Weyland-Yutani Corp: Military



Weyland-Yutani Corporation is a joint stock corporation that works closely with world governments in the areas of space exploration, commerce, colonization, and military trading. The many branches of Weyland-Yutani work together under the close scrutiny of the shareholders to ensure that all projects meet Company standards.

In order to maintain control of large amounts of colonies settled on distant planets, the government commissioned the Weyland-Yutani Colonial Administration. The Colonial Administration deems which planets are rich in enough in raw material to begin the terraforming process. The Atmosphere Processors are set up by Company employees and must be maintained over several decades in order to make the planet's air breathable.

Weyland-Yutani works closely with the Government in the development of new weapons technology in order to ensure the safety of its terraforming colonies transport ships, and the lives of Company employees who serve on them. Mankind has explored space for centuries, and the discovery of every new world presents new dangers. These factors are taken very seriously by the Company, and the Bio-Weapons Division is constantly developing new forms of protection against such threats.

Since the discovery of the Extra-Terrestrial (XT) Species known as the Xenomorph and Yautja, Weyland-Yutani has expended an enormus amount of effort in capturing specimens of these species for study, in order to learn more about humanity's new enemy, and perhaps to harness thier awesome power.

In order to counter-act the threats these creatures pose and ensure the safety of W-Y Colonists and shareholders, Weyland Yutani Corp has authorized the creation of a Corporate Armed Forces to operate alongside the Colonial Marines and fight this threat.

Though they may defend humanity, their orders come from the company.


*Weyland-Yutani Corp is currently at War with Alpha Draconis

"After an unprovoked attack on one of our dropships, sent on a diplomatic mission, Weyland-Yutani Corporation regrets to inform you all that it is now at a state of war with Alpha Draconis. This aggression cannot go unpunished, and it is clear from troop movements that Alpha Draconis intends on taking the fight to us. We will resist them with everything we have, and we will prevail."

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"And the reason good intentions go awry is because you're spending somebody else's money."

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Alexandria_Rykov (Yue Hatsuno--CEO of Weyland-Yutani)
Atin_Fordo (Corporate Security CEO)
Delta_Boy (soldier)
Anita_Cafall (soldier)
Edward Fletcher (soldier)_(On Leave)
Invictus-Inferno (soldier/scientist)