New predators movie

Peterson, Human, 5 years ago

Ermergerd an actual related post!!

Anyways downloaded the new Predators the other day haven't seen it yet just wondering whats your opinions of it? Personally don't have very high expectations.

DeathWraith, Human, 5 years ago

I just saw it and it was a steaming pile of shit with no redeeming qualities and everyone involved in its writing, production and direction should be exiled from Earth.

Anyone else hungry for some young boy ASS BURGERS? Sounds delicious.

Gaunt, Human, 5 years ago

I was going to go watch it, when it was in cinemas, but everyone & their aunt dissuaded me from doing so, so much that I ended up doing everything else in my life BUT going to the cinema to watch the movie.

So I take it that no one's missing much? Including me?

I can be noh-juan?

DeathWraith, Human, 5 years ago

Well I'm gonna say this, Gaunt: this is the first Alien or Predator related thing that I couldn't recommend to an AvP or Predator fan. Because it's not actually a Predator movie.

Imagine that someone is coming home from college and on the way home they get spooked by a pack of stray dogs or something and then they gotta write a paper on autism, and they take several breaks while doing it and watch a few of the movies in the Predator series and maybe Cloverfield, I don't know, something with a lot of explosions, and take a shower when they're really tired and worried that they won't be able to stay awake for the entire thing, but of course they do and then they go to sleep. And all of the stress of the events of the day and the worries for tomorrow come together to form a really incoherent dream that probably sounds cool to the person dreaming it, but isn't actually much of a story and if you look at it as anything but a dream it's really really stupid and makes no sense.

That's what this movie is. That dream. It's not something any conscious mind could come up with and it doesn't really mean anything, it's just a compilation of concerns someone had for maybe a few hours.

And I repeat, this is not actually a Predator movie. It takes inspiration from the Predator movies, but it is not one.

Every other movie, from Predator to Predators, from Alien to Covenant, including AvP and Requiem, I can recommend for one reason or another because they are actually Alien and Predator movies that, regardless of the things they ignored and the changes they made to the universe, stayed overall true to what the original creatures were meant to be.

This movie doesn't have Predators in it. It has some things that look like Predators and dress like Predators, but... they are way too stupid in every way to be Predators.