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Well Bloo, did you finally just have your website senior moment haha, I had mine a while ago but indeed yes these posts are anceint by the websites years.

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Smoke filled the air as the last scream of many had finally ceased. After what had been a day of carnage and blood lust was now a time of celebration amongst the aliens that claimed victory on this day. "Marines, I believe is what they call them selves". They laughed as they ate and drank to their good fortune and used what was left of our queen for target practice.

With morning came their ship to take them back to what ever hell they call home, and along with them they took their spoils of war for the Scientists that they serve. The Eggs of the Hive are the treasures that they have killed my kind for. "Scientist, it is a creature that I will never forget".


It has been 2 years since the Eggs were taken from the tomb that should have been my home but instead a room of steel is all there is. The Scientists have been busy with their experiments on the remaining eggs. There were 50 to begin with but now only 3 eggs are left. The experiments that they conduct consist of injecting live cultures of bacteria and viruses to test the resilience of the egg and the facehugger it holds. These injections are only stopped for when they wish to bombarded them with varying degrees of radiation.

At this point the Scientists have brought in Hosts for the remaining eggs with facehuggers that still live. The Hosts are not even proper life forms but rather some cloned being that is barely able to draw breath into its body.

Even after all of tests that the Scientists have put them through the facehuggers still do what they were made to do. All three Hosts were successfully impregnated and the lifeless facehuggers were taken into another room for the Scientists examine.

Of the three of us one was removed from it's Host prematurely by the Scientists to be subject to further tests. At such an undeveloped stage in it's life is it no wonder that it did not survive the day. With out warning the second one erupted from it's Host in a fashion truly worthy of a warrior whose purpose in the Hive would have been to fight off the invading Marines that destroyed it, But instead here the Scientists have their own plans in mind for him.

My time draws near, I can feel it as my body cuts of all connection to it's Host and prepares for the outside. My body is coursing with energy, it is time.


To be continued later...

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My Predator was just 10(human years) old when he had secretly followed his older brother and his clan mates in a hunt. The hunt was going good until they were overun by the very prey they were hunting. Two of the clan mates were killed and his brother just, disappeared. He spent 3 weeks trying to find the rest of the clan. 5 (predator years) later, he had gone onto his first hunt and had engaged in a battle with a xenomorph (BananaAlienKing) who had nearly destroyed his unblooded mask and had injured his left eye permanently. For the humans who lived and saw him on the ground, they called him shadow. For those who lived and saw him leap from the ground to a building, they called him super. (I hope I did this right)

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Hey guys! I just bought the new issue of EMPIRE magazine and I thought I'd share with you a little about it cause I'm really happy with it!

It has an awesome holographic cover and great coverage of Prometheus. The cast give their perspective on the movie and Sir Ridley Scott answers all the questions you could ever ask! Definitely worth the cash.

Speaking as a true Alien fan that's stoked for this movie, you guys should definitely check it out when you get the chance!

Here's the link:

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Empire you suck and clearly don't belong here.

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OH YAY!!!!!!! Here's my story:

I gave myself the name Kwei Thwei, to make this simple I will say that if I was human I would be 18, I have black/silver/grey hair, hazle coloured eyes and I have yellow skin with black spots.

I was abused and made fun of in my previous clan because my skin was diffrent from every other pup's. When I was 10 (if I was human) I was on my fathers ship when I finally had enough of the abuse, I took an escape pod. A couple days later I landed in a park on earth around midnight where a soft meat was painting the scenery. The female helped me out of crash and allowed me to stay there for how long need be. I soon found out the girls name was Linda, she helped me learn to speak, read and write in english. While in return, I keep her safe as well as teach her some melee combat and I am currently teaching her how to use my weaponry.

I hide from my clan who has been tracking me down for years as well as what humans call a 'S.W.A.T' team, me and Linda are now living in a small cabin in the middle of nowhere.

I know its not as long as other's but oh well :D