Have you seen these before?

FrozenAlien, Undefined, 15 years ago

I dunno if you have but have you seen these before? I'm kinda confused, they look real but theyre looked at as fake. It DOES kind of weird though. Just thought i would ask you guys, and besides, i havent made a thread in a long time lol


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hajou3, Undefined, 15 years ago

I've never seen those before, they just look fake to me especially the one with the facehugged pred.


AVPFREAK, Undefined, 15 years ago

I've seen those photos before. It was way back in 2002, and these pics first got me aware of the amalgamation of my favorite franchises. They will always hold a special place in my heart, because even though they are frauds, they were the pictures that first alerted me that /\ \/ P was coming.


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xeno_slayer, Undefined, 15 years ago

yeah they are fakes and there 1000000 years old too

but man can someone photoshop!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comhunters moon

FrozenAlien, Undefined, 15 years ago

uhm, sorry for this, it was a repeat. I didn't mean to resend teh info.. please delete this

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-Bloo-, Undefined, 15 years ago

I know that link. Yeah, those are definetely fake, but I have to say that those are really nicely done. Except, that Pred with the Facehugger looks... Kind of out of place... As does the one with CH but the one with JH looks real. Very real, yet like Drenton said, there's something about them all that just makes them tell they are fake.


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FrozenAlien, Undefined, 15 years ago

I think the one that looks fake(most out of all of dem) is the one wid City Hunter in it. I dunno why but from just lookin at it, you could actually really tell

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AVSP, Undefined, 15 years ago

yes, there are fake but a little bit cool

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Unknown, Undefined, 15 years ago

They do look rather cool. But they seem to have a strange air about them. Somthing that makes them look fake. I know they are, but the actual images have an air about them.

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FrozenAlien, Undefined, 15 years ago

lol i thought they were very nicely done because i just recently read the rest of the description of what he thought of them

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siliconsara, Undefined, 15 years ago

Those are fake, but they are masterful photoshoppery (if that is even a word, heh).

black_warrior, Undefined, 15 years ago

i mean i could tell they were fake and was this put up recently or not?

"These pics are complete and utter fakes. They were created by someone playing about with Photoshop after scanning a card game"

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