Predators and Aliens....

JJManiac, Undefined, 13 years ago

just a quick question : what side are the predaiens on? im just a bit confused.

PredAlien78, Undefined, 13 years ago

An Alien. You see a Predalien is an alien with predator dna. An alien gets DNA from its host. So a Predalien has predator features because there host was a predator.

killswitch, Undefined, 13 years ago

Lol yeah what that guy said is true ..... its time you noobs read a wika or something cause this question irritates me ....

Think about it this way ok, the alien inherits attributes from the host ergo, and alien bread from a great white shark will steal attributes from a great white for example size and strength ..... now when you ask that question, you are basically asking does the alien side with the species that its just been bread with so to speak.... and then i suggest you slap yourself for being such an idiot lmfao OJ ..... refer your query to alin and ask youself / Did the alien kill all the humans on the ship bar riplay ...... umm yup it did ... and the alien drone was indeed bourn of a human host ..... does that answer your question

Aliens are a very individual race....... they have there own objectives hardwired and type of breed isnt enough to change that

JJManiac, Undefined, 13 years ago

ok ok not a noob, ive been on the site for a while (and i might add, havent been the best of members) and i thought contributiong to an online web site would also help other people who are confused......and btw just for friendly advice, wikipedia is an inaccurate and unreliable source of information

thanks for your input


killswitch, Undefined, 13 years ago

lol no problem mate .. yes indeed, but ive read the wika for Aliens and its quit accurate ,, lol and more important its very interesting .. have a read ...

lol sorry mate ..... been here a few weeks = you still a noob in my opinion lol

once i see you posting a little youl move up in my perspective lol .. look foward to seeing you around buddy

JJManiac, Undefined, 13 years ago

lol ty

DeathWraith, Undefined, 13 years ago

This what side would the predalien be thing is getting stressing.... i wonder how many of these we`ll have if another predalien appears at the end of AvP2 and does nothing... Anyway, if you wanna know who isn`t a noob look at kill`s list and at himself.

Stalker, Undefined, 13 years ago

This question.....again!!?? argh, lol.

Basically, as I've said 100 times before, an alien is still an alien, regardless of what attributes it might have taken from its host or what that host may have been. Saying that a predalien would side with the predators is like saying that a drone or warrior would side with humans, & it's pretty obvious that doesn't happen.

Nitras, Undefined, 13 years ago

Everyone is right what kind of question is that, have you seen alien3 well you know how when the alien bursts out of the dog it comes out ons its four legs just for a moment and it enherit the speed of the dof but just because it has dog DNA doesnt ean its going to start abandonig the aliens and start being a dog