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The Warrior (or Hunter) is one of the primary assault organisms of the hive. It is fast, reasonably tough, and a savage combatant. Even in death the Warrior is dangerous, bursting apart when killed and drenching nearby enemies in acid.
The most visible difference that Warriors have from other Xenomorphs is the ridged head. The head carapace is also harder than that of Drones, able to ram into targets and capable of knocking an armored Yautja Hunter away.
Warriors are shown to be extremely agile; capable of navigating through vents, up walls, and navigating large areas swiftly. They also have an astonishing leaping ability.


Claws are used to quickly slash at your enemy. It also is used to interrupt opponents who are about to perform a Heavy Attack on you. Blocking can also be used to block another player's Light Attack from hurting you.
Tail Attack
Use your tail to strike your enemy. It's slower than Claws but it does a lot more damage. It also stuns your opponent so you could finish them off with a few fas attacks. Your tail can reach surprisingly far so a good way to use it from the ceiling. You can also break through an opponent's block with your Tail whereas you can't with your Claws.


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I still don't have that much to say about myself other than I'm not around here much because I have a really busy life. Well everyone does plus I'm married(you know my wife as BloodHarpy around here) and that's great. So what else can I put down here? Oh I did mention something about Jumping Spiders not being cool when they jumped on you. That's true because it's creepy having a big eyeed spider leaping onto you. Really it is. Enough about spiders, I'm a fairly nice guy for the most part and I have a good sense of humor. Well that's all about me for now.

Species Class:Xenomorph Warrior
Color:Dark Purple almost black
Height:8 feet when standing upright
Character Description: Hellraiser is not bonded to a hive(having been born in captivity without a Queen) as of yet but he will join forces with other Xenomorphs that he considers to be part of a strong hive. He will not stick around for long but will stay within the vicinity of other hives. Hellraiser often uses his stealth and brute strength to combat his enemies.
Additional Information: Hellraiser has a smooth dome and not a ridged dome.


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