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I like Alien, Predator, and Alien vs. Predator. My favorite movie is Alien. I play Alien vs. Predator video games, draw, collect anything Alien and Predator, make fake video game screenshots, watch the movies, read the books and comics, practice Tae Kwon Do, and run Cross Country. My favorite Alien style is the Giger style, because it is the coolest. My favorite Predator is the Jungle Hunter. My favorite Predator movie is Predator. I have only like Alien for only 1 year, but that doesn't dtermine passion.

Description: normal xenomorph height, middle sized scar on left arm, giger alien-like, with intense cleverness and extreme mental capacity. I have a queen like tail, despite being normal, and clear teeth and claws. I prefer to fight alone, and take out opponents quickly or disable them quickly to use as incubators. I am also fast, despite being a giger alien.

I was born normally, but was brought abord a research ship. I was used in genetic experiments and various experiments, luckily non-cruel. Some predators broke in to the ship while it was grounded on a nearby planet, and they slautered many humans. My comrads, the human developed queen, and I were hunted by the yautja. In the process we broke out of our containment areas and killed the preds or used them as host. The last few humans on board were able to launch the ship into space before we killed them. Little did we know that the ship had preset coordinates for another planet. We built a strong hive out of the ship. Most of the oher "guinea pig aliens" died, but I, going through the littleest experimentation, evolved into a new form. A more advanced and efficient form, a one of a kind killing machine. After we recognized we had no more hosts, we went into a human induced hibernation, caused by experimentation. While we were slumbering, our "hive" was intercepted by a salvaging crew. As soon as they entered the "hive", we awoke and used them as hosts, increasing our population. Although being intercepted, our "hive" re-began, it's trek towards its destination, and we began our slumber.