Species Yautja
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Segador is a Yuatja whose honour means more to him then the actual hunt itself, but this does not mean he will not be deterred from the hunt that easily. As a hunter he strives to collect only the best and worthy trophies for his trophy case, Segador however feels that he has not found what he believes to be an elusive prey, he wishes to hunt a prey that is so elusive that the hunt will take place on several different planets. When he has finally hunted the elusive prey he will feel at ease and continue the hunt for more prey. Segador hunts and serves for the Balatu Clan, one of the greatest and honourable Yuatja Clans to exist. Even so, Segador is only new to the Clan and has much to learn from his elders and more experienced hunters. His goals are three fold. Hunt the elusive prey, serve Balatu and maintain ones own honour at all costs or die in the process.

For the Hunt…. For Honour….. For Balatu


Segador Muerte.... I am the "Reaper's Death"