Badapple vs. Argonian

Deathdrop, Yautja, 9 years ago

Here ya go...

badapple24, Yautja, 9 years ago

The sky was dark, an overcast of clouds and fog was rolling in, the ground was silent. old newspapers blew as the winds patron, children's dolls lay forgotten and abandoned in the street. Cars, rusted and derelict, parked and crashed around the streets, mice roamed freely searching desperately for their next meal. It was about 1:30 in the afternoon, and the sun was being blocked out by the clouds. That's when it awoke. A creature from the bowels of hell stirred in the abandoned cafe, it tore through the store with ease, searching for something to kill. Every once and a while a human would wander through. Any humans that were surviving this wouldn't be much of a match for the hulking Predalien. There was a sound, the predalien was still. Listening for any more sounds to indicate what the source was.

The predalien stood about 7' 2". His mandibles moved around freely on his face, searching. The creature was hulking and tore through anything in his path.

Bad apple growled as he looked out the dirty, broken window of the cafe. The fog was now looming over the small town, and he began to move slowly out of the cafe on two legs. He stared down the lonely, forgotten street to see nothing, but when he took in a breath. extending his inner jaw he saw it... The outline of his next meal.

Argonian, Yautja, 9 years ago

There, by the edges of the park, a lone human marine stood.

Since Earth had been invaded by Xenomorphs, the USCM had been trying to evacuate all the survivors from the towns and cities that had been overrun, and take them to a safe place.

The young redhead, however, was alone. He had been separated from his group since the arrival of the squad to the town, becoming lost in the fog. The marine had not given on hope yet, though, even when communications didn´t work in the thick mist, the man kept on the search for any survivors, and his squad, armed with a Pulse Rifle, a shotgun, a pistol, a knife, and wearing a pattern ballistic armor, with the name Algae over his chestplate.

As the marine kept on moving, still on the look for his people and civilians. Suddenly, he found what it once was a children's park. Walking closer, he noticed that the swings, the slide, and the merry-go-round where covered with rust, alien slime... and blood.

The soldier then felt something under his feet. Looking down, he found a broken teddy bear, with a white and pink dress. Picking it up, the private couldn't feel but extreme sadness, a tear falling down his cheek as the observed the toy, and the horrible scenery that unfolded in front of his eyes.

His thoughts were interrupted by a beep on his motion tracker. Someone... or something was near...

Leaving the teddy bear in a bench near him, the marine quickly took out his motion tracker, and waited. Another beep.

The private started looking around, putting his motion tracker in his belt again, and readying his rifle. "Hello?..." He paused for a moment, waiting for a response. "... is someone there?"

As the miasma cleared somewhat, the soldier noticed a big, hulking figure that was standing on the middle of the street. An inhuman beast, without a doubt.

Edgar Algae took a deep breath. This wasn't going to be easy...

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HunkGenetic, Yautja, 9 years ago

who will win this fight

badapple24, Yautja, 9 years ago

The creature paused as he looked at the silhouette in the fog, looking around the playground. Bad apples mandibles moved freely around his face as he made a clicking growl. The Human had a motion tracker, which made things harder. Badapple cocked his head from side to side, drool moved freely down onto the dirty floor absorbing the dirt particles that had settled there. He moved outside of the store and growled, stepping on a child's toy and leaving it in pieces. There was another beep on the motion tracker, Badapple, tired of waiting roared and began to charge at the human on all fours like a rhino. He hit the human sending him flying 10 feet away into the dead ferns. He hissed as he disappeared into the fog again. Watching the human recover, it was almost amusing watching something so fragile, struggle for air.

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Argonian, Yautja, 9 years ago

Edgar held his chest as he stood up again, coughing and gasping for air. As he rose, he noticed a pain in his chest. Probably, the creature had managed to fracture a rib or two in it's charge, fortunatelly, his lungs had not been punctured, although the pain did deterred his movement somewhat.

"Note to self..." The marine stopped his muttering to breathe. "... be more careful and move first next time..."

The savage attack had tore the rifle off his hands, however, it had not landed too far away. Running as fast as he could, Edgar quickly grabbed ahold of his weapon, and took out his motion tracker, knowing that the fog made aiming to the Predalien difficult.

"Where are you?" He asked to himself, while he checked the motion tracker, until the private finally observed and heard another beep. Pinpointing the location of the beast as best as he could, he started shooting in the direction where he thought that the monster was.

The marine reloaded his pulse rifle, and again waited for movement.


Edgar fired his pulse rifle again, to the direction where his motion tracker had acquired the advance of Badapple, launching a grenade through his underbarrel attachment. The explosion soon was followed by a screech.

"Bingo!" The human said, excitedly, although he knew that the battle was still raging, the monster probably barely scratched. Edgar walked closer to the street, still checking his motion tracker, and took cover behind a car, in case the Xeno wanted to charge at him again.

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badapple24, Yautja, 9 years ago

Bad apple roared when the grenade hit. Shrapnel flying into the side of his body. It didn't effect him because the acid seemed to melt the metal, but the holes began to leak acid blood. The creature thought. /I need to remember this one is smarter than he look.\ He stopped this time, and threw a manhole cover through the fog at the park. He meant to miss. But the marine would hopefully waste his time. He growled taking one more step before diving into the sewers below, the Alien resin covering the walls. Pale, slimy corpses hung limp in the walls. He was at home here. The dormant drones lay in wait... Silent in the walls, the predalien hissed, it'll be a while before he figures out Badapple went underground. Now we wait...

Argonian, Yautja, 9 years ago

Hearing a loud noise, Edgar turned his attention to the park and following the sound, he soon found out that the monster had only thrown a manhole cover into the park as a distraction for him.

He checked his motion tracker again, and waited for a few minutes. Nothing.

The marine looked again at the cover, examining it for a moment. The private then heard a growl, and turned his head back into the street, managing to observe through the fog how Badapple's tail dissapeared inside of the sewer entrance.

Edgar moved closer to the cesspool opening, holding his rifle close to him, his finger ready to fire in case he saw the Xenomorph again, stopping when he was just some meters away from the cloaca. Pulling out his tracker, the marine checked one last time for movement, just in case.

When he was sure that the creature was not going to jump him from behind, and was inside the sewer system, he got closer, taking a peek through the edge of the manhole. Everything was dark inside, as not even the bottom could be seen. He knew that was a trap.

Edgar shot a grenade from his weapon down the shaft, followed by an explosion and dying roars from the drones inside. One of the Xeno's tried to reach him on the surface, and tried climbing up to attack the human. However, it was greeted from a hail of bullets from the marine's weapon, killing it, the lifeless body of the drone fell down the tunnel.

The private then went down trough the stairs, not wanting to jump for fear of hurting himself even more. When he finally reached the bottom, Edgar fired at a moribund alien, and killed another who had tried to leap at him. Then, he saw the Predalien, who was roaring at him, ready to strike at him. This time, however, the soldier didn't gave it a chance, and opened fire, hitting the beast on the head and on the chest.

badapple24, Yautja, 9 years ago

The titan was unprepared, the marine was smarter than the petty humans that fell before Badapple before this. The marine opened fire on the beast, bullets tearing through Badapples head and chest, lodging themselves in his exoskeleton. He fell on all fours again, bright green acid blood dripping on the ground, producing poisonous vapors that rose to the surface of the sewer. He extended his mandibles as he looked up to the human. His instincts told him to run, but the inbred predator suggested otherwise. He got up to his full height. His hind legs extended fully. The creature ran forward towards the marine. He got in arms reach and grabbed the human. Throwing him into the water. Scrambling any of his electronical equipment, the acid blood that was on the predaliens hand was also now eating away at the Ballistic armor he wore. The helmet flew off when he was thrown and it landed nearby. Bad apple knew that the human had underestimated him. Badapple sank into the darkness once more, turning around the bend. Wanting the human to follow. The impulse that followed the human wherever he went would urge him to push forward... even without most of his protection.

Argonian, Yautja, 9 years ago

Edgar recovered as fast as he could, and stood up, after being thrown like a doll by the Predalien. He had obviously rushed to action, not stopping to think about the strenght and cunning of the Xenomorph.

His thoughts were interrupted by the acid burning through his armor, a detail he had missed until the corrosive was felt by his skin. Quickly, the human took off his protective vest, preventing the acid from harming him even more.

The marine, now was defensless against any attack that the creatures did to him. However, Edgar was determined of not losing against the abominations, especially when he had survived so far on his own. The soldier picked up his motion tracker, but he was met with a problem. The tracker did not work anymore. His flashlight didn´t functioned either, he had no flares to light the dark sewer, and the Xenomorphs that were around him. His pulse rifle had also been lost too, as he had no way to see were it had landed.

Outnumbered and blinded in the darkness, Edgar readied his shotgun, and took a deep breath. As he felt the creatures closing in on him, he stumbled with his helmet. Grabbing it, and putting it on, the redhead, with his back against the wall, prepared for the inminent attack.

badapple24, Yautja, 9 years ago

Badapple growled, he had a plan. The growl that had been recently vocalized had echoed through the dark sewer. It sounded like it was coming from all directions. The predalien watched the human beginning to look around. The drones were gone. Escaping the nest like a drowned ant hill. It was Badapple and Edgar, in a dark sewer. Sounds like the beginning of a violent Rape, but nonetheless the creature watched the human intelligently as he got on all fours. Keeping low in the vapor of toxic gasses that were produced by the bullet wounds in his chest, they had already begun to heal as he slowly crawled underneath the smokescreen. Eerily moving amongst the organic walls. The human had to rely on his sight, which unfortunately for him was a bad thing. But he was still ready. The predalien stopped noticing the humans shotgun, he remembered in a past life. A hole the size of a small soup bowl through the runners chest. He hissed, jumping into the trench of sewer water. He continued watching everything around him intently. This was not an ordinary human, and had likely come up with a trap. He stayed motionless in the dank water waiting to see what the human would do

Argonian, Yautja, 8 years ago

Prepared to fight against the Xenomorphs, the marine clutched his weapon, ready for making his last stand. However, a growl from the Predalien sent the drones away, the creatures running down the tunnels. The human understood. The beast wanted to kill him itself.

Edgar started looking around with his eyes, searching for the beast. "You are good at hide-and-seek, you know?" The soldier said, muttering under his breath, trying to remain as calmed as possible. Sweat fell of his face and hands, scared at the situation he was in. However, he was not just going to let the monster win. He had just to think on something...

The answer came to him suddenly, having a light bulb moment as the marine, with his back against the wall, managed to hear a sound in the pipes. Gas. Natural gas.

Not wasting any time, the marine grabbed his knife, puncturing the duct, the gas starting to filter in the sewer. Now, he just had to lure the Predalien closer, and run away. Just a spark would suffice.

However, he had to be very careful of not being close when the gas exploded, and to remember not to shoot until it was near. Now... he had just to bring the creature out.

Edgar picked up a twisted metal tube, and held it in front of him, in case the Predalien wanted to charge at him. The private started using his shotgun to make noise, hitting the weapon on the walls. "Come on, come on monster. Come and get me..." The human said, hoping to attract the attention of Badapple.

badapple24, Yautja, 8 years ago

Badapple stared at the human intently. He was thinking, working a plan out. When he heard the gas hissing out of the pressured pipe it had another flashback /Fire.\ he thought to himself. It growled slowly. almost inaudible. The human wasn't stupid... That was for sure, Badapple began to formulate a plan. He looked down the sewer and growled. Then growled in the other direction, The growls echoed all around the marine, disorienting him. This is when he struck, leaping at the fleshy being with all his weight, tackling him to the ground and holding him there. He focused his weight on the shoulders in an attempt to break them, but the hulking creature knew there was a slim chance of being victorious.

Argonian, Yautja, 8 years ago

Edgar started to feel how the weight of the creature over him was breaking his clavicles and scapulas, the pain making him scream. However, the marine was decided not to lose. As the Predalien keeps trying to fracturate his shoulders, the soldier, with an eye closed, shouts. "I AM NOT GOING TO LET YOU WIN, MONSTER!"

Thereupon, the human bended his legs, putting them on the chest of the Xenomorph, trying to pull it off his body. As he keeps pushing Badapple again, he manages to relieve some of the pressure the creature was appling, giving him space to move his arms, however, he is not able to take the beast off him, only able to lift it up a little.

Edgar frantically tried to grab his knife, which had fell off his belt when Badapple had pinned him down, landing close to him. As he tries to pick up the knife, he touches another pipe, which was near the floor, instantly burning his fingers. Moving his hand away, the human has an idea. He reaches again for his knife, and as soon as he grabs it, he stabs the pipe with the hot steam, which scalds his hand.

The boiling vapor also burned the Predalien, which backed away from the redhead. Without any time to lose, Edgar kicked the face of the Xeno, and stood up, running blindly into the darkness as fast as he could from the reach of the monster, and the gas, succesfully escaping from it's claws. He had not been left unscathed, however, as his body had been badly burned from the steam, and he couldn't use his right arm.

Clenching his teeth from the pain, the private took his sidearm, the last weapon that he had with him, and pointed at the Predalien. "Goodbye..." He pulled the trigger, the bullet hitting the head of the monster, followed by a fiery explosion which engulfed the Xenomorph in fire. The marine then jumped to the side, covering himself as best as he could from the fireball.

badapple24, Yautja, 8 years ago

The fire, had scorched the Predaliens body. He stood, partially alive. He began to walk closer to the marine. who'd been almost cooked alive. and fell on top of him, defeated. The predalien that had laid on top of the marine, was leaking acid blood. It was endgame, And the hive would simply dissapate to the corners of the country. In the end, he'd won. But at the cost of his life.

(Holy cow, that was an awesome fight, Argonian. I thin we'll need a rematch sometime because that's the best fight I've had in a while.)

Argonian, Yautja, 8 years ago

(I am glad you think so, man! :) I also had a lot of fun sparring against you, and I would like that someday we had another rp like this one again!)

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that sounds very cool.