AVPR Aliens

Namicole, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

Ok i know not everyone liked AVPR or the Alien design but i would just like to save that besides Aliens i thought AVPR was the best AVP Predator or Alien movie i had ever seen. I also thought the Aliens looked awsome. Now here you can talk about what you thought of the plot and about how the aliens looked

Malus-Darkblade, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

Let's be honest here? What plot? They turned it into a teenage thriller. Except they didn't really make you give a crap about the characters, so you felt detached through the whole thing, and didn't really care.

For me, being able to identidfy with the characters is one of the most important aspects to a plot line. If uou care about the chars, you care about what happens to them, and therefore you're into the story.

A beautiful example of this is Aliens.

The first AvP movie had it to some smaller extent, but it had it, even if there were more plotholes than swiss cheese.

AVPR, did not. Simple as that. Can anyone tell me, off the top of thier head, the char's names? I know Wolf, and that's a name that wasn't even IN the movie.

Namicole, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

thats true to me there was "Blond lady" "Kid" " Guy that mugged Pizza guy" "Pizza Guy".

Malus-Darkblade, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

I demmand they bring back Ridley Scott for AVP3.

Failing that, I demmand Hudson, Gorman and Vasquez. Wait...

Just Gorman and Vasquez, I smell romance opportunities.

Stalker, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

Plot-wise, the film had potential, even though Colorado isn't the best location for an Alien movie. The characters themselves were decent, although the problem was that they really weren't fleshed out enough. We knew that Kelly came home from Iraq, Ricky was a pizza boy, & Dallas was in jail for some obscure & unknown reason. That's it. The high-school crush sub-plot should have been ditched altogether, as the last thing we needed in an Alien/Predator film was a pair of goofy teenagers fooling around. Some of the "joke" moments should have been spared too, being that most of them were completely unfunny, & really only served to kill the dark & serious tone of the movie.

On the creature side of things, The Wolf was great, the best predator on film since the original in my opinion. His look, movements, & even the sound effects were very reminiscent of the classics, which put a massive smile across my face. Ian Whyte had clearly evolved as a performer since the last film, as his actions in the suit were much more convincing, & in many ways a real homage to Kevin's performance in the original films.

The aliens on the other hand, were not quite as good. Visually they looked menacing, & in certain scenes they were fantastic, such as when they attacked the National Guard, but as soon as Wolf showed up, they all seemed to just flail around & get beaten to a humiliating level. I'm all for seeing some predator domination, but the aliens weren't even given a fair go. At times Wolf was literally throwing them around like small children, even when being attacked by several at once.

The movie was clearly bias, & in my opinion that was one of its main faults. There's a substantial line between plausible, & bullshit, & somehow that was crossed. At one point, Wolf overpowered two aliens at once, with his bare hands, & lifted them both off the ground by their throats, while they just flailed around & did absolutely nothing, despite the fact they could have easily speared him with their tails or clawed his exposed flesh. He also seemed to be completely resistant to acid, as throughout most of the movie, he was shooting aliens at point-blank range & never got burned at all.

Now, onto the predalien. It was what we'd all been waiting to see, ever since the comics & AVP games, we wanted to finally see the "hybrid" in all its glory. The final result, while not breathtaking, was still a solid creature design in its own right. Oddly enough, the Strauses decided to throw known canon out the window & make it a "predalien Queen" for some unknown & reason, which I think was a stupid idea. Nonetheless, it was a menacing & good-looking creature, with the exception of the horrendous dreadlocks, which seemed to take up more space than the head itself. Aside from that, some of the large fleshy parts could have been toned down as well, but overall, the predalien was quite good.

In the end, AVP: Requiem was a decent action/popcorn movie, which was far more entertaining than the last. It could certainly have used more character depth, & less creature bias, but it was still a damn sight better than Paul Anderson's take on the franchises.

_Zwecky_, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

I agree with what Stalker stated, it's really just a popcorn flick. But my biggest issue with AvP:R was that you couldn't see a fucking thing during the whole movie. I believe it was poorly filmed, the entire movie is too dark. I know alot of it takes place at night in the rain but still, movies like 30 Days of Night...the entire movie is basically during Night...but you can still see everything that is going on. AvP:R was really hard to make out what was going on and where they were. I just couldn't get to enjoy it not being able to get myself right into the action because I just couldn't see it.

This imo is the biggest downfall.

Malus-Darkblade, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

-Nods- you've all got some damned good points. All in all, It could have been better. A dissapointment, but not as crushing a one as Daveberg would have predicted :P

-Bloo-, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

Not the best movie ever. Not the worst. The worst movie I have EVER seen was Killer Clowns From Outer Space, but that's beside the point.

The point is, it's not bad. It's not great. The humans sucked, plainly put. The creature, though, were great. Until they actually met, that is... When the AVPing started, it just went downhill from there.

The-Wolf, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

(Killer Klowns from Outer Space was awesome!!! lol)

You said it Stalker. I'd just like to point out, but I think should be added is the Aliens taring the Wolf up inbetween him smashing them around. I mean seriously taring up. I love seeing the Wolf kick as but you brought up a great point, Stalker and explained it the best. But he did recieve several knock downs that fucked him up.

Stalker, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

Well he got hit & knocked down a few times, but most of those times were by the predalien. The normal warriors were just portrayed as being in his way, & he dealt with them with laughable ease.

Take, for example, the alien that tackled him down the elevator shaft in the hospital. Seconds earlier, the creature leaped at him, & he simply pushed it over like it was a small child. Throughout most of the movie, he was just throwing them around like rag-dolls.

Having another predator alongside him, or at least having Wolf surviving the fights in a more believable way than just bitch-slapping the aliens around would have been better in my opinion. Nonetheless, the "fights" were still good.

TITANOSAUR, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

I loved the movie myself. and frankly the only gripes I have is that one, the Alien Warriors designs where great, but AVP-R reused the Resurrection's Alien's bodys. the head designs where great to see. but the bodys need to be changed. two is the Predalien-Queen thing. don't get me wrong I loved the Predalien, but I found the Queen thing hard to stomach. three is the fact that the Wolf didn't use its Mimic device and or Talked in the film. (although he did seem to "Speak" in his growls but all being in Predator language) much like the Predators in the first film. and three is as everybody pointed out, is the Charactor develoupment. frankly when ever I see a scene with the human charactors taking the screen I HAVE to fast forward it till the Aliens or Predator takes the screen. personaly the Real charactors are Wolf and Chet. the rest of the human charactors to me where uninteresting.

dispite its problems I am glad that AVP-R avoided the mistakes from AVP: Alien Vs Predator. the bulky Predators have been replaced with the classic thinner and yet strong Predator. the ALIENS still retained the same body designs but they're head designs where great. although I wish they would have used the Warrior body designs from ALIENS instead. the Aliens finaly sound as they are supposed to. while the Aliens squeeled in AVP, the Aliens made the correct sounds like they should. the Predator finaly got its facial look back. wich is good. I didn't like the drop-Jaw look of the AVP Predators. I also like WOLFs dual Plasma Casters, wich was Awsome and a nice addition to the series. the Predalien was great although as I said they shouldn't have went with the Queen idea. also the Warriors seemed too short. I think they should get Tom out of that suit and get a 8ft tall dude to play the Aliens.

finaly I want to point out that the film had a lot of scene where people (Namely AvP Galaxy) complaned it was too dark. the scenes were mainly set where the power is out and its night. also the directors wanted to give a dark feel to the film. also they wanted to use the "Less Is More" technique. unless everybody wants to see an AVP movie with the Alien and Predator fighting in a Vally with a bright sunny setting with a big rainbow and a little bunnys hopping around, didn't think so. however I find it best to check if your Brightness is set to 100%, and contrast is set to 51%.

but all in all I liked the film. it was better then AVP, and it also had a near-Apocoliptic feel to it.

xenotaris, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

AVP 2 is better then AVP 1, and Alien rez
but I Alien, Aliens, Alien 3 and Predator 1 & 2 better
But i really like AVP 2
Hope AVP 3 is little more like the Orginal Alien movies and show the Space Jockey's The Xenomorph's Actual Creators.

-Bloo-, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

Alien Resurrection was better than AVP. I'm sorry, but it was, no matter how disappointing the Newborn is. That's not to say that Anderson isn't a great director. I really enjoyed some of his movies. It's just that Resurrection was better.

The acting was acceptable. It actually was an Alien film when the Aliens weren't on-screen, and at the very least, Ripley was in it.