Skyrim and the Imperial City. Everything else is just boringly coloured boring boredom.

DarkLioness, Yautja, 4 years ago

I've only played Skyrim but I'm willing to give Oblivion a run. Just to test out the differences between the two games.


I need to go digging for the link again, but I'm sure it's connected to a legitimate gaming site and not a game blog that thinks it's a legitimate gaming website. But the exploration of the Orc homeland would make for some great gameplay, it very well could happen since their home is wedged next to Hammerfell. It's still difficult to pinpoint exactly where Elder Scrolls 6 will take place but so far so good everyone is saying now that it's a tie between Argonia/Black Marsh and Hammerfell since Bethseda still owns the trademark for Redguard and Hammerfell. Though the primary rumors are that the next game takes place in Black Marsh, there MIGHT be dragons, something may or may not involve an Aldmeri Dominion plot line but I have no idea what angle of if its a possibility and there's a chance that another gaming company could make a Skyrim 2 but it's not cannon to the main Elder Scrolls franchise. I'm just eager for a new game because I've played Skyrim several times over, joined every faction except the Imperial Legion, I barreled through the Dawnguard questline(both as a member of the Dawnguard and Castle Volkihar) and cussed my way through the Dragonborn DLC because of all the glitches. It's still fun but I'm ready for something new and more challenging, fingers crossed that the next game packs a bigger punch than Skyrim and not for the sake of sales. Last but not least I hope the DLC's are a little better than the currant ones.

skull_ripper, Yautja, 4 years ago

@DW: Yeah, that's pretty true. I think it is mostly due to recycling textures and generic tunnels/paths/buildings too much. I mean, why does every stable look exactly the same? Why are those houses made out of oak when all the trees are elms? Too much generic model reuse.

@DL: I'd love to get to explore Black Marsh, I love the Argonians since they're so damn tough and have kicked so much ass over the course of Elder Scrolls history. The main problem I see with it though, is they'd have to retcon how horribly dangerous it is for non-Argonians. It is of course very dangerous for Argonians too, but they make it sound like every other race that tries to enter Black Marsh dies from diseases right off the bat.

I'd like to hope if they do this, they make it more like Oblivion. The plot in Oblivion makes you feel so much more important than Skyrim does in my opinion, even though you are simply a normal person instead of the Dragonborn. The stakes for the two games are the same; save the world, but Oblivion's campaign goes on far longer and allows you to influence the outcome far, far more. And by the time it is said and done, you feel like a veteran of a great War once you've come out victorious.

And the DLCs were great, you got to become a Lord in one of them, with your own castle even! It was badass, if they could blend Skyrim and Oblivion together smoothly, that game would be one hell of a ride ;D

DarkLioness, Yautja, 4 years ago

I completely forgot about the disease thing but I remember reading a random book in Skyrim that mentions flesh eating flies, rats that devoure swamp Leviathans, Naga bandits, a transit system that involves being swallowed by worms, rising black muck tides and the possibility of there being dragons in the next installment if it indeed does take place in Black Marsh. It certainly means that rings, helmets, hats and potions of Waterbreath will abound along with plenty of disease potions and enchantments. I have a feeling this game, if it goes the way I think it's going to go, is going to be both immensely entertaining but very difficult. Might be the hardest Elder Scrolls game yet. I hope they have more clothing and armor options in this game, for heavy armor I loved Dragonbone armor and weapons and for light armor I loved the Nightengale armor and Forsworn armor. I prefer my one handed weapons enchanted and my two handed weapons un-enchanted, but above all I keep all my weapons laced with poison.

Word of advice for you folks that like the Alchemy skill, mix Jarrin Root with Deathbell and Nightshade and you'll have the most powerful poison in the game. As a bonus if you're a good pickpocket just slip the poison in someone's pocket and instant death.