No More AvP2

_Zwecky_, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

Alien vs Predator 2 for the PC has been around for quite a while. And now Sierra has decided to give it's server the chop. So it looks like no more AvP2 online any more :(

"Sierra, now part of the vast Activision Blizzard group, have revealed that they are to close 21 game servers come the 1st of November. Most of the games losing online support are pretty ancient anyway, so we imagine only a few will be put out - Sierra offering no explanation for the cessation of service."

List of other games getting cut.

x_saysell, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

This may be the start of a good thing however, as when a games company does something like this they are usaly gearing up for something new. Possibly a AvP3 multiply server?

shadowatching, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

Is there a way to save all server's for avp2?

Sam-Jack-Dunn, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

HOld on. WHat about the Gamespy servers? Will they go too?

Auto_Pred, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

Please everyone sign this petition to save AVP2 online support -

shadowatching, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

Thank you Auto_pred.

I signed and then some

Voltage-3000, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

na let it go it will make room for another avp probably cause they can't kill there fans by getting rid of it so they have to do something if they want to stay popular right?

DeathWraith, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

Can't you make your own server for people to play on? What's the big deal...?

shadowatching, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

Some comp's can't do that....

Sam-Jack-Dunn, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

Someone here will have to. From what Xavier told me back when we were planning on making one for the RACM, you need a separate place to host it on. Although, we were going to do some serious modding, so that might have been what the prob was.

I'll ask him. He might even be able to make one for us. Who knows.

-Bloo-, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

Think about what you're doing, though. This might be a test. What they're really doing is asking us if we really do what AVP3. I'm not sure what they want though... vote against the AVP2 servers or with it?

PREDATORv2, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

A monkey could download a free rommie server and run it, you don't need any coding experiance to do that. Hell they even have servers you can buy and run which are a step up from running your own.

What serria is doing: is shutting down their main server, which hosts all the game servers. Yeah you can still make a multiplayer server, but the only way other people will be able to join it is to use AVP2's "Find server IP" option, which is a pain in the ass.

As for gamespy I don't know because gamespy sucks, I've always used AVP2's multiplayer. Much better server lists that way.

alien-drone, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

i agree with predatorV2

DeathWraith, Xenomorph, 12 years ago


black_warrior, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

Well, I know I've been saying for a long time that I would be getting AVP2 but I'm actually not sure if it'll ever happen, especially now because of this server stuff. But whatever, if they come out with a AVP3 I'll most definately try and get it when I have a computer that I have the most access to and can run it.

(Alein-Drone's "I agree" posts are getting abit pointless...)

Rumino, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

They could be killing the severs to make way for a new avp???

Auto_Pred, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

Update: Its now November 4th in Austarila and all 62 servers are still running, I wonder If sirrea changed there minds because of the amount of signs on the save AVP2 petition?