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Apeal, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

Of course I'm new here, so what do I do? Could someone kindly explain the system to me?

FireHunter, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

Well, to begin with, welcome to the site! I'm the leader of the Hive and one of the moderators here.

Now, the link to the rules is here: http://www.avpuniverse.com/forum/4336.html

There's an Introduction thread here: http://www.avpuniverse.com/forum/6659.html

There's a Help for New Members thread here: http://www.avpuniverse.com/forum/7244.html

Clan Recruitment is here: http://www.avpuniverse.com/forum/7718.html

And there's an "Ask a Mod" thread at this link: http://www.avpuniverse.com/forum/7219.html

All of these can be found by going to the upper right corner where the thread titles are shown, hovering over them, and clicking "Enter Forum" which should be down the bottom of a little drop-down menu thing when you do so. The pinned topics (the font is in the bold blue) are the ones that are pretty important.

I'd suggest reading the rules ASAP, because failure to follow them can often lead to you being banned pretty quick.

Anyway, I hope you stick around and enjoy your time on the site. Any other questions should be directed to the "Ask a Mod" thread.

Thank you.