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Voodoo Predator

the following is information on voodoo predator.

Voodoo spells

• flying voodoo needles ( flying needles made out of voodoo energy)
• voodoo specter (controls mind)
• voodoo hands (strangles foes)
• soul rippers (voodoo hands that rip out souls)
• voodoo flame spell (causes foes to burst into flames)
• dark voodoo flame spell (instantly kills foe by burning soul)
• death wind (an evil wind that blows down foes)
• voodoo revival (revives dead things these undead things are under the users control(cirten followers know this spell)
• voodoo weapons ( all weapons are infused with voodoo magic (revived preds also have this ability)
• voodoo teleport (teleports user)
• flying voodoo (a cluster of flying voodoo on which the user can ride)
• Voodoo restore (allows user to heal himself)
• Voodoo regeneration (allows user to regenerate there voodoo ( undead and followers also have this ability))


• Duel (wrist computer now on left upper arm) extended reversed Wrist blades (acid proof)
• 1 combi stick (acid proof)
• 2 ritual mauls (acid proof)
• 5 sherinken (acid proof)
• Plasma caster (acid (proof)
• Glaive (acid proof)
• Net gun (acid proof gun and nets)
• Spear gun (acid proof gun and bullets)

Medical status
• Healthy
• Physically fit

• 3 ft tentacles
• fairly buff
• custom ritual armor covers the whole body except tentacles flexable joints covered by thin tuff extra terrestrial leather (acid proof)
• custom mask (acid proof)
• double jointed
• 300lbs
• 9ft tall
• tusks with teeth at the tip and at the joint

Personal info

Gender: male
Group: rouge voodoo clan
Rank: leader (he also started the group)
Age: 115 (that’s young in for a predator)
Hunting Rank: young blooded
Blood type: predator A-
Real name: Hikaja
Nickname: voodoo predator (or voodoo pred for short)
Dominate hand: left and right
Dominate eye: left and right
Favorite weapon and why: the spear because of its fast moving projectiles that can instantly kill.

Voodoo was gifted with his dark magic at birth by a legendary spirit a few of the pred clans believed in for 98 years he was hated , and considered a freak even by his team mates. The only preds who didn’t hate him were his brother Hikata who was 101 years old. His father was poisoned by the elders for trying to murder one of elders. But this was done at night so he didn’t know. He was supposed to die in his sleep but he didn’t. A little later when he woke up voodoos father had sex with his mother which infected her with poison still no one knew the next day when the elders found out voodoos father was still alive they immediately killed him 1 hour later his mother died. That was when he and his snapped together they seeked revenge against the elders. Then one night voodoo and his brother killed 2 elders and were terribly injured in the process then they gathered followers such as dishonored predators and criminal predators who were supposed to be killed for what they did. They took these predators and started the rouge voodoo clan. These predators were given a safe place from the predator law and were promised power and immortality as long as he was alive. And in return voodoo got consume there souls making him even stronger.


when the fire comes its all around and nobody can get out...........