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I'm here to ask people to post thier stories about thier character. just want to see how you came to be. HIT ME BACK. Here is mine:

My Story: Deep in the hot forests of Yautja me and one of my clan members just finish setting up camp. Black Razor was his name, and he was a bit unstable. The back to back hunts were putting me in top condition, while for Black Razor it just ate at his mind. He had constant headaches and it inraged him. But i learned to just ignore it at this point. I sit my back to a rock, holding my scaraficial dagger in my right hand as i stare at the shimmering blade. i wipe sweat off my forhead and look to my right. There was no movement, it was as calm as a graveyard. No sounds, nothing moved. The day was going to be bright, or so i thought. Without a sound something hit me in the face and knocked my mask off. I rolled over to see what hit me. It was none other then Black Razor. His wrist blades extended to their full length. I jumped to my feet and took out my combistick. Razor attacked swiping at my head. I couldn't block them all. With one fast swipe, my face was bleeding and i was on my knees. Black Razor had gone insane, he was now a murderer and i was his first target. I stood up and fought back with my combistick. Thrashing and stabbing at him, i hit him in the left shoulder. He dropped to the ground and tripped me. My right eye slammed into my shuriken
and cut it out. I pulled myself together and stood up. I ripped the shuriken out of my eye leaving a hollow hole where the eye should have been. Razor jumped in the air. I threw my combistick hoping for a hit. It penetrated right through the chest plate of Black Razor. He dropped to the floor and twitched. My wrist blades extended to their full length. I bent down on one knee and looked into the eyes of Black Razor. My face was reflected in the eyes of the mask as i stabbed him in the chest and pulled out his rib cage. Then i was arrested. My case didn't go so well. I was known for using rage and anger during my hunts. So i was accused of of murder. But not all the facts were straight. So my clan leader decided to only banish me from the clan, and not the planet itself. and he took all my ranking away. I needed more plasma for my caster and was planning on attacking a small camp of Yautja when i was stopped.
"What are you doing?" This female Yautja asked me.
"I need ammunition."
"Are you going to attack that camp?"
"Well you shouldn't."
"Dare i ask why?"
"That's my clan...where is yours?"
"I was banished from it."
"Oh, why didn't they take your weapons or armor?"
"They didn't have enough proof to prove me completely guilty, but i have been known to make trouble."
"If you need a clan i can help you with that."
"You sure?" My face lit up a bit in hearing this news.
"Yeah i'll talk to the leader, i'll put in a good word." She took off her helmet.
"I am most greatful." I said removing my mask as well, revealing my empty, eye socket, and the two marks where Black Razors blades had cut me.

Now I'm in a clan and still have all my old weapons, but i'm still, now, a unblood.

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So we can still post in this one? If so, sweet.


----Classified, requesting clearance----

****Paswords accepted****

**--Loading File--**

====File Loaded====

Class three threat
Species: Xenomorph
Name: Drenton
Nicknames: Drooler, Slime-Face and Poison Claw.
Age: Unknown, estimated to be fifty-three years old
Blood type: Unknown, highly acidic
Height: 6.7ft
Weight: 190 lb
Notable Kills: None
Intellegence: Abnormally high for a Xenomorph
Known Roles: Host gatherer, Scout and Warrior
Rank: Rookie
Original Hive: Acheron.
Status: Terminate on sight.
Drenton was first discovered on a far off coloney, called Kfrinztie. He was the only Xenomorph there, and yet, he managed to not only kill all of the colonists on the only inhabitalable place on the planet, but he also managed to switch off the power at certain points, such as the mechanical doors and locks, thus rendering the prey defenseless.

The only known survivor of Drentons ruthless attack on Kfrinztie was Sergent Korkov Krovshki (Read: Grovfshki) of the Mairne Planet-Side Disruption Corps (M.P.D.C). What he did not know, was that he was unknowingly smuggeling Drenton planet by planet, towards The Hive.

Along the way, Korkov has fought Drenton many times, and Drenton has allwlipped through his fingers, often by staying still, and being above Korkov, or by playing dead.

Once Drenton had reached the Hive, he bothered Korkov no more.

Life was rough for Drenton even at the begining.

He started life off as an egg, like most Xenomorphs do, but was born within a hive, and then extracted from his home. He was taken to a research lab. Several hosts were in a glass container. Drenton, along with several other Xenomorph eggs, hatched, and took seperate hosts. However, the scientists werent interested in researching the Xenomorphs. They were giving life to the Xenomorphs, only to have them killed within a military training exercise. Only Drenton was'nt killed.

He his in the training maze without sustinace for days, and eventually had to figure out that he could escape from the maze, but with a cost. His blood. Drenton cut himself, and bled onto a wall for two days. By the time he had gotten through the wall, he was weak and disorientated. He stumbled into a transport ship, and found food there, in the form of cow corpses.

Serveral days, and three cows, later, Drenton was on Kfrinztie. Upon his arrival, he slaughtered half of the civilian population within a week. This alll changed however, when a young guard, James Anderson, had been patrolling, gotten bored, and stated to shoot at cans. a shot bounced, and missed the seecurity gaurd by an inch, but imbedded itself within Drentons skull.

James Anderson reported this to the nearest scienist, and Drnetons corpse was hauled away for it's death place.

After several weeks ,the scientist had ressurected him, not by cloning, but through extensive research that brought him back to life. The results were:

* Even faster reflexes
* Faster speed
* And a tiny bit more more resiliance to attacks

The metal implants they added were:
* Metallic mandibles onto the side of Drentons face, that stretch out seven inches in front of his outer jaw

The scientists had hoped that the implants and research would turn Drenton into an obident slave, however, Drentons itellegence was greater than they had expected. Drenton killed them all, escaped, and contiues to kill everything. One notable kill was when he trapped 30 or so civilians in a room, managed to lock to doors, and came into the room via ventilation shaft.

By this time, an M.P.D.C squad had been sent to see what was going on. Drenton killed all but three. The remaining three found the room were 30 Civilian bodies were, and were horrified. The whole room was red with blood. From the floor to the ceiling. After seeing that, they retreated to their dropship. Drenton saw them escaping, and followed them. As they all went into a deep sleep within their cryo-tubes, Drenton killed another one of their three man group, Private Frankie Biran.

Sergent Korkov Krovshki (Read: Grovfshki), and Corperal James Perez were the only survivers. However, they belived Drenton to be dead. While resting in his room, Drenton burst in, and killed Corperal James Perez. When Korkov Krovshki saw the body, he recognised the tail blade that had been lodged in Perez's chest.

From that point onwards, Krovshki had encountered Drenton numerous times, and allways failed to send Drenton back to the grave.

The last time Krovshki saw Drenton was on the planet of *This information is Classified*. He had been captured by Xenomorphs, or a Xenomorph. He saw Drenton on his way to the Hive, and said "I guess you win. Well... I'll see you in Hell."

Drenton hissed at the Xenomorph carrying Krovshki away, and it backed down. Drenton took charge of the human, and took him to a cliff inside the Hive's structure. Krovshki saw the Queen, and was breathless. Drenton then, strangly growled somthing like "Groo...Got...Mreee...Heeeeerrr....Thaaaankhhhgg groo....."

Drenton then returned Krovshki to his dropship, and ran back to the Hive. Krovshki has'nt seen him since, while Drenton has been serving the Hive.

Krovshki has stated that he saw a tail blade on Drenton's tail, meaning that it can grow back.

Come out F@ggerstrom! I know your in there!
-Conan O Brien, 2006.03.10

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heres my secound part to my story(sorry it took sooooooooooooooooooo.... long)

As the eggs were hatching i decided that there was no way out unless i made one. i ran al around trying to blast a way out but no luck and when i was done the aliens were already born so i had to act quick. i look above me and saw a vent so i climbed in and checked my leg again. there wasent any damage at all but it hurt so badly. then i hured a nosie... i looked up and STAB! there was alien laying right beside i stab it in the head. i decided to move further in to the vents and eventully i got to an end. i jumped down turned around BOOM! the door behind be blew open and a swarm of aliens came crashing in. I pulled out my spear and sludered everyone of them but i did lose most of my blodd for the stupid acid so i was bleeding like a . even before i could take a breather another bunch of aliens poped up and started to come after me. i was sick of it i looked around for and way out . then i found it I shot a beam at a window and the alins started to get ed up in to space i grabed the nearest thig i can find and held on by one the alins flew in to space and before i knew it they were all gone. i climbed to another room were its sealed there and thought to my self " what the hell am i going to do?!?"

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No One replying so far.. its been 4 and a half hours...

- AVP,Alien Vs. Predator
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Hell...out of hell...

These things come from no where In the Hottest years...
They skin Men Alive.. Rip their skulls from their shoulders..
Millions of ways to kill..
Many men have fallen to them..
"Demons" as they call it..
Born on Another World, they are the only ones who can defeat the Silent Serpents of Antarctica..

~Another female on Da Site~
~The Youngest Drone of the HIVE~

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I started my life as a baby growing up on no such land as a planet. My father was a devoted blooded warior. He was said to be the eventual Elder. Growing up he trained me the hardest of all the students. Simply because he wished for an ohnorable offspring. His paranoya had originaly fallen victem to his first three sons in wich disshonerd the clan. In ending he had to exicute bolth of his sons by decapitation. His fourth son was raised much like me, and inso provided my father with pride. As hunt passed my brother came more careless ,in that led to his death. My father was a strong man. Forced to kill two of his sons and withstand the death of his third. As the time aproached the Elder of our clan faced his death in his sleep as their was a stealthy criminal that was beleived to be sent frome a cult of bad blood's. My father was alected the knew Elder. As i grew so did my disaplin as did my power. In practices my training payed off for a remain undefeated in the combat floor,gladiator and duel cabel. 70 Years had past since my father was alected Elder and all was normal. Till yet another Payed killer sent by the bad blood's stowd away with a nuclear device straped to his wrist. The casualty's were astronomicle and my father was included in the body count. A wellknown Heretic acused me of the bombing. Killing a Brethrin and activating his self destruct gauntlet. The clan found this beleivable and banished me my wife my children and thos who suported me. The clan ship now rests destroyd on a unknown planet that was an old forgoten bunker suplied with Xenomorph eggs drones and Qeen's. My wife and i have repopulated a fair amount to the point where our large party stands a fair chance in this Three way here my clan remains stranded on a giant planet,with no way home cornerd by my old allies and my present enemies,the xenomorph. I wish i could tell all of you my life was no tragety,But there is no honer in deseption.

P.S they wont let me say @$$@$$in

Want some candy?

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This little history is from my profile. Nothing too great but hey:
Lt.TDN, born on planet Sigma V of the Draconis sector. His parents were scientists working in one of Weyland-Yutani's test labs on Sigma V. At the age of 18, he joined the marines of the Draconis sector for he had always wanted to be in the army. At that time, when the Alpha Draconis was formed, he was given an "invitation" to join. But he turned it down because he thought the threats of these alien creatures were all fictional (caused by Weyland-Yutani media propaganda). Several years later, he was sent to a new encampment on Sigma X. On the same year, specimens of both species on Sigma V escaped, and the whole colony was slaughtered, including his parents. He now realize the threat that these creatures pose and agreed to join the Alpha Draconis squad. During one of the missions, he and some others provided cover fire while colonist survivors retreat to the dropships. For this act, he was promoted to Lieutanent, and he had been that ever since. But he shall never realize that the true threat doesn't come from these creatures, but from his own fellow humans, until the mission on the unknown planet.

We Endanger Species...
Preferably Yours

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you would really, really, REALLY, do good in an offical rpg frozen =D keep up teh good work :3

~i draw is delicious~
~first female on teh site! w00t w00t!~

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Here is mine:

Deep in the reaches of space upon an empty marine capital ship a evil so vile and ruthless was being bred on the ship. When a new strand of DNA formed upon the Drones giving them cystic glands on their heads that would allow them to spit acid. when they began to bring the prey to the queen, when the prey was in comatose, the DNA of the cystic drones would seep in through the cut and gouges in the victims. so when the first egg was laid and and a warrior was born it had inherited the DNA of a Cystic Drone. But it had become more evolved and more effiecent for killing. That is where my legacy started. born to dominate living to kill. I soon followed under the leadership of ine of the greatest AlphaAliens of all time, after we borded another ship, his name was Daveberg. he led our roups through countless battles and when only a few of us survived the attack on our ship we claimed revenge on the few who had survived and had linked with other Xenomrophs and formed the Hive.

Hope yoy guys enjoy this. Took me a couple minutes to write.

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If things had been bad for Malus Darkblade in his last encounter with Xenomorphs, then this was hell.

His entire squad had been wiped out by a Yautja hunting party, and now that very party had come under attack by a chitinous tide of Xenomorphs. He remembered with anger the last time he'd met those deadly insectoid creatures, he had remembered how he'd watched every single member of his UMSC RESERVES force either killed or impregnated by those monsters. Not for me. Malus had sworn, all those years ago. He'd sworn on the grave of his friends that had met thier ends that he would not go the same way as them, and that was a promise he intended to keep. So he'd run for it, keeping just ahead of the tide of Xenos that were sweeping the abandoned city, feasting on the corpses ofthe civilians that the Invisible Hunters had killed, and launching themselves at those same hunters. Eventually, he'd found a manhole, leading to the city's sewer system. He quickly broke the hatch open and scrambled inside, hoping to take cover in the sewers. Not long after he'd broken inside, he was encountered by a squad of Marines. They told him that they were Special Forces, sent to the planet to take down the Xeno hive that orbital survalliance had detected. In the first day of the operation, thier Leiutenant and Sergeant were killed By Xenos, and they had lost contact from thier main unit and 2nd Squad. Their unit, who were the Platoon's Scout Squad, took cover in the sewers, and thier leader. Corporal Jarred Ethers fully intended to stay there. After a long and bitter debate, Malus finally convinced them that they were only sitting ducks inside the sewers, as from what he knew of Xenos, it was an ideal environment for them, and when they found the sewers, they would find THEM. Malus and the squad quickly packed up and moved out. Their planned destination was the nearby spaceport, where Malus's dropship was still docked. The unit was halfway there when the Xenomorphs intervened. Malus himself was ambushed and nearly killed by a Xeno. The only thing that saved him was a shruiken that appeared out of nowhere and decapitated the Xeno. The Squad quickly defeated the Bugs and then turned to face thier new threat.

One of the invisible hunters had also taken refuge in the sewers, it seemed. After a short and tense series of negotiations, the Predator agreed to assist them, knowing that they would only be able to get out of they worked together. The combined force of Recruit, Commando and Hunter moved quickly although they were dismayed to find thier way blocked by a cave-in.

The only passage out of the sewers that was open to them was the one thing that all members of the party were required to destroy....The alien hive....



To be powerful, you need an army.
To have an army, you need to be powerful.

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keep em comeing.


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I was was raised as a child in a rogue clan.The older I got the more powerful I became.The rogues didn't have a code of honor so I was trained to be ruthless, no mattter what. Then one day on a hunting trip our pack was preparing for a large battle. I didn't understand why so many of us were coming and why they were armed to the teeth. Then when we got to the hunting grounds, I saw it, our own kind. I was about to lower my spear when My pack went into a kind of frenzy and roared to attack. They all charged the unready encampment at once. The clan was caught totally off gaurd. The rogues slaughtered everyone including the chilren who could barely hold a spear. Later that night every member of our hunting party had a trophy, including me i'm ashamed to say. About a year later when my skills had increased tenfold and I had become the second in command, the pack leader said we were going out for another great hunt. I protested and told him that it wasn't right. For my insolance I was told that I wouldn't be coming to attack the village and would have to stay. I had no intentions of that. Around an hour after the hunting party left I tightened my armor, equiped my weapons, and followed after them. I was swifter than many yautja so I arrived shortly after the attack had begun. What I saw had dazed me for a second. At least half my clan was killed and the other half were fighting for their lives. Something they didn't expect happened, the hunting party of that village had went on a hunt and arrived right before our party attacked so they were fully armored and equiped. Our party was caught off guard when they expected only to see unarmored and unprepared targets. Our leader saw me and cast himself to the floor below my feet and threw away all respect I had for him by begging me to help, for I had the skills to turn the tide of battle. Instead I extended my wristblades and removed his head in one clean sweep. Then, at precisely the moment I hit him, he knew what it was to have the fear that he had inspired into the deffenseless village one year back. The rest of my ex-pack saw this and went mad for my blood. They lunged toward me but I kept my cool and murdered each one. The hunting party of the other village still saw me as one of them so they came for my blood. Regretfully, I did the same for them as for my own people. My leader was right. I could have changed the tide of battle, and I did, for myself. I then returned to my village and killed every last warrior. I removed their skulls and put each one in my trophy sack leaving the leaders so I could carry that one. I had found the leader of the pack of the village my pack had attacked and presented him with the still bloody skulls of an entire rogue clan for penance. He saw my turning to him an honorable thing and made me part of his clan. Unfortunately he did not have the same honor. On a hunting trip he ordered a pack to capture a queen. He chose and a unqualified glory hound as the leader. He ordered every one from our pack to go for the queen, leaving our flank unguarded. We were slaughtered because of his "search for victory". I was the only surviver. I had killed the xenomorphs that attacked us and took the queen's head as my trophy. When I returned I the elder of our clan was furious that the queen was not brought back and had challenged my honor. We took part in a fight to the death. I had killed him and claimed his skull. For that though I was sentenced to a harsh and brutal prison. After 165 years I was released by the new elder to rid him of a rogue clan that had been bothering him for a while. He thought he had been sentenceing me to death while doing something useful for himself. I instead had killed every member of the rogue clan. They fought just like my old clan that I was raised in, but that made no difference because I was fighting for my freedom. I brought back the skull of the leader and was released with the thanks of the new elder. Then I exited the clan and became a rogue myself, hunting by myself without anyone aroud me, but I still held a code of honor that cannot be taken from me.

Kill with honor. Die with honor.
Dishonor is worse than death.

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i woke up in a space ship not even knowing how i got here with all my weapons gone and only my spear soon as i stood up my legs felt like thay were in hell.i just tried not to think of the pain and started to look around.the ship was like a maze i opened 1 door it led me to aother row of doors.i countiued to look around with that dam pain still in my leg.i came apon a door like no other the whole thing was frozen and i know it had to be something importent.i towards it turned the handle (CRACK) the handle came off.there was only one way to get and that was by force.i ran right towards it and blow it open like it was nothing.but what i saw was no way out but death trap.i saw millions of alien eggs still frozen a couple secounds later the room started to get warmer.oh s#%*# when i opened the door the heaters in the room came on!!that was a good thing and a bad thing, the good thing was that this ship still works, the bad thing is that i have to get out of here before every alien egg hatched(on the way out i saw chambers full of people for the egg planters).i started to run looking for the control center a couple doors later i found it. i started to turn everything on but the pain in my leg just kept on getting worse.AHHHHH i heard coming from the chambers i know the egg planters had already put it in the bodys but i dident know the people were alive.
finnaly my pain in my leg got to a ponit were i couldent stand it no more i started to examine it. i couldent find anything i heard aother scream and aother the aliens were hatching fast and i had to find a way out!

to be countinued


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Hunting.. isn't killing- no according to us Yautja it is just sport..

We may seem like ruthless killing machines like our ancestor.. the Xenomorph.. but we dont kill anything out of code to bring dishonor upon us

*Yautja clicking sound*

- AVP,Alien Vs. Predator
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i was bored so i did that :)

- AVP,Alien Vs. Predator
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*Yautja Clicking sound*

This time was different

Stowing away on our ship she hid herself in an abandoned building when we crash landed...knowing she had another chance.. she created 4 more of them to make the hive stronger.. and she wasn't and ordinary one..

She had the abilities of us...

She was Stronger... Faster.. bigger...

Her Head was shaped diferently then that of the ordinary ones.. and now the invasion would happen... in the cities

I awoke from Hyper sleep.. and i found out 708 years passed and I was the only one left along with Scar..

I woke up from Hyper Sleep after we crash landed on Earth near cities. Scar and I got ready for a hunting trip and entered the cities-cloak activated. These cities were different from when I was last on Earth. But the only thing that was the same was the gun fights bewtween drug lords- Dead men and police. There appeared to be millions fighting on the streets of this city.

On top of a building searching for prey.. we saw a ship coming from space that looked like it was infested with Xenomorph and we stayed alert.. and it landed right next to us so we activated our cloaks. Scar went on the opposite side of the ship and the doors opened. a few Space Pirates came out and one of them didn't seem human.. another I detected was an Android.

Then I detected the other with Acidic blood. It was no Xenomorph, though. These Humeemed as good prey so we stalked them.

A few Hours later Scar followed them and i decided to follow creature in the dark. It led me to one of them... the Queen. The Queen just started to lay Eggs so I shot the Egg Sack off and I blew that hive to pieces... only leaving the Queen to go somewhere else. So i followed that one and it led me to Another hive.. which seemed to be connected to the one earlier. I dropped in the sewers and started to investigate the resin leading to another hive.. I started running away from a group of PredAliens that sensed me and I ran into a dead end.

The only way i thought of getting out of this was Suiciding but that would kill Scar too.. i had a few minutes until they reached me.. so i kept thinking of a way out.. and before i knew it a Pred Alien jumped me from the top and it showed me a way out. I jumped out and layed several Plasma Bolts on the door and ran. A few minutes later i heard explosions and acid spilling everywhere. I again ran to the middle in search of my Dead clan brother's ship to find out how long i was gone.

I found the ship but it was surrounded by Warrior Xenomorph and a few eggs. I was out of Bolts and they were destroying the only ship left in the cities. I could of fired my Plasma Caster but they would be able to dodge it and i might hit the ship.. then I remembered my Shuriken. I threw it at one of them and it was split in half and i threw it again and it's head was seperated from its body. Acid started pouring out and the other 3 noticed me. I threw my shuriken at another one and it split its head from its body. it was still after me.

I Threw my Glavie at it and it died. I pulled it out from its body and I threw my shuriken at another one, completley destroying it. The last one opened an egg and I shot the eggs with my Plasma Caster. One Face Hugger survived and it leaped for my head. All of a sudden something shot its Plasma Caster at it and it blew it away. When I turned around ,3 Yautja de-activated their cloaks and greeted me. I asked if I could use their trcking device and they welcomed me onto their ship.

When I read the staus for Hunter- its said i was gone for 708 years....

Yautja1:" i know it was long but know one knew where you were..."
Me:"Well im here now.. what happened in this city..?"
Yautja3:"A year ago... we landed here to hunt for our next trophies.. but the a Queen Xenomorph stowed away on our ship's cargo and it got away.. and created 4 more of them and started a powerful Hive. there used to be 7 of us but 4 of us died."

We heard a noise.. and then 4 PredXenomorph jumped out and attacked us.

To Be continued (sorry for keep doing that but I typed for 2 long :P)

- AVP,Alien Vs. Predator
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black_warrior, Undefined, 18 years ago

nice story. id like to hear the rest


Gut The Newborn

Kidd, Undefined, 18 years ago

Loading Transmission:

Date: 01/02/2180
Sector: Sigma 2
From: Kidd

I was in my bunk, enjoying the peace that I never heard for a while from the most recent "Galactic Celebration of the New Year" holiday, many people in parties thought that we humans will very soon kill the Alien threat, but we don't know how far and how many planets that they chartered, it seems like that everytime we colonies a planet there will be attacks from yautjas and our Xeno specimens seem to always find a way out of their cages just by killing one of their own brethren but as we put them in their independent cages they spit acid from their mouths, or so I read.

I got out of my bunk and looked outside through a big plain glass looking down below at the empty streets that was littered by the last night party of the "GCNY", I heard my electronic door slide open and it was my bunkmate, he just came back from the MessHall eating lunch, he told me that I was a heavy sleeper and that I had too much to drink and passed out in the party, so he and his friend had to pull me out of there and sit out until I woke up.
I thanked him for pulling me out of the party, because what will happen if over one-hundred half drunken people danceing like it was the end of the story do to a passed out person on the floor, they'll get stompped to death right, thought so. There were incidents that happen in the last night parties, in the whole galaxy there have been numoruos deaths in parties, most of them were mostly caused by drunk drivers and such and such.

I left our room to head out to see how were our friends were to see if anybody pulled any pranks that some foolish punk that may have entered our Military Base, so we're gonna have alot of personel searches goin on for the next couple of weeks then after that we're gonna have random searches which works almost everytime. If we ever do catch one of them, we'll give them a very fair punishment and that is to clean our base up and undo any pranks they have set up to scare one of our Military Personel.

After a couple of hours of searching the base, we have caught about more than a dozen jokers while they were sleeping, I entered my room to see that my bunkmate was gone, so I took my time to search through my mail and check up on the latest News of what's happening off-world, but like I expected there have been some attacks in the well protected planets and multiple attacks on the newly chartered worlds.

I shut off the Main Terminal in our room and headed towards the Armory to check out the newly design Exo-Suits that have been upgraded for War on any Bases on other planets that may betray us.

I went to the Briefing Room, which I was ordered to do from one of my messages that they sent me, in the briefing our superiors told us that some of us will reinforced some of the Outer Rim planets, I was sent to one of the dangerous planets like all newly charted planets to help secure new territory for a base on a planet in Sector 6.

I walked back to my room packed up some of my small provisions and all my gear and headed for a DropShip that was leaving for Sector 6, as I entered there were many soldiers that were ready to leave for that planet. I handed my gear to one of the DropShip's personel which will throw it in the cargohold of the ship. I sat down buckled up in a safty harness, and we were off to Sector 6.

Transmission Terminated:

Look around each corner before you move because the chances are, you are not gonna make it.

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So we have to post in this? Eh, I might as well if everyone else is. I don't want to be the new guy that doesn't do anything right.

Out in the silent, dark reaches of space, a malevolent Drop ship trembled within the center of a Meteorite belt. Taking a sudden halt, the dusty, old Drop ship lowered, flying into the atmosphere of a distant planet. Minutes had passed and they were now closer to the planet's atmosphere, dodging the scarce amount space-rocks as they passed by, rolling, and staring at the Drop ship with a blankstare as if they were alive... Yet lifeless. Soon enough, the huge shadow of the crossing Drop ship could be seen darkening the unbountiful ground of a planet known as Lv-666, or otherwise known as the Devil's Seed. With one, too many moments to lower to the cracked earth of this planet, the Drop ship finally landed rather gently, scanning the area within a 20 yd. radius. Calming down, the ship in its engine stopped and allowed the shaft door leading to the outside opened slowly, releasing dust and sparkles of space-rock remains.

Looking down at this rather horrific yet interesting new sight, a group of human scientists walked down on the ramp that was once the door, being followed by a group of marines. That team of humans planned that they would discover new species of animals. But those calm thoughts weren't those of one of the humans. With that particular human's thoughts, he decided to go along by himself. Being stopped by the lead marine, a man by the name of John E.T. Aiken, the scientist was told to stay as a group. The thought of him ever being in a group such as this one gave him dark thoughts. Aiken looked back at him as the scientist began to follow.

From what seemed like hours, they finally stumbled upon a lone, watery cave surrounded by dead plants and seemingly sticky vines. This group of humans had never encountered such a substance. One female scientist took a sample of it, only to find that it was classified as unknown. They walked farther into the cave and bumped into more intriguing specimens making the scientists more excited at what they would find later into the cave. One marine looked over to the top of the cave and saw that the 'resin' he saw earlier began to get bigger and more slimy than before. He ignored it, only to find that the resin he was stepping on was more vine like and bestial than a moment before. Getting worried, be got in the center of the group with an M-16 in his hand, a classic model. After more time they stumbled upon what seemed to be a dead end. "Yo, Brock, what's this?"

The same marine that noticed the monstrous resin began to speak. "Huh... It's like a wall of this stuff we're walkin' on. Have any idea?" He looked at the scientist who had his thoughts on being a so called 'team'.

"It's resin. Can't you tell, we took a sample of this earlier. It's as easy to break as a pile of skinny Balsa Wood!"

No one spoke, and feeling that he was the only one with knowledge there, he spoke again abruptly. "Well? Shoot it down already!"

Brock shot his M-16 and blew the transparent, green-like-resin wall apart to pieces, feeling more worried than before. Aiken entered first, and with a glance at the sight be beheld, a, "Whoa..." came from the darkness where he stood. Brock and two scientists (one of them being the angry one) entered after and the same amazement-filled, "Whoa," came out. As the rest of them entered, they then too saw this sight that Aiken held before them (although his eyes were still fixed upon it). Lying before them in the silent, dew-dropping-resin-filled cave was at least a hundred overly sized extraterrestrial, leathery yet gooey eggs with a cross-opening on the top of them. They seemed to have a life of their own, looking like they were breathing with every up and down they had done. One other scientist flashed lights at one of the smaller eggs (which was alone in the corner) and saw something moving inside. Aiken and the 'mad' scientist ordered the others to go back to pick this smaller egg up and transfer it to their research facility back on an unknown planet.
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That was mainly just the Xenomorph's side of the story i was bored so i did it hope you liked it (of course you didnt)

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HISTORY: Well I was born as most yautja where but I had the gene's of great warriors. I was a prince you could say, I grew up, using the best weapons known to the yautjas, My childhoon was no where near the harshness of normal yautja children. Up to about 200 years life was good until the rouge clans formed together and destoryed my home, family, wife and my child I became enraged when myself and a few of my fellow yautja came back from a hunt and found everyone killed, Every yautja was gutted and skinned, no one had even a chance to die honorable. Finding this Myself and the other yautja gathered our most powerful weapons and attacked the rouge camp that was still staying in the area, we killed many the 20 of us, but in the end the rouge clans where able to take us over like a swarm of ants killing, I was just able to get out, without mortal wounds I was soon captured by the clans and was torchored and sent to a far off planet to die, But I would not give up till I destoryed those who killed my kin. I was able to find a ship and repair it, I wounder the galaxy searching never giving up..My father was the predator in the first predator movie, he left on a hunting trip by himself when the clans attacked me and killed our people later I found out about his death. so now I also seek vengence for the death of my father...