The Homeland



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*It had taken nearly 200 years for the major infestations of Earth to be cleared. The baron waste lands of what used to be prospering cities were now slowly begining to take shape once more as human kind had appeared to be winning the war against these 'creatures'

With controled military tance and an abundance of heavy artilary, the marine core had tracked down and eliminated most of the fearsome xenomorph strongholds. Nuclear strikes had layed waste to communities and even cities as the death toll grew to extortionate proportions, that which already grew scarce thanks to the alien attacks.

With great resiliance, the human race stood firm and gathered their numbers from other worlds in aid of taking back their beloved homeland - The Earth. Finaly, there were but two major infestations to be cleansed, and from inside government intel - these were the two largest and densely populated HIVES to date.


It was a blisteringly hot summer, with hardly any cloud cover or protection from the sun, it was hardly suprising that the Marine corp troops were in extremely bad moods. This was to be their final objective before the summer months faded. The legendary Alpha Draconis squad, responsible for the topple of almost 70% of the xenomorph infestation were on their way to the brazilian border, headed towards the outskirts of some of the most harshest jungle ever seen to man. It was their prime mission to infiltrate the outer rain forest and proceed to the rock formations which held a maze of tunnel like structures below. It was here were the last two alien HIVES were supposedly kept.

Dusk slowly began to settle in as the sun set in a dream like sequence, the chopper began to slow down as it thundered above thick tree cover. Lieutenant TDN scowled at the thick greenland below him, he knew this was to be no 'walk in the park' The chopper powered down and the emergency lighting came on as the alarms began to sound. it was go time. TDN looked over his squad - a bunch of burly, haggered bad a*sed marines, men he relied on when the going got tough. Yes sir they had seen some action over the years, was time for one last mission.

'Another day, another dollar' Sighed TDN as he hooked up to a zip line right above the outskirts of the jungle below.........*