black_warrior, Undefined, 13 years ago

Chance are, if you get into a fight in an RPG, you will be nowhere near a distance considered longe range. Therefore, you cannot set up a shot with a SNIPER rife.

At the most, the sniper could be used as a setting-action tool against NPC's, and only a club in close range combat.

I dont see a real point in it, but its up to the mods.

One-Winged_Angel, Undefined, 13 years ago

meh its ok....its just my fav weapon in the games/series. after all whats wrong with disposing of an alien/xeno/whatever you wanna call it before they even get close. but i can always go with smart or mini gun

black_warrior, Undefined, 13 years ago

but you cannot do that in RPG fights with actual members because of the 4 or 6 post rule in fights. For NPC's it would be fine.

One-Winged_Angel, Undefined, 13 years ago

yeah i read that couldnt i snipe them after the 6 post limit? :P Edit: or just go with a legshot or armshot?

but if its an issue ill prolly go with smartgun

-Bloo-, Undefined, 13 years ago

Okay, so instead I went with a guy who's going to be a mix of magnificent bastard, insane toddler son of a bitch and bipolar motherfucker.

It'll be fun writing about this guy.

black_warrior, Undefined, 13 years ago

im confused as hell by your post, but its just the randomness.

And as for the sniper, you could possibly set up a snipe post to kill. But its up to you how itd be situated and would have to be on the 6th.

Deathdrop, Undefined, 13 years ago

A junkie Predator and a bipolar Alien?

This is going to be interesting.

assassin, Undefined, 13 years ago

indeed dd indeed i like the rpg more and more

Atin_Fordo, Undefined, 13 years ago

Well... Everybody keeps pushing me to do so, so I'm feeling compelled to ask: Is it too late to join?

I've been on vacation without internet access for a month, so I couldn't join when the thing started. Everybody keeps telling me it shouldn't be too late, so I figured I'd ask, seeing as it's for points this time.

I already got a good reason as to why I'll come in late for in the RP, so it won't cause any trouble, I think.

Deathdrop, Undefined, 13 years ago

Sorry; unless you're signed up we can't let you in.

assassin, Undefined, 13 years ago

thems the ruls

Alexandria_Rykov, Undefined, 13 years ago

I thought you had made exceptions before

assassin, Undefined, 13 years ago

well he did before

black_warrior, Undefined, 13 years ago

more and more people will keep asking if exceptions keep being made. Its gotta stop somewhere. Really, the only exception was Concrete hunter, Bloo was already signed up but didnt POST till a few days ago.

Deathdrop, Undefined, 13 years ago

Concrete was the only example, and I ended up regretting that decision. I'm going to have to say no. Sorry.

One-Winged_Angel, Undefined, 13 years ago

yeah i always prefer being in from start of an rpg
cant wait for next one though from what i've seen in end of the line there be a lot of good rpers
and yay the snipers actually being considered!

Alexandria_Rykov, Undefined, 12 years ago

*head to desk*

Though Cooper was gonna post last night!

DarkSlayerRose, Undefined, 12 years ago

can anyone help me here i am new and i kinda wanna get into the rpg side of this forums and one wanna point me the way to some info or talk to me here or if it is easyer for the person yahoo messanger my sn is DarkSlayerRose

assassin, Undefined, 12 years ago

soory but you cant jion a rpg in progres

DEATHSTALKER, Undefined, 12 years ago

yeh but if you keep checking everyonce in a while you can join in the next one if you see a rpg sign up topic for a new one whitch should be sometime after this one but you can rp in the sparing chamber until then