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• Forename: unknown

• Middle Name: Unknown

• Surname: Unknown

Nicknames: Snake eyes

Alias: Silent Master, Mr. Hebime

Titles: None

Chinese Zodiac:
• Monkey

Greek Zodiac:
• Sag.

Country of Origin: Unknown

Birthplace: Unknown


• Day: N/a

• Month: N/a

• Year: N/a


• 12-Hour: n/a

• 24-Hour: N/a

Status: Living

Scientific Classification:

• Subspecies: Human

Ethnicity: Japanese

Skin Complexion: Tan

Blood Type: A+


• Feet: 6.0

• Inches: 0


• Pounds: 150

• Body Fat: 2%

Build: Built Athletic

• E.g:

Hair: Blond

• Color: Blue

• Style: Short

• Face: Scared.

Religion: N/a


• Depends on what is going on at the time


Dietary: Omnivore

Marital Status: Single

Sexual Preference: Female

Military Experience:









Character Pictures & Artwork
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Distinguishing Marks


•His Clan tattoo on his Right shoulder


• Facial

Piercings/Physical Quirks:

• .none

Biological Facts & Information:

Biological Facts & Information:

Snake-Eyes came from a close-knit family consisting of him, his twin sister and their parents. Before he joined the Team, he was a soldier serving a tour of duty in the Gulf War as a member of a Long Range Recon Patrol. Two men who would later become important in his life also served in the very same patrol, Ophelia and Storm. The others were Wade Collins, Dickie Saperstein and Roman Escobedo. He struck up a strong friendship with Storm, then known as "Tommy". The latter talked of his uncle's business in Japan that he would join after the war and was hinting there was a place for Snake-Eyes. Throughout his time in Gulf Snake-Eyes treasured a photo of his sister, believing that so long as no harm came to it he would be okay. During a mission the LRRP was attacked and only Snake-Eyes, Opheliar and Storm escaped. As they headed to be picked-up by a helicopter the patrol came under fire. Snake-Eyes was hit and the photo was damaged by a bullet. Believing Snake-Eyes to be dead, Ophelia ordered the helicopter to withdraw but Storm charged out and saved Snake-Eyes's life.

When Snake-Eyes returned home he found no-one waiting for him at the airport. Four hours later a young lieutenant, later to be the undercover units commander Hawk, arrived late to inform Snake-Eyes that his family had been killed when their car was hit by one driven by a stoned-out veteran. The veteran, who also died, was the brother of the future Terrorist.

Snake-Eyes found life back in America difficult due to the public backlash against the war and the soldiers who fought in it. He was often spat at and called a baby killer by strangers. He left America for Japan and joined Tommy's family business - the Arashikage ninja clan run by Tommy's uncles, the Hard Master and the Soft Master, and Tommy himself, known as the "Young Master". Snake-Eyes entered into a rigorous life of training and concentration and proved even better than Tommy, but sometimes let Tommy save face in fights. However Tommy was always better at the bow, able to hear so well beyond the line of sight. But the only way to refine the skill was to kill and Snake-Eyes disagreed with this.

Snake-Eyes was growing in the favour of the Hard Master and one evening the latter taught him "Darkened Room" techniques known as "Blind Sword" when Snake-Eyes heard a third person in the courtyard. But the Hard Master didn't believe there was any danger and went behind a screen to continue the training, imitating someone and challenging Snake-Eyes to identify the impression. Suddenly an arrow came through the screen and killed him. The Soft Master rushed into the courtyard to see Tommy rushing away with a bow and assumed he was chasing the intruder. But the arrow was one of Tommy's and only he had the skill to aim by sound and force to fire it. However the dying Hard Master denied Tommy's guilt. Tommy never returned and the family business disbanded. Later they learnt that Tommy had become a Cobra agent using the family name "Storm Shadow". The Soft Master would for a long time believe that it was Tommy who killed the Hard Master, but had really been targeting Snake-Eyes. Many years later the truth would be learned.

With the Arashikage clan dissolved Snake-Eyes returned to America and took residence in a cabin in the High Sierras, with only the wolf Timber for company. Local rumors said he was a werewolf. Later Ophelia and Hawk were putting together a undercover team and Ophelia convinced Hawk to try and recruit Snake-Eyes. They eventually tracked him from the delivery of his army disability checks and found him coming back from hunting rabbits with his bare hands. They convinced him to come with them, leaving Timber at the cabin.

Snake-Eyes first encountered Shadowatching when she was putting cadets through a hand-to-hand refresher training. The men didn't take her seriously even after she rapidly overpowered Steeler. Snake-Eyes was next and she soon realized he was letting her win to save her pride. She was intrigued by him and went with him off post one evening. They became friends though she wanted more even when he said she reminded him of his sister. Months later they were on a hostage rescue mission above a desert when their helicopter engine stalled and the pilots ordered a bail out. The helicopter started spinning, throwing one of the doors shut on Shadowatching's web-gear, trapping her. The helicopter was heading towards its fellow and Shadowatching told Snake-Eyes to get out but he instead tried to free her when the two helicopters collided. The aviation fuel ignited and a jet of flaming vapour tore through the window, hitting Snake-Eyes in the face. Shadowatching was knocked out in the crash but Phillip told her how Snake-Eyes carried her clear of the wreckage with his face still on fire and his voice gone.

Snake-Eyes spent six months in hospital.(he would later get his face fully restored, with the acceptation of a scar on his left cheek) He could have retired with a full disability pension but had nothing to do. He had nobody left... but Shadowatching.

Snake-Eyes was a participant in the rescue of Dr. Adele Burkhart where he and Shadowatching infiltrated the base. The rescue almost went awry when the Commander held Burkhart at gunpoint. Burkhart refused more blood to be shed because of her and sacrifices herself so that the two of his commerades take action against the Commander. Burkhart was not really mortally wounded and the unit were able to evacuate her off the island Snake-Eyes continues to show his dedication to Shadowatching when they and Phillip were tasked to get an object named Hot Potato out of Colonel Sharif's hands. Shadowatching was wounded and unable to be moved and Snake-Eyes elected to stay behind. Phillip managed to deliver the item and came back to rescue them from Sharif's men. After that event, Snake-Eyes went on another mission investigating the killing of American researchers in an Arctic research station.

He faces off against the mercenary Kwinn. While Snake-Eyes had the skills, Kwinn outsmarted them all but came to respect them. A way was found for Kwinn to keep his end of the contract with the Russians without actually aiding Snake eye’s unit When CURE unleashed a battle robot within the Pit, Snake-Eyes was trapped with Ophelia and Remo in the arms room. Once they managed to get out and catch up what's going on, Snake-Eyes went with them in hunting down electronic transmitter bugs that were hidden in the robot's head. A survival extremist organization got the attention of both Joe and Hawk assigned Snake-Eyes as the backup man while he and Grunt infiltrate the camp. Snake-Eyes overhears a plan to start World War III. With that information, he called in to the HQ for reinforcements and then proceeds to rescue his two captured teammates from an execution

Snake-Eyes later infiltrated the Silent Castle when Scarlett was captured and in the process he encountered Storm for the first time since the death of the Hard Master. At first the two did not recognize each other, but Storm Shadow glimpsed Snake-Eyes's tattoo. Later when Snake-Eyes visited Chuin in hospital the latter mentioned seeing the same tattoo on the ninja and remembering his name as "Storm". Snake-Eyes immediately realized the ninja was Tommy. Whilst Shadowatching, Hawk and Ophelia compared notes about Snake-Eyes, including noting that Tommy's surname was Japanese for "Storm", Snake-Eyes traveled to Spanish Harlem where he met with the Soft Master and discussed the past. They were suddenly interrupted by Storm who snatched the arrow that had killed the Hard Master and fled. Snake-Eyes pursued him and Storm told him that he had in fact not been the killer and the arrow had been taken from a squirrel he killed that morning. He saw a masked bowman fleeing onto a terrorists helicopter. Since then Storm spent years working his way up in terrorist’s ladder with the aim of one day ranking highly enough to learn the identity of the killer. Snake-Eyes saved the ninja and allowed him to escape.

Snake-Eyes went on another retreat to his cabin the High Sierras, but his peace was interrupted by the Terrorists agents The duchman and Fred Broca. In the attack the cabin was destroyed. However Snake-Eyes and Timber (a wolf) survived in a cellar beneath a trapdoor. The Soft Master had made his way to the mountains and he and Snake-Eyes discussed who had really killed the Hard Master. The Soft Master subsequently told Shadowatching more things about Snake-Eyes,and she wanted to get to know Snake-Eyes even better. The two went for a ride on the Staten Island ferry but were attacked by Fred II and other terrorist agents who tried to capture Shadowatching but did not recognize Snake-Eyes who stopped them. Snake-Eyes subsequently served on several regular missions including the testing of the new Armadillo mini tank and the installation of the Transportable Tactical Battle Platform in the Gulf of Mexico, which was interrupted by terrorists creating their own Island. Snake-Eyes was part of the team that sought to drive them off the new island before they could secure diplomatic recognition as a country, but the lawyers were too fast.

Snake-Eyes and Ophelia subsequently visited Washington D.C. where they decided to visit the Vietnam War Memorial. They were discretely followed by Fred II. At the memorial they were surprised to find that Wade Collins was not listed when suddenly Fred II stepped forward and declared that he was Collins. Fred/Collins explained he had survived the attack and spent a long time in a Vietnamese jail before coming home to find his marriage collapsed and a hostility to veterans that made it impossible to operate. He had found a sense of belonging with the organization and become one of the "Fred" series of Guardsmen. However Snake-Eyes and Ophelia convinced their former comrade he was just being used by Them and he deserted the organization. Around this time Snake-Eyes was part of a underground team sent to Afghanistan to capture a new Soviet a new helicopter-mounted laser canon.

At the same time the Soft Master infiltrated Springfield and discovered the identity of his brother's killer, but died himself before he could pass the information on. However from the information available Snake-Eyes and Storm deduced whilst everyone thought the Hard Master had been was killed by a ninja because the killer was able to hear through a wall, pull a very powerful bow to fire an arrow through a wall, the Hard Master and a practice pole in one shot, all this could have been done with technology - "with a compound bow fitted with sound amplification-directional-ranging equipment" - and by someone who could change his appearance to walk onto the grounds unnoticed. They realised the real killer was Jalid and headed to the Island for vengeance. On the Island Jalid unknowingly eluded them. The two turned their attention to escape but although Snake-Eyes was recovered by their team, Storm was shot several times by Anita.

Snake-Eyes was distraught at Storm's death, but continued to serve on the team including in the mission to Springfield. Storm had in fact been revived as a by-product of the process used to create Clone's and he sought Snake-Eyes out, explaining that although healed in body his soul was in pain and he wanted to escape. Snake-Eyes gave him the key for what was left of his cabin in the High Sierras. Later Snake-Eyes undertook a dangerous mission in Sierra Gordo, disguised as Dreak. He was captured by the terrorists and subjected to the Brain-Wave Scanner. His identity was revealed but a team soon rescued him. While on the brain scanner he had to keep his mind distracted on other things to not give out the location of his base. So to do so he had to think of his past, how he was fairly popular in high school, and his prom. then he used a old technique he learned to fake dead and get out of the scanner. However Ophelia was wounded and Snake-Eyes pulled rank to order the remaining unit to evacuate with their wounded commander whilst Snake-Eyes provided covering fire. Snake-Eyes was recaptured using stun grenades and taken to the new terrorists Consulate Building in New York City. He was again subjected to the Brain-Wave scanner but freed himself and escaped the building with the aid of Shadowatching, Storm and Timber.

Later Shadowatching was given the mission of posing as a defector to the opposing team. Storm and Snake-Eyes were sent on a separate mission to the Silent Castle to evacuate Anita. In the process they were confronted by Shadowatching and Snake-Eyes stabbed her through the chest with his sword. Shadowatching survived by Snake-Eyes hated what he had to do. Later Snake-Eyes was part of the Ninja Force team sent to the opposing team that occupied town of Milleville, USA. They fought their way through the town, and rescued Shadowatching, whose cover was now blown. Snake-Eyes and Hawk then tried to help their ally, Hot Spot in destroying the technology they had obtained, but Hot Spot was wounded and choose to activate his self-destruct bomb up rather than risk being captured.

Storm was captured by the offending team and Snake-Eyes returned once again to the Silent Castle to rescue him. There he battled one on one with one of the Commanders but discovered that Storm, together with the Anita and Billy, had been brainwashed into being loyal to the Commander once more.

When the team was in the process of being stood down, Snake-Eyes received a letter from Sean Broca, Wade Collins's adopted son, who wanted to join the army but had been told by his father to write to Snake-Eyes to find out what soldiering is really like. Snake-Eyes responded with a letter about the realities of service, the highs and the lows.

That is all that I will say of Snake eyes, who is me. Nice?

That is the old, the new? The new has yet to be written since he just woke up from the long sleep.