Tawganator VS Gaunt

Gaunt, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

tawganator, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

A Smuggler vessel on its way to a drop off is sent of course after one of its cargo escapes and damages the guidence systems during a masacre of the flight crew. Without human intervention the ship hurls towards a nearby desert planet and enters the atmosphere at a dangerous angle. During the fall, parts of the ships hull break away and several of the more re-enforced cargo containers fly loose from the vessel. The Smuggler's ship crashes into the surface of the planet and expoldes upon impact.

An injured Drone emerges from its damaged container and is greeted by the choking air of this lifeless world. He scans the area for food or danger but only manages to pick up the faint scent of one of its Hive in the distance. After three miles of walking the Drone, Tawganator comes across another container with a trapped Gaunt still inside. With much effort they are able to get the door open enough for Gaunt the Chestburster to get through. The two greet each other with hisses and head rubbing.

The two had both survived their crash landing partly because of the cocoon like bedding they had secreted during hybernation on board the Smuggler vessel. This had made them weak and had to eat the cocoon to regain their strength.

Tawganator looked off into the horizon while Gaunt finished the last of the secretions. They both knew that if they did not find more food and a suitable place to hibernate soon. then they would be dead in a matter of days.

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Gaunt, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

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To another point, I wanted to clarify, the main idea of this RP, is it intended as team based survival?
If so, are there any defined threats or conditions to the Planet we're on (i.e. severe temperatures/weather, it's already been described as a lifeless, dead aired planet, so I'm taking assumptions here, such as arid dessert, dust and desolation was the idea?).


Though the shock had been enough to concuss, maim, even destroy other organic and synthetic lifeforms, Gaunt wasn't an ordinary life form, functioning with minor shattering and fragmentation of his exo-skeletal structure, the unknown life support organs of his form already worked away to rebuild and re-nurture the body, the mouth took in sustenance from the crushed cage that had so recently been inhibited.

As resin degraded in his form, the lost nutrients slowly replenishing his body, Gaunt acknowledged his Brother, the one who had helped him free of the crumpled metallic prison, the Chestburster thanked the Drone with a quick mandated repair cycle, scaling his worm like body over the larger Xenomorph, excreting soft layers of resinous tissue into each of Brother Tawganator's wounds, the symbiotic bio secretion helping to reset and regenerate lost tissue.

Observing the landscape briefly, it wasn't really clear what this planet held, the barren lack of any real air in his senses was worrying, it made the idea of any colonials or corporate investment and involvement seem slip, further more, his synaptic link to The Hive seemed horribly distant, the only pillion to his sanity being the Brother Drone besides him, who was the closest conduit to The Hive for what seemed to be light years, his mind screaming to the prospects of being cut off for years again once more, laughing as the toll seemed less severe.

Finishing the assimilation of their wrecked hibernation node beds, Gaunt moved like a slow, sturdy hulk of a maggot, slithering along for easy locomotion, taking a stop besides Brother Tawganator as they faced the horizon, his tongue clicking and stretching in the humid air as they communed through their thoughts in the close proximal Hive synapse that bonded them since birth, Gaunt talking to Taw about their next steps, the two Xeno's standing almost motionless, like statues, until they reached a consensus for their next move, and survival in the Universe.

tawganator, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

OOC: Team survival for awhile then ultimately it will come down to the two of us trying to kill each other for food. Will post in 1 or 2 days when I have more time.

Gaunt, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

OOC: Sounds perfectly fine man, and sure thing, I trust you'll take the time need with your business beforehand, and as we don't have a time limit, so that's all good, post when your free, for I will do the same.

I like the idea, and actually finding desperation as a reason to fight and hunt each other will be a good challenge, much easier than turning myself insane for story sake, though I'll work some turn points in along the way as we realize the desolation of our fates.

tawganator, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

The hot dry wind was almost as relentles as the sun, both beating down on the two Xenos as if by some will to keep the planet dead. Tawganator dredged on through the vast see of jagged rocks and the permanent fog of dirt with Gaunt clinging to his back. Barely able to see even a few meters ahead maintaining a straight line was near impossible and when the wind died down a little bit it would allow the full blistering heat of the Red Giant that was this planets sun come pouring in. Fourtunately for the Xenos it is only a temperary occurance and the wind picks back up again to shelter them with the dust storm. It was the lesser of two evils.

Tawganator could feel his body starting to dry up and small cuts from the landscape on his hands and feet were increasing in size, he would have to stop soon to recover. Gaunt would chirp or grunt every now and then to Tawganator as a way of letting him know he was still there.

By some stroke of luck the two managed to stumble upon a boulder that was large enough for them to rest behind out of the sharp wind. There Tawganator crouched down and allowed Gaunt to get off and move around a little in the shade. Using his resin Tawganator began applying it to his wounds in an attempt to seal them and waited for the resin to harden.

Gaunt, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

OOC: I once again apologize for my lateness, I'll try to get this plot underway shall I.


The heat was exhausting in a manor most unusual, for it emitted in waves, riding down the eclipse of the pulsing Red Giant which hung like an all seeing pendulum in the atmosphere of the Planet, harsh solar-ed radiation mixing with the ventricle heat of the far off Sun, it loomed over the World as a intoxicating beacon of death, staring the Xenos in their faceless forms to torment and glee them once more.

Initially, there had been little worry for a star or sun, for a Xeno knew no fear in it's brood, it knew no cause to feel the environment as it wondered and hunted, in sanctity of it's Hive, every Xeno was a lethal cog of untouchable design.

But here no Hive remained, the cogs trundled the landscape in an unflinching path for salvation, but found none in the shades of hell that lay before them, only the quite literal shade that soothed their aching skeletal bodies, and the rare mirage that would plague them from days to nights. It was troublesome, for the lowly cogs, so worn from countless conflicts and ages, so plastered down in the barren wastes of the dessert World, would soon lose their sanity all together, instincts were brewing, the beasts that lay dormant were slowly creeping in the deep, each step they took gently tearing away at the voices of the Xenos, devouring the savant to leave a screaming mess.

The snaking hellworm of the Hive had lots of flaws, it was easily degraded if not sustained by a calming or clearly dominant manner, Gaunt had spent many years as a splinter, drifting through what felt like aeons of isolation, it's mind had shattered in panic and fear, beasts of instinct that tore into the savant of cohesion that was once his unflinchingly loyal mind. The pulpy maggot had slipped into feral, wild, states over and over before in past instances, and as his fire retardant secretions sizzled and steamed from their very pores, his conscious sense of sanity dwindled with it.

For now, he was a helping call, the thin resin of his body rubbed to Taw's for survival, helping to heal and stabilize each gap and scrape that both endured, he scuttled aside his Brother's side in this harsh exploration, less a burden as they both suffered, continuing to wonder the Planet, with only time to show who would really pass first.


The game of restraint had begun.

tawganator, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

Death is the only reason we exist, to spread it or succumb to it. It is the only ever in this universe. For a Xeno they are born from it, in a beautiful display of pain and blood they are the new life of the old. Life is but a fleating moment in the vast expance of time and space, with death being the ultimate. Life and death are one in the same for without one their is no other. The Xenomorph is a fine representation of this truth and is a born surviver. To spread the beauty of life and death through out the extent of its own life. But all roads eventualy lead to one destination.

The blisters and cracked body of the Drone had caused so much pain that there was nothing else now. Even the aplication of his own secretions were of little relief. So much time has passed since his arrival to this rock that much of his mind had deteriated, only the companionship of Gaunt held him back from the brink of loosing everything. All attempts to find a suitable shelter for hibernation had been fruitless, no caves in the scattered rocks that they come across or any sign of a change in the landscape through the brief moments of calm in the weather. Many times they tried to dig a hole to rest in but the sand at their feet was a mearly a thin layer on top of a hard glass like rock that seems to cover the entire area.

Food has always been pressent in their minds but as the time in this hell rolled on it had been creeping ever further and growing stronger. Tawganator constantly fought the urge to turn on the oversized Chestburster and eat him for the sustenance that he desperately needs. For the moment he is able to hold back his survival instincts and focus's on returning to the Hive. Something that he knows is a futile effort.

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