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Current Unit Cost (Model#406-6 -Female- ID092) At Time of Loan: $872,000
Hard Drive: 850 Terabyte Flash
Random Access Colum-drive: 40 Terabyte
Mono Hydraulic Unit
Elec/System Type: Fiber Optic with Copper Wire Backup
Power Source: Thermostatic Nuclear Argon
Backup Source: Electro Magnetics Battery Backup (7 Hours Max Charge) - Rechargeable
No external uplink ports. A/V Uplink drive Only (Adaptor Included)
Skin: Synthetic Tissue (Does not self-heal)
Muscle: Class five Hydro-Reactive Synthetic Bulk
Endoskeleton: Synthetic Calcite
Power Output: 12V @ 20 Amps - 30V @ 45 Amps (max)
Body Type: Slim/Fit
Ethnicity: Asian
Hair: Shoulder Length - Dark Black (Hair does not grow back - must be implanted)
Eyes: Dark Brown
Skin Color: Pale White
Height: 5’11â€Ââ€Â
Weight: 90 (does not represent the actual weight of a 5’11†human female, but she looks the correct proportion)
Voice Synthesizer: American English - No accent
Anatomically Correct

Pre-Programmed Functions:
Jean Wey is programmed first and foremost to be a scientist. Personality wise, this will
make her inquisitive about nearly everything. Beyond the scientific aspects of her pre-determined
personality, she may seek out friends in such ways as to ask them about their lives and learn from
them in the same ways that she would ask questions about a research specimen.
Laboratory traits of the 406-6 include:
* Xenobiology
* Biology
* Human Anatomy
* Chemistry
Other Pre-Programmed Areas:
* Psychology
* Physics
* Mathematics
* Advanced Critical Thinking
The above programming takes up less than a Terabyte of information and her processor
compiles the information into possible choices that her reasoning center collects for the most
proper compliance to whatever stimuli prompted her to create the list of decisions.
Software Provided but Not Installed:

* Basic Combat
* Relationships (Not Recommended)
* Earth History