The Yautja Legacy

ScarredShadow, Yautja, 16 years ago

I saw Crow's Xenomorph Biology so I wanted to make an information topic on the Yautja I hope this can be helpful. So Here it Is.

Yautja Social Ranks

Eta: These are the untouchable of the Yautja. Not because they are dangerous but because they are either handicapped or were born with defects making it impossible for them to join the hunt. Rather they are made slaves to serve the other Yautja and are mocked or humiliated on a daily base.

Bad Bloods(Rogues):These Yautja are criminals who have broken the Yautja law. Such as murder of another Yautja or dishonorable hunting. If these Rogues are caught it is immediate death. But if they make an escape they will be hunted down by the Arbitrators.

Unblooded: These are the Yautja who have been trained in the ways of the Hunt but have not completed a Hunt or faced their Kainde Ameha Chiva which is to kill a Xenomorph.

Young Bloods: These are the Yautja who are recently blooded or past their blooding trial. They try to make a name for themselves proud of their simple trophies amusing some other higher ranking Yautja. When the Young Blood completes its Kainde Amedha Chiva they must mark themselves with the acid blood of their Xenomorph kill.

Blooded: The Yautja who have completed their Hunt. But yet they are still not yet experienced enough to call themselves Warriors of the Clan.

Warriors: These Yautja don’t like to Hunt with a clan or pack. But instead they prefer to Hunt solo they have a dangerous violence prone but they are respected by the clan. These Predators travel to different planets to continue their solo Hunt which is said to be part of their birthright.

Arbitrators: These are the Yautja sacred police. They serve justice by hunting the bad bloods who broke the Yautja. It is told that these are known as Yautja that have become bored with the Hunt so now they Hunt down the Bad Bloods of the clan. These are also Elder Predators but not the Elder of the clan. It is likely we could have seen an Arbitrator in Predator 2 or maybe even in Alien vs. Predator. (Personally my favorite class).

Ancients: The Yautja class of the mightiest warriors of the clan. All have been one of the Honored Yutja as well but they still keep living on for centuries. These are similar to the Arbitrators considering they just become too bored with the Hunt. Usually because they have just way too many trophies to care anymore. So they are more disciplined and respected than other Yautja ranks.

Clan Elder: The Clan Elder is the most Valued Position in a Yautja Clan. The Elder is the boss. He commands the Clan and the moves the Clan makes. It is customary for all other Yautja to bow their heads when the Elder enters a room. The Elder has the authority to kill A clan member if they oppose his leadership, however killing them wouldn’t prove anything.

The Hunt

The Hunt is a sacred tradition to the Yautja, the cornerstone of their society. The methods of Hunting and Combat are known as the path and it has specific rules to be followed. This code has some links to things today such as Chivalry. When hunt is begun it is done sometimes in packs. In this an Alpha is selected, his responsibly was to ensure the survival and victory of the pack. Remember with victory comes trophies with trophies comes Honor.

What Do They Hunt?

The Yautja hunt many different creatures. The two that have been heavily concentrated on in the movies were the Kainde Amedha (Xenomorphs) and Pyrode Amedha (Humans.) But he have seen trophies made of several other creatures. Yautja have strict rules while hunting humans. Xenomorphs are and always will be Hunted. Xenomorphs are an important role in the process of being blooded. When a Yautja is on his trials to become blooded his trial is known as the Kainde Amedha Chiva which is to kill a Xenomorph. If a Yautja has successfully killed a Xenomorph it is required that he marks himself with the acid blood of his Xenomorph kill. After being Blooded the Yautja can hunt humans. When a Yautja is on a human Hunt there are strict rules while hunting them.
What Not To Hunt
1. No Hunting of Weak Prey.
2. No Hunting of Unarmed Prey.
3. No Hunting of Injured Prey.
4. No Hunting Children.
5. No Hunting of Pregnant Women.
6. No Hunting of Intelligent Prey.
6. All Together Never Take the Life Of an Innocent.

What to Hunt
1. Hunt Armed Humans.
2. Hunt Humans that Pose a threat to your Existence.
3. Hunt Fair Game.
4. All Together Hunt Humans Who Pose A Threat To Your’s Our Another’s Existence.

Yautja Weapons

The Yautja have a large and powerful arsenal of Weapons

Wristblades: The wrist blades are the primary hunting weapon of the Yautja and is used by all. From Unblooded to some of the most respected warriors. The Wristblades are two jagged edged retractable blades. These can retract from the gauntlet if the Yautja using them flicks his wrist.

Combistck: The Combisick is a large telescopic spear made out of a metal alloy. It can be thrown like a spear or it can be used as a melee weapon. When the Yautja grips the handle he can retract the size either making it smaller or shorter.

Smat Disc:This Smart weapon is one of the Yautja’s more advanced weapons. With lethal Precision and razor sharp edges cutting a human in half with ease. When the disc released it will head with straight trajectory towards its target, one slicing through the target the disc will curve and return to the thrower’s hand.

Shuriken:The Shuriken, very similar in characteristics to the Smart Disc, is carried and transported as a flat circular device, but the push of its surface transforms it into a multi-pointed, sharp edged throwing star. Also like the Smart Disc, it is self-charged by an internal power supply. The Shuriken can be thrown at an opponent, or used in hand-to-hand combat if necessary, cutting through many substances with its many razor edges.

Maul: A serrated blade that relies on spinning motions to increase the force of the blow, or stabbing thrusts with the ends. The Maul is designed only for slashing at close range. It does more damage than Combistick or the Glaive. In Alien vs Predator Chopper has the sidearm blades that are a little similar to the Maul. The Maul is a main weapon used in Predator Concrete jungle.

Glaive:: A long weapon similar to the Combistick, except with highly serrated ends for impaling and slashing melee attacks, deadlier but has slightly less range than the Combistick.

Plasmacaster: This weapon is one the main weapons in the Yautja arsenal. It fires a burst of plasma energy, which detonates on impact. It is worn on the shoulder or upper forearm and can wipe out anything. Its highly powered plasma charges are adept at burning through substances, including bone and metal. A truly awesome weapon.

The Yautja Code Of Honor

The Yautja Code Of Honor Has Eleven Parts Here They Are:

1.Hunting Worthy Game:
When hunting, the Hunter must be sure that his prey is considered game, and lawful to kill. Sometimes the hunter will equal the odds. By Handicapping himself maybe by only using his wrist blades. Usually Fair Game Prey should be able to defend himself and must be capable of killing the Yautja Hunting him.

2..Failing in the Hunt:
If the Hunter fails in his HUNT he usually takes his own life, preferring to die than to live in shame. However, some cowards prefer to live in obscurity rather than die. This is considered to be dishonorable and suicide is then assisted by an Arbitrator.

3.Claiming the Kill of Another Hunter:
To take the trophy of another Yautja, living or dead, is considered to be a great insult. For example, two Unblooded go on their first HUNT. One Yautja takes on a Black Death and both are mortally wounded. While the wounded hunter is dying, the other hunter conveniently finishes off the prey and claims the kill as his own, abandoning the wounded Yautja. This is the most embarrassing crime, and the hardest to prove.

4.Murder of Another Yautja:
To kill another Yautja intentionally. This excludes self defense and killing a foe in a wrestling match to settle a dispute. This is the worst crime.

5.Killing while cloaked:
It is very dishonorable for a Hunter to kill prey while he is cloaked. It ignores all laws of fair and honorable hunting, and giving the prey a fighting chance. A Yautja who is discovered doing this is usually banished from the Clan, and is considered fair game for other Hunters. The only exception with this is to "remove" anything standing between the Hunter and his prey, or if the Hunter is attacked by a creature he is not Hunting.

6.Never harm the innocent:
Those who have done no harm should have no harm done to them.

7.Hunting for Food:
When hunting for food, take only the weak. This is to purify the species' line.

8.Wounded Game:
When coming upon game wounded by another hunter, and the animal is dying without sport, show honor to another's kill. If the game still shows sport, it is to be joint trophy.

9.Joining Another Hunt:
Do not join another's hunt, or hunt in their territory, without their permission. All trophies taken by this manner are stolen trophies, and shall be dealt with by the rightful owner.

Those who defeat you in a fair hunt and show you Mercy are to be considered the Yautja equals. You must either kill them and yourself, or treat them as an equal.

11.Code Violations:
Those who break the Code are Bad Bloods, and no longer considered to be a Yautja. They are to be destroyed when encountered or Hunted down by the Arbitrators.

The Blooding Trial

In Alien vs. Predator the three Yautja in the movie were on their blooding trial more specifically their Kainde Amedha Chiva which was to kill a Xenomorph. Before the trial when the Yautja is young it is trained in combat and the way of the Hunter. When the Yautja becomes a teenager they face their trial. The first trial in becoming a Blooded Yautja was the agony of pleating their locks of tough, wire-like hair into dreads, a process that took months of ritual and scalp pain. This process was performed in public. If there was any sign of tears or even the tiniest voicing of pain, then the intricate weavings would be undone, and the candidate had to start from the beginning.
Once the Yautja completes the first ritual it was time for him to face his Kainde Amedha Chiva (kill a Xenomorph.) Usually the Yautja were sent down in packs of five. If the Yautja were successful in killing a Xenomorph it was required that the Yautja marked themselves with the acidic blood of the Xenomorph victim. If they returned they earned themselves respect and were then blooded or becaome men of their clan. Some newly Blooded will obsess over their first trophy. After they become blooded they are allowed to go on many hunts. Remember with victories come trophies, with trophies comes Honor.

Hope you enjoyed.

DeathWraith, Yautja, 16 years ago

Hm... you wrote all that? If so, great job, not really something i`d discuss, but it`s sure to bring some great discussions!

ScarredShadow, Yautja, 16 years ago

Yea I spent like the whole day I was trying to do something like Crow's Xenomorph Biology but on the Yautja so I did a whole lot of research.

Saint, Yautja, 16 years ago

theres a bunch of stuff on predators at as well

ScarredShadow, Yautja, 16 years ago

Oh cool I got to check that out. Thanks for the Link mate.

Saint, Yautja, 16 years ago

yea i stumbled upon it a while back. Used the translation chart to make up my profile. Only thing is, you can't copy and paste stuff from the site. anything u want needs to be done manually

_Zwecky_, Yautja, 16 years ago

Nice job there mate, could be helpful to a few people, especially the newbs.

ScarredShadow, Yautja, 16 years ago

Yeah I did a lot of research tried to find some accurate info plus my knowledge of the Yautja. I was hoping this could help the noobs so they don't make dumb topics to ask simple questions.

xeno_slayer, Yautja, 16 years ago

i have to disagree with one thing there.
you said that the humans and the xenos are the two "main" aspects of the hunt.
i think they are just two of the many creatures the yautja hunt. we all got to see city hunter's trophy case! there were all sorts of creatures there...

ScarredShadow, Yautja, 16 years ago

Thats true I posted that just because in the movie and on many sites the Xenos and Humans were the two prey that the Yautja concentrate on bit thank you Slayer. I will edit it.

Blade_Monstrona, Yautja, 16 years ago

Thats cool. About time somebody did something on the Yuatjas.

Lone_Hunter2, Yautja, 16 years ago

in AVP:extinction the Grotye were considered an extremely honourable kill,you might wanna put that in there SS. nice job mate needs a bit of editting but hey nobodys perfect(espically me).

The-Wolf, Yautja, 16 years ago

How do we know half those ranks are canon? Like Arbiters, bad bloods, warriors.. We only know of Elders, Hunters, Bloeded, young blood, unblooded.

Nothing else has been in the movies.

concretehunter, Yautja, 16 years ago

sacred shadow that is awsome its so well writen and none of its false (as i know so far) its cleard some stuff up about the yautja

DeathWraith, Yautja, 16 years ago

Now now, don`t get overexcited, your penis will blow up if you do. Oh and if you ever ride the white pony you go blind, it`s a fact! Errr... sorry... Back on topic, it is very well written and you can see that alot of work was put into it, but, just like Crow`s Xenomorph Biology, it is diputable. As i`m not very good with predator stuff, i can`t dispute them myself, some of them look to me like they contradict some othersm as in "don`t kill the week, but if there are week, kill only the week", there was soething like that there i think... Sorry if i`m wrong, but that`s how it looked to me from two separate phrases there. Well anyway, stay in school and don`t play with thermo-nuclear devices! Unless you REALLY want to...