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It is January of 2208

Silence loomed like a thick fog across the vast swirling mass of galaxies and stars that stretched across view point from the huge metalic object.

A small, dim, flickering sun cast glints off of the giant space colony, like stars twinkling in the deep cold of space. This was Orbital colony DC-996, an experimental facility holding an ever growing population of colonists, men, women and children alike all working together with a common goal - the continuation of terraforming the planet, Sigma II, which proudly spun on its axis below them.

Directly responsible for most opperations were a group of hardened, battle weathered marines, veterans of many wars, the best the corp had to offer. These men were known as, the Alpha Draconis unit and were indeed, the best of the best. Currently on mission in Nebula nercronis, the marine grunts were looking to be soon returning to DC-996 for some well earned leave.
Comanding them was perhaps one of the most legendary tactical leaders the marine corp had ever seen - Lieutenant Kevin Day, known by his squad as 'TDN'

A no BS approach has led TDN to many victories with his well trained squad, a back story of pain and anguish lies deep rooted with the Lieutenant, something, he knows, will keep him alive, alive to wipe out the terror that robbed him of his family.....

Inside the Orbital colony DC-996, it much resembled that of a hospital, and in parts, certanly smelled of one too, disinfectant mixed with the sour taste of recycled oxygen was at best, not a great mix.
For the most part, The majority of the colonists resided in the second level of the giant structure, briming with life, the families grafted hard at focusing on creating new technologies for aiding their quest for building better worlds, though some disharmony was building within the colony, clandestine experiments were heard of as rumours passed from person to person, dark romours, that the science officers on level three were experimenting with something far more dangerous than anything the human race has ever encountered - the Xenomorphs....

Experiments to breed a new kind of xenomorph were underway deep in the bowels of the colony, near the engine rooms, not a place most venture to. Even so, security access was at an extremely high level down there, no access to the science labs unless granted by the general situated back at gateway station, This was not a grace often given by the general.

A small sterotypical science officer stepped up to the huge doors of the lab, two muscle bound burly guards stood either side of the doors, looking like they'd kill anything on site in a snap of the fingers. The wirey framed docter swiped his security pass and the doors breezed open as he paced past the grunting guards.

DR church stood rigid. Like a stone carving, the only thing that gave him life was the sickeningly huge smile that came to life across his face, for there, before him, over the ridge of the observation balcony was a fully grown queen xenomorph....

Months of tests, mixing chemicals into the alien bloodstream to try and harness the potential power of the creatures went on and on, the quest to provide the perfect army was at hand, the science team, through vigorous experimenting, had now cracked it. Today was the day. DR church stood, like a man about to take on the world, the small framed scruffy man was about to make history. His team of 5 stood firm by his side.
The Queen, after what felt like a life time, had produced what Church would like to call 'pets' Genetically modified drones that were drugged from birth to be'controlled' Specific forms of training were implemented to get the drones to do the bidding of DR Church.

Now this was not full proof, as the first batch of drones had not conformed and deviated from the drug, The hostility of the first born was an increasing worry, The alpha of the queens first brood was something of a hinderance to DR Church, but that was of no consequence, as the second 'controlled' batch were seemingly, subdued, by the wonder drug.
With the first brood safely locked down, today was the day that the science team opened the hatch to the chamber and would walk amoung their controlled 'pets'

DR Church depressed the button to the chamber and walked in, only to realise, that would be the last few steps he would ever take......

April of 2208

The looming presence of the Alpha Draconis squad ship approached the colony, it was time for the grunts to get some deserved R & R......