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I was here as a Xeno ages ago, under the name Drenton. Sadly, my bloody account was deleted, so here I am again.

Anywho, a little about my real self:

Born in Pretoria, South Africa in 1993 to Sean and Amanda Hope. He has lived in South Africa, Australia, England, Finland, and is currently based in New Zealand. He speaks a tiny amount of German, and a minuscule amount of Afrikaans. He prefers to take black and white photographs and low saturation colour over standard, normal or high saturation colour photographs. He currently uses a Canon EOS 400D with a 16-35mm f/2.8 MK II

Favourite movies: Anything Tarantino, Fight Club, Romero's Living Dead movies, American History X
Favourite bands: Nirvana, Seether, Disturbed, Pink Floyd, Marilyn Manson, Gang of Four, Rammstein, Pearl Jam
Favourite genres of music: Metal, Techno, Punk, Post-Punk, Grunge (And post-grunge)


Character description:

Name: Dylan Mikula Hope (ALIAS: Drenton/Private Hope)

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Rank: N/A

Designation: N/A

Callsign: Hope

Theme Song: Nirvana - Stain

Height: 173cm

Weight: 60kg

Eye Colour: Blue

Hair Colour: Brown


A young Caucasian man of the age of 19, born in South Africa, who's ultimate dream in life was to be a war photographer, signed up for active combat service in the hopes that this would give him an edge in his desired profession.
His short brown hair messy, his eyes are a deep piercing blue, a scar runs from the base of his right nostril down to the centre of his upper lip and his nose looks as if it's been broken at least once.

His expression is weary of the world, and when he speaks to those he is unfamiliar with, his eyes seem distant and cold. Although expected to shoot a gun, he is often found with only a pistol and his precious dSLR camera held to his eye. His military satchel bag has many patches sewn crudely onto it, and contains his water, food and camera supplies. On his wrist is a small brass watch with leather straps, a family heirloom.

His armour, or rather lack of it, consists of a black bullet proof vest. On the back is a hastily stencilled message of "Let's go get some Bang-Bang!". On his helmet, the word "Stain" has been carved into the front. His uniform looks as if it belongs more to a non-combat unit, what with his black button up shirt and matching trousers. His boots are scuffed and it is clear he spends time working on pleasing to look at lacing, although the handle of his combat knife can be seen sticking out the top them. Oddly, he carries a spoon around in his back pocket.

He is often taunted because of his somewhat ironic last name.

Primary Weapon: Magnum Desert Eagle 50. AE, used with hollow-point bullet heads.

As a photographer first, combatant second, Pvt. Hope will avoid shooting with his gun as much as possible. However, when his life is in enough danger for him to notice, he will lower his camera long enough to draw this excessive calibre pistol and fire. Given to him by his uncle, he treats this weapon well.

Secondary Weapon: Knife, hollowed and filled with mercury.

Again, a weapon passed on from his uncle who's father used this in times of war. Hollowed and filled with mercury, this helps the weapon hit home with greater velocity, while the metal still retains it's original strength. The metal has been tempered to resist heat and acid, although it is not indestructible to severe force or impact. Pvt. Hope can be seen sharpening this knife from time to time.


*W-Y Issue Cap Helmet [Colour: “Blackâ€Â]

*W-Y Issue Cap Helmet Camera

*W-Y Issue Cap Helmet Mike & Radio

*W-Y Issue M3 Shin Armour [Colour: “Blackâ€Â]

*W-Y Issue Shoulder Mounted M3 Lamp Addition

*W-Y Issue Combat Webbing Belt

*W-Y Issue Military Uniform [Colour: “Blackâ€Â]

*W-Y Issue 2 Litre Camelback Hydration Unit

*W-Y Issue Dog Tags

*Motion Tracker

*Canon 5D Mk.VII dSLR camera

*Canon 16-35mm f/2.8mm wide-angle lens

*Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 telephoto lens


Survival Pack:

*W-Y Issue Sleeping bag/Roll mat

*W-Y Issue Entrenchment Digging Tool

*W-Y Issue Respirator Gasmask

*W-Y Issue 24 hour Combat Rations (x3)

*W-Y Issue Cold Weather Gear

*W-Y Issue Socks & Undies (x4 pairs)

*W-Y Issue Spare Ammo Clips FOR PRIMARY WEAPON(x3)

*W-Y Issue Emergency Medical Kit x5

*W-Y Issue Tent, Tent Pegs x10, Tent Chord x50 Meter Roll

Barracks Gear:

*W-Y Issue Bunk Bed

*W-Y Issue Mattress & 2x Bedsheets

*W-Y Issue Footlocker w/ Combination Lock


*W-Y Issue Work Bench w/ Lamp

*Photographic portfolio

*A small laptop

*A photo of a small, camouflaged Xenomorph with mandibles mounted on his wall


You probably won't remember me. I was Drenton. Yes, that weird ass alien drone from the Hive a few years back.