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This is the profile of the great and powerful Blade! No not Wesley Snipes I look nothing like him. Ok you know what? Just call me Mike ok? Good. I am formerly from Texas but I live in Atlanta but I am moving to California. I have several Hog Huting uncles who use knives and dogs or as they call "the old fashion way". I may be from Texas but that does not mean I'm a "redneck" I really hate it when people say that once they find out I'm from Texas. I own a 2010 Dodge Charger, two American Pit Bull Terriers named Jinx and Rambo(If you don't like this type of dog gtfo my profile now) a Goliath Bird Eating Spider named Remy aka The Epic Spider and I also a Chameleon name Zim. So I haven't gone to college yet and probably won't be able but I do have two good jobs. So that's it. Good-bye.


To the ladies of this site I am not single. I have a girlfriend who is smoking hot(She's from Haiti) and I REALLY love her. I also don't wanna piss her off. I am saying all this so none of you will hit on me. Thanks

Name: Reaper
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Appearance: Tall, tanned, dark green eyes, dark brown hair, well muscled, sharp features and a long scar running from the back of his neck down to his waist. Usually wears a black short sleeved T-shirt under a black military jacket and a pair of black jeans.
Personality: Brave, aloof, cold, shut off, enjoys killing to an extent, easily annoyed, smart, kind of a ladies man but not a pervert, loyal, reckless from time to time.
History: Born on a mining colony under the name Ronnie life for his family wasn’t all that easy. The mining colony had been plagued with accidents almost since it was first formed, caves collapsed killing people, a rare strain of virus hand infected other killing them or leaving them very weak and then there were two very big problems: The first one the Weyland/Yutani Corporation wanted to pull the funding form the colony and have everyone transported back to earth an placed on a human designated facility which to him Reaper sounded like a concentration camp. The second one was the planet was also a hunting ground of the Yautja or Predators so when they returned again and the Xenomorph population got out of control things went from bad to hellish in only a few days. While many wanted to either hunt down and kill the Xenomorphs or the Yautja Reaper was interested in them while the were alive. He had developed a great respect for both he Xenomorphs and the Yautja, he respected the Xenomorphs for their ability to survive has climates and their rapid development. As for the Yautja he respected them from the honor codes, power weapons and strength. Soon after the Weyland/Yutani Corp had deported the colonist off the planet to the facility where his parents and younger sister died and he was left to wonder around without anyone and this only got him into trouble. Soon after as the age of 20 the bitter and vengeful kid joined the army under the name Reaper, here he found life to be more simple and easy to deal with. After five years in the army he was found again by the Weyland/Yutani Corp who offered him a job on their security force, he declined but instead decided to he could do something better: bring the company who his parents and sister to the ground. He left the army and struck out on his own with a group of mercenaries a lifestyle Reaper felt he was better suited for. He favorite jobs are breaking and entering to retrieve data of clear someone files and assassinations. Beside they pay he got was very good, he’s learned that living the life of a mercenary you can’t complain about it unless you want to die.
Weapons: Pulse rifle, army knife, pistol and custom pair of brass knuckles with three inch blades on them. Perfect for punching and stabbing someone in the face.
Other: Reaper is social to a certain degree, enhoys what he does for a liing as long as he gets paid. One of his pet peevs however is being called "a gun slingin' redneck". Prefers to work in a small group or alone when tracking down someone.


The good life is all I need, the guns are all I want and those who stab me in the back are no use to me alive.