Aliens is one of the few cases of a sequel that far surpassed the original. Sigourney Weaver returns as Ripley, who awakens on Earth only to discover that she has been hibernating in space so long that everyone she knows is dead. Then she is talked into traveling (along with a squad of Marines) to a planet under assault by the same aliens that nearly killed her. Once she gets there, she finds a lost little girl who triggers her maternal instincts--and she discovers that the company has once again double-crossed her, in hopes of capturing one of the aliens to study as a military weapon. Directed and written by James Cameron, this is one of the most intensely exciting (not to mention intensely frightening) action films ever, with a large ensemble cast that includes Bill Paxton, Lance Henriksen, Paul Reiser, and Michael Biehn. Weaver defined the action woman in this film and walked away with an Oscar nomination for her trouble.


Dope movie


From what i've seen I think this is the best alien movie. Ripley is pretty badass in it (more so than in the first one) and the alien queen was very cool

the best movie in the series


this is the best movie i have seen and i like the bit where the aliens come in through the roof

Damn good!

Matthew Peterson

This was the best hit of the serries i think! i can watch it for days on end and not even care!

amazing movie


the best alien movie, imagine it with modern grapics

aliens my personal thoughts


ok hello um, i gotta say i love the movie aliens and i love the game (aliens extermination-arcade)but dude why was aliens colinial marines cancelled in 2006 i think? any ways moving on this movie rocks, the reason i did'nt rate a 5 is because at the end, who cares about ripley?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plus it's always about ripley so well unless i can change it that's 1 of the only thing that sucks, the second and last reason was their problemb with bringing back the aliens from the past like the mantis,scorpion,rhino,king and so on. man why did i just say that if al those were in they would go broke so never mind that but stil it lives on in my heart as one of my top 5 no scratch that top 3 favorite movies... have a nice day

One of the best


The movie RULED!!!!!there isnt much more to say. the arcade game Aliens Exterination was awsome to.

Sorry to all you Aliens fans...

Pred Killer

...but Aliens will never be as good as the original, never will it be as terrifying, and never will it be as epic as the conclusion to the Alien trilogy, Alien 3. It is a damn good movie, damn good, love the way they incorporated the 'full circle' type of theme, with the dominant female, and her male admirers scittering about, but it undermined them, made them out to be nothing more than space insects, for that I cannot forgive this film... 4 / 5

Loved It


I thought that this was the best alien movie that wasn't really a horror but the thing is, I think the aliens top speed was 1 mph! Seriously! I mean, come on! When the stuck his head out of the vent, those aliens saw him and were moving slower than ever, second of all, you could tell that they used puppets for the aliens, I think my favorite part about the aliens was when they blended in perfectly with the wall; oh, and that Queen was a serious BADASS!!!