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Bio: He once was a proud warrior of his hive, willing to serve and die for the queen. But all of that changed when Weyland Yutani soldiers stormed the hive and brought the queen and Bellok back to their base to be placed in their research division. Numerous experiments were performed on Bellok, slowly driving him to madness. During one experiment, scientists were performing CAT scans on him to better understand how xenomorphs recieved commands from the queen. During the experimet, lighting struck a transformer powering the facility and traveled to the room they were performing the CAT scan. The lights exploded into tiny fragments, but not before the electric surge travled through the CAT scan machine and giving Bellok a great jolt to the head. The shock completly shattered his connection to the hive mind. It was at this point the he completly snapped and went into a state of madness. After getting out of the room he went on a berserk rampage and started killing anything that got in his way, human and xenomorph alike. He eventually encounterd the queen. She was enraged at the fact that he killed off most of the hive. A fight broke out, but in the end it was the multiple tail blows to the neck that killed her off. He eventually escaped the facilty, he now lives as a rogue xenomorph killing any and all who would pose as a threat to him.


"I guess it's safe to say that I just saved the day."
Dr. Bob