Is your computer messing up?

shadowatching, Undefined, 11 years ago

Ok, here is what I been working on to fix. Besides my computer

I do hope you all don't click the X button on the pop ups. Use the ALT F4 there is a virus going around that is attached to ALL pop-ups. I been through the virus and it hits HARD, FUCKING HARD. Anyway, if you do click it and you get a "security center" or a "cyber security center" that is what is going to fuck up your computer good and hard. It will go from the hard drive and will not be removed, even if you go in the "removed or add programs". If you get it; the "Center" of any kind, call your computer company for help and them to remove it. Better that, than having to go out and buy a new computer. Remember to scan your computer regularly.

PREDATORv2, Undefined, 11 years ago

Could try to throw in your system reboot disc, which will delete everything except your running system and the basic programs that were put on your computer when you first purchased it. Anything you want to keep save on a flash drive, it does work and is free, however it does take at least an hour.

DeathWraith, Undefined, 11 years ago

So what you're saying is...


...there are actually people out there who think they can remove a virus from "Add or Remove Programs"?

... that and... think if you get a virus you need to buy a new computer?

shadowatching, Undefined, 11 years ago

I started to do that, after I got done with "I am a better hacker then you Dan"....phase....anyway

I got the virus and even dan couldn't hack back in the computer to fix it. So, over the phone he started to tell me exactly waht to do (Dan got arrested a few times for hacking...wont' say what, but its not good)/

So, I started to do the reboot system (fucking glad that I already saved all that I can on the external hard drive ) and I got the black screen and on it said "System error, control alt delete. So, pressing the buttons, not once but twice and restarting the computer...i ended up playing 120 dollars for the whole system to be redone...the only thing I need is "Microsoft office" to be reinstalled back on the comp. So, yea...I got fucked not once but twice...

DeathWraith, Undefined, 11 years ago

Wow, that's incredible.

But next time, just format.

killswitch, Undefined, 11 years ago

haha whats all this stuff about being a "better hacker" and "hacking back at a virus"?

You dont get arrested for hacking, if he was that good Microsoft would have employed him already.

computer illiterates are quit fuuny actually, please continue.

I dont get viruses because im not a f**Ktard :D